6 Things You should Avoid When Buying A New Mountain Bike

Unfortunately, with pros, there are eventually included cons that may reveal themselves overtime. Some cons may, unfortunately, may be visible than others, however, and can be very prominent in bikes.

Price range may actually play a huge factor in the decision points, but the price range of the bike itself can also show a drastic effect on the materials used. From aluminum to steel, it is obvious which materials are greatly cheaper, which affects the price of the bike.

It is also important to make sure quality materials are used in any way the bike is built in general. So you know if the price point is worth it, and also if the bike will last and hold up over time.

But besides the materials themselves, there are various other factors that somewhat revolve around the general price point itself and other factors. And some that you should truly look out for, or else they can extremely effect your bike's lasting ability, the way you ride, and how the bike will last greatly over time.

Buying A New Mountain Bike- 6 Things You should Avoid

Below are the six things you should avoid before buying a new mountain bike.

Essential Accessories:

It should be known that accessories come in a large variety, and they always tend to be helpful. So you should really never ever skip over the accessories as an important factor and decision point in picking a bike. The most helpful accessories should be known as bike padding, helmets, spoke lights, and simple LED lights.

So, if the bike you are suggesting and planning on purchasing includes just one or more of these helpful accessories. Then it is probably also of a higher price and quality and makes a perfect purchase.


After you purchase a mountain bike, you may feel the need to configure or strengthen some of the parts and different features. So it should seem necessary that you find a bike that you can actually customize and configure in a myriad number of ways. 

Unfortunately, the perfect bike for everyone may not exist, but you should have the ability to configure one to meet your specific needs and preferences. So bikes that seem to be built in a no configurable and short way should absolutely be avoided.

Customization's can easily be configured at a local bike shop, probably where you're intending on finalizing your initial purchase.

Not Thoroughly Test Riding A Bike:

6 Things You should Avoid When Buying A New Mountain Bike

This goes for sure that you shouldn't trust everything you read or hear. Specifically, when it comes to ordering a bike online. Even after you have tested a very similar bike at a local shop, or even the same bike. Different specifications may vary. Such as size or even the durability of the bike's tires. 

So if you do eventually test a bike, make sure that it meets your exact requirements and needs. If the bike does meet your certain requirements, then you shouldn't order it online just for safety precautions because differences in the bikes can still be present. And it may not feel the same one you actually receive the bike.

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Avoid Purchasing A Bike That Doesn't Meet Your Goals And Expectations:

Everyone has specific goals and needs for their bike. Although you may be able to customize your bike, you should realize that some customizations and added features will come at a cost. Some coming at a much higher price when contrasted with other parts.

To be sure to avoid initially purchasing a bike that can stop you from achieving your own goals, figure out your own personal riding style, and your own varied preferences. So if you're looking for just casual strolls and events, don't buy a bike that is better equipped for other needs and extremely different riding styles.

Modifications such as swapping out various components that are already included in the general makeup of the bike to help it perform better in different riding styles can tend to be rather pricey, so it is best to thoroughly look at your bike's specifications.

Don't Only Test One Bike:

The reason for this may seem obvious, but you shouldn't really only try one bike and later decide on it. Mountain bikes come in various different sizes because they are meant to help with a list of intended performances. Whether it be simply racing, or casually strolling through a park or other different pavements. 

Make Sure You Check The Specifications Of Your Tires:

Although your tires will always be durable, mountain bikes do include different types of tires. So this is something you shouldn't really skim over. Or you could become disappointed in the later results. The two main types are bikes with wheels that are primarily built to go downhill, or simply travel throughout a trail.

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