7 Best Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes Reviews & Guide For 2024

Riding an electric cruiser bike is fun and comfortable because it gives you an upright riding posture. These bikes have wide bars and a big saddle for the ultimate riding experience.

Electric beach cruiser bikes are gaining popularity since they are environment-friendly than cars. Not only do they keep you healthy and fit but also make it easy to explore.

If you are on the search for the best electric cruiser bike, we have compared the best options to help you make a wise purchase. We have recommended quality bikes that will meet your recreational needs.

These bikes handle sandy and difficult terrains and they are equipped with powerful motors to reach top speed with their long-life batteries. Let’s check each bike in-depth.

Our Top Picks : 7 Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes



What We Love Most



Sixthreezero - Overall Best Choice

Electric or pedal assist mode, Comfortable pedal design.


Wide comfortable saddle, synthetic leather grips.


Easy assembly, braking system.


Aluminum frame, plenty cargo space.


Adjustable handlebar, LCD display and USB outlet.


Comfortable vintage style, powerful motor.


Suspension system, 325 pound weight capacity.

Recommended Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes Reviews

There are multitudes of electric cruiser bikes on the market today. We will help you get versatile and affordable electric cruiser bikes to match your riding needs. Check our top picks below.

1. Sixthreezero

sixthreezero Review

Enjoy adventurous moments outdoors with the Sixthreezero electric beach cruiser bike. This is an amazing 7-speed electric hybrid bike with a 250-watt motor. You can choose to ride the bike as a fully electric bike or pedal assist. 

With this electric bike, you are not limited to the places you can visit. It enables you to explore new horizons making your rides fun. Here are more features that make this electric bike outstanding.


This is one of the best electric cruiser bikes that allow you to ride while experiencing less strain and less body pain. The bike features an innovative frame design to keep your body well-aligned when riding. This eliminates soreness on your wrists, shoulders, and back.

The bike also has an excellent pedal design that offers full leg extension to eliminate pain and soreness on your ankles, hips, and knees. To add to the comfort, this electric bike has cushioned dual-spring saddle that is wide.

Motor Power And Battery:

It is equipped with a 250-watt rear hub motor that enables you to ride it as a fully electric bike or in pedal-assist mode. In full-electric mode, the 250-watt battery can cover from 18-40 miles. When in pedal-assist mode, it can cover from 20-60 miles. 


This electric beach cruiser bike with 7-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur has 26-inch wheels and 2.125-inch tires that give better rolling when riding. They provide smooth, cushioned, and stable rides. The tires are semi-slick and provide stable rides on various surfaces.


The bike is equipped with front and rear hand brakes that provide precise stopping anytime you need to stop. This ensures you are safe because the braking system is reliable.

What Are The Drawbacks:

While there a lot of great things to love about this bike, there are several complaints about poor quality construction and failing parts. The bike doesn’t come with batteries and it is hard to shift the gears. The seat also feels squeaky but you can fix that problem by adding some grease.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

This is a great quality bike that is easy to assemble. The bike is great if you need to exercise or enjoy the fresh air outdoors. This cool electric bike is also comfortable since it gives you a relaxed riding position. It has a good battery life and you can choose to ride it as pedal-assist or full-electric. 

2. Sixthreezero Electric-Bicycles

sixthreezero Electric-Bicycles Around The Block Womens Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

This single-speed electric bike is ideal for beginners. It has a nice design that makes it easy to ride. The bike is stable and comfortable so you can enjoy vibration-free rides. Everything from the seat, frame, tires, and grips are designed to offer maximum comfort and enjoyable rides. Here are other amazing aspects of this bike.

Cushioned Saddle:

This bike is designed with a wide saddle and that is well-cushioned to provide comfort. Even when you are riding for many hours, you will not feel fatigued because it provides maximum comfort. The dual-spring saddle is soft so it doesn’t put a strain on your joints or back. Therefore, you can cruise with comfort and style.


The bike is ideal for users from 5 feet- 6 feet tall. It can hold users with a maximum weight of 300 pounds. So, if you need a nice bike for efficient rides around the block, this one is right for you.

Semi-slick Tires And Grips:

This electric cruiser bike features 2-inch semi-slick tires that provide smooth rides even on bumpy rides. This gives you control and more comfort. The bike is also designed with soft synthetic leather grips that are durable and prevent your hands from getting sweaty. 


Enjoy reliable stopping power with the rear and front handbrakes. You can stop precisely anytime when you need to. The bike features a 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur and reliable shifters that allow you to handle long-distance, trails, demanding streets, and riding uphill. 

Frame And Accessories:

The bike is designed with an easy to mount step-through frame that provides comfort and durability. It is equipped with a chain guard to protect your pants and a rear rack. It also includes baskets and other essential accessories.

What Are The Drawbacks:

While this bike is comfortable to use, it can be a problem to assemble. Some users also find the rear shifters stiff and difficult to operate. So, you need to get professional help to assemble the bike correctly.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

This is a comfortable bike designed for starters. The bike is equipped with quality brakes and easy-to-use shifters for comfortable rides. The braking system is easy since you need to pedal backward to halt. Apart from comfort, it has an eye-catching design, and it is affordable considering its quality.

3. NAKTO 26" 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

NAKTO 26 inch 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike Review

Enjoy your outdoor recreation with this cargo electric bike. This is a 26-inch bike with a removable waterproof capacity to carry your items. The bike has a brushless gear motor and powerful 36V10A lithium-ion battery and a charger. The bike is fun to ride and features high-quality components. Let’s check more about it.

Robust Material:

This electric bike is made of high-quality materials to provide many years of great service. It is made of high strength carbon steel material frame which makes the bike strong and durable. The fork is also made of carbon steel and it absorbs shock for comfort. Considering the quality of the bike, you will be amazed at how it comes at a reasonable price.

Brakes And Gears:

These are essential components of every bike. This electric bike is made of V-brake and a rear expansion brake to give you optimal stopping power. With its 6-speed transmission system, it is easy to select the right speed to suit your needs. the bike also includes an LED headlamp and horn to make it ideal for night riding.

Battery And Motor:

This bike uses a quality lithium-ion battery and a high-speed motor. The battery is removable and it has a smart lithium battery charger that enables you to ride up to 22-28 miles per charge. The 250W brushless motor gears allow you to ride at a speed of 18-25 MPH limit.

Two Working Modes:

You can choose to use this bike as an electric bike or an assisted bicycle. The E-bike mode is great if you want to exercise or travel for a long time. Combining the two speeds is great if want to enjoy many hours of riding.

What Are The Drawbacks:

Considering the many positive aspects of the bike, there are also some drawbacks. For instance, it doesn’t come with instructions to guide you on the assembly process. Other users experience problems with the motor working after changing the batteries. The bike is also difficult to carry especially if you want to it upstairs.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

This electric bike is easy to assemble because it comes 95% fully assembled. This leaves you with very little assembly bike. The bike features high-quality components which makes it durable. It is safe and comfortable to ride and you will also enjoy maximum comfort. If you also need a bike that gives you two riding modes, this one is right for you.

4. Schwinn Mendocino Adult Hybrid Cruiser eBike

Schwinn Mendocino Adult Hybrid Cruiser eBike Review

Get the most from your rides with the Schwinn electric cruiser bike. This bike is great for neighborhood rides and it is equipped with a 250W motor on the rear hub that offers a gentle assist. With this bike, you don’t have to think about steep hills or long distances. Other great features you should know about the bike are as follows.

Lightweight Design:

Having a lightweight bike makes maneuverability easy. This bike is made of a lightweight and durable aluminum frame that provides easy riding along the beach or in your neighborhood. It also has 26-inch wheels that make it suitable for riders 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet.

Great For Commuting:

If you need a hybrid commuter electric bike, this one is great for you. The bike is equipped with a 6-speed drivetrain and twist shifters to give you smooth gear changing. Its motor is also powerful enough to make commuting easy.

Rear Rack:

Do you love carrying some items when riding? This bike has a convenient cargo rack to keep your bags. There is plenty of cargo space hence a great bike for hauling more items around. It also has full fenders that give the bike a nice vintage look and protects your clothes from splashes when riding.


Ride safely knowing that the mechanical disk brakes have got your back. The brakes are well-designed and they give reliable and efficient stopping power all the time. They work well regardless of the condition so you can always ride with safety in mind.

What Are The Drawbacks:

This bike has some drawbacks like a heavy frame which make it hard to carry the bike. The battery is also short and the cassette has 14-28 teeth which makes it weak for climbing hills.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

You should consider this bike if you need a powerful electric adult bike. This bike also suits commuters or people who want to ride along the beach or neighborhood. The electric bike is lightweight without compromising its durability. The bike comes in one size and you can easily control the assist level with the thumb pad located on the handlebars. 

5. Addmotor Motan M60 Cruiser Electric Bike

Addmotor Motan M60 Cruiser Electric Bike Review

If you need a more powerful electric bike, get this one that is equipped with a 750 W motor. This electric bike is ideal for adults and it has a wheel size of 20 inches. This is an all-purpose electric bike for anyone who wants to enjoy fun and adventure riding. The bike has a simple yet stylish design and it gives you an upright riding position for comfort.

Comfortable Seat:

This electric bike is made with a longer saddle to hold a passenger or slide yourself easily when you need to change the angle of the pedal. If you want to carry someone, it is great if you buy a backrest separately. The seat is plush to give you the most comfortable rides.

Adjustable Handlebars

It has adjustable handlebars to accommodate any users from 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 5 inches. the suspension fork also has an upgraded design to make your rides comfortable.

More power And Battery:

The bike has a powerful motor that provides excellent power. You can also ride easily with the pedal-assist mode. It is equipped with a 12.8Ah durable lithium-ion battery to provide enough power for long distances. The battery is removable for easy charging anywhere in less than 5 hours.

LCD Screen Display:

It has a 5-inch addmotor LCD photosensitive display mount where you can monitor the bike’s speed, range, battery level, and riding mode. On top of that, it comes with a USB outlet to enable you to charge your devices conveniently. 


Enjoy safe trips especially at night with the battery integrated headlight. It also has a rear light with an independent battery. Both lights are bright and work well to illuminate your view.

What Are the Drawbacks:

No negative criticism for this bike so far. 

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

Consider buying this electric bike if you need more power and riding in style. The bike has a nice display and it comes 85% pre-assembled. It has a long-lasting battery life and the battery is removable to help you charge it anywhere. This bike is powerful and faster and it is also easy to adjust the handlebars to suit various users.

6. Swagtron EB-11 Electric Cruise Bicycle

Swagtron EB-11 Electric Cruise Bicycle Review

Enjoy breezy adventures with the Swagtron electric bicycle. This bike not only looks great but it also features superior construction. The bike has a modern and stylish design that keeps everyone admiring you. this bike is designed to provide maximum durability. There are other great aspects that you will appreciate in this bike which include the following.


One of the major things that many riders consider when buying bikes is comfort. Having a comfortable bike makes your rides fun. This bike has a vintage style and is made to offer optimal comfort. The deep-sweep handlebar design gives you a relaxed riding posture.

This ensures you don’t strain your lower back and shoulders. The seat post height is adjustable to give you comfortable rides. The bike’s saddle is extra-wide and well-cushioned to give you support especially from jarring rides. 


The bike is equipped with 26-inch wheels and 2.125 wide tires that provide smooth rides. The wheels plus the tires offer a superb shock-absorbing capability to smoothen your rides regardless of the terrain. Even when the road gets bumpy, you can ride smoothly.

Better Control:

The bike provides you better control with the included Shimano 7-speed gear system. You can choose the right gear and precise shifting to handle difficult terrains. The Shimano components make riding easy because you get better flexibility and control when riding.

Motor Power:

Apart from comfort, this bike is great when it comes to performance and power. It has a 36-volt battery and a high torque 250W motor. This is a combination of amazing technology to help you travel far without the need to charge the battery.

What Are The Drawbacks:

There are plenty of things that make this electric bike outstanding. However, it also has some drawbacks like difficulty locating the front brake. Even after following the installation video, you can still find the bike hard to adjust.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

This is a world-class bike with Shimano components for great performance. The electric bike is comfortable and provides riders with better control. The bike has a lightweight aluminum frame which makes it easy to handle. You can also achieve precise stopping with the V-brakes. The bike comes with a cargo rack, reflectors, LCD display, bell, and 2x battery lock keys.

7. SOHOO 48V500W12Ah 26" Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

SOHOO 48V500W12Ah 26" Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle Review

Make your riding moments adventurous with this electric mountain bike. This cruiser bike is designed with a lightweight aluminum frame that provides strength and durability. Its wheels are 26-inches and it has front and rear suspension for comfortable rides. Let’s explore more outstanding features of this bike to help you understand it in detail.

Battery And Motor Power:

The electric bike features a large capacity 48V12Ah battery with an anti-theft design. The battery is removable so you can take it to your home or office. It has a 48V500 rear-drive motor that provides reliable power. The bike also has a M5 LCD display that shows various 5 power levels, voltage, speed, temperature gauge, ride time, battery life, and trip distance.

Lightweight Design And Riding Position:

The bike is designed with a one-piece step-thru frame design and a luggage rack. It is also equipped with a comfortable saddle that can hold up to 325-pound weight capacity while making your riding experiences great.

This bike has a laid-back riding position that provides a relaxed and comfortable feel. You can enjoy beautiful scenes while riding while maximizing your comfort.

4 Working Modes:

You can choose from 4 working modes to suit your needs. these modes include walk mode, throttle mode, pedal-assist mode, and regular bicycle mode. It is also easy to choose if you need to turn off the power and use it like a regular bike.


This is one of the safest electric bikes with Shimano 7S drivetrain that provides smooth and precise shifting. This makes your rides safer all the time. The bike also features an integrated headlight and an LED rear light that improves your visibility for safety during the day and at night.

Braking Power:

Stop confidently to overcome obstacles along your way with the powerful braking system. The bike has double disc brakes that provide amazing stopping power when you need it.

What Are The Drawbacks:

This bike is well made but there are a few issues. Some users experience problems with the seat where it breaks after 3 weeks of use. The bike also makes a bit noise every so often when riding and the seat feels so uncomfortable.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

If you need a quality electric bike to ride along the beach for long trips, this one will suit your needs. the bike provides a comfortable riding posture and it is designed with high-quality components. It is safe to use and the included front fork absorbs shock. This bike can hold high users since it has a durable yet lightweight construction. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes

Several guidelines will guide you to picking the most reliable electric beach cruiser bike. The following are some top considerations that you should have in mind when buying one.

Your Needs:

Before you buy an electric bike, it is essential to consider your needs. this is because they are designed to serve various purposes. For instance, if you are into comfort, a step-through frame is great. If you need a bike for climbing, choose one with a high torque motor. If you need an electric bike for long-distance riding, then get a bike with long battery life.

Weight Limit And Bike’s Weight:

Many electric bikes are designed like the non-electric models so their weight limit is almost the same. Most of the electric bikes can support a total weight of 300 lbs. Always select an electric bike that can hold your weight to prevent damaging the wheels or the spokes.

Apart from the weight the bike can handle, you should also consider the overall weight of the bike. This included even the battery weight. Cheaper electric cruiser bikes are heavier than expensive models. If you intend to carry your bike upstairs, then choose a lighter bike.

Frame Design:

Electric bikes are available in different frame designs. If you need a bike that provides an upright riding position, then a beach cruiser, commuter, or city electric bike is right for you. if you would like to ride your electric bike off-road, look for a bike with a fat tire or an electric mountain bike. You can consider bikes with carbon steel frames or aluminum to provide durability.


Would you like rim or disc brakes? The brakes in an electric bike are essential because the bike travels at higher speeds. Disc brakes provide strong braking force and they need little maintenance. However, it can be tough to change the brake pads when they are worn out.

Rim brakes are also strong and they are designed with quality brake pads and brake parts.

Motor And Battery:

When it comes to electric beach cruiser bikes, you want to get a bike that rides faster. That means the motor should be powerful and able to reach a speed of at least 20 miles per hour. When it comes to the battery, always consider a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can enable you to ride at least 30 miles without charging.

Suspension And Tires:

A good electric bike should be equipped with 26-inch tires because it can handle tough terrains perfectly. Sometimes it can be tough to ride on sands so you need to ensure that your bike has the right wheels and tires. When it comes to the suspension, ensure the bike is made of high-quality fork suspension to give you smooth rides.


If you are into electric bikes, you probably want bikes that provide a great transmission system to enable you to get the speed you want. That is why many people opt for electric bikes with derailleur systems to provide easy shifting. An electric bike that comes with gears provides consistent performance and you will also enjoy great versatility.

Motor Location

When it comes to the motor mount, you can either choose a hub motor assist or a crank motor assist. Crank-assisted bikes perform exemplary well when riding steep hills and they are less noisy. But motors are quiet and they don’t handle riding uphill great as the crank assist systems. When selecting the motors, choose top brands like Shimano, Bosch, and Yamaha among others. 


You should also check whether the electric bike comes with accessories. Some of the accessories you should consider include fenders, rack, phone mount, water bottle holder and chain guard among others.

Final Verdict 

Electric beach cruiser bikes are fun to ride. If you were considering buying one, we have made your purchase easier by reviewing some of the top electric beach cruiser bikes on the market.

Each of these bikes is unique in its own way and they vary in their strengths and weaknesses. Compare each of these electric bikes and we hope you will come up with the right choice to match your riding needs.

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