A Set Of Automotive Tool A Biker Should Know

If you have a motorcycle, doing regular maintenance is inevitable. In fact, a motorcycle requires more maintenance than a car. Taking your motorcycle to a dealer for maintenance can be costly in the long-term. Therefore, it is important to have the right tools to make your work easier.

Maintaining your bike regularly not only keeps you safe on the road but also improves the durability of the bike. So, what are the set of automotive tools that a biker should have? This guide provides you with more information to help you understand the right tools that you need.


It is one of the most common tools that you need to have in your tool bag. It is a type of screwdriver that will enhance the fixing of your bicycle. When working with this tool, you should go for a wrench that fits the sockets of your bike.

 Besides, most standard wrenches will cover a job about 10mm up to 17 mm in size. Additionally, we have big and small wrenches available in the market. Therefore, it is essential to get the size of your sockets so that you get the right tool that will be effective.


There are plenty of screwdrivers in the market and thus to make sure that one is useful don't skimp for quality. You will find the tool has a lot of various uses, and it is also handy when it comes to repairing your bike. Moreover, the best screwdrivers comprise of hardened tips and steel metals that can withstand harsh working surfaces. It is an excellent feature that enables the tool to work well on your bike without causing damage.

A screwdriver mostly helps in loosening or removing the screw that are so tight on the bikes joint. It brings about a quick repair that is effortless. Besides, it gives excellent leverage since it quickly turns the screw and thus you will save the energy if you were to turn the screw with your hand.


Well, you must in shock why you need a hammer for your bike or motorcycle. It is essential to have this tool as it comes in handy in various ways. Think about that time you need something that will enhance in driving impact of the wrench. It is a time that you will need a hammer to ensure that the wrench fastens or loosens. You can achieve this by carefully tapping the hammer on the wrench to complete your task load.

Moreover, you will find out that this tool is an everyday tool with most professional mechanics. Therefore, since it is an excellent hand tool, you need to get one in your automotive kit as it is frequently used then your expectations.

Pressure Gauge:

You might not have your thoughts on this tool, but it is so important to own it. The automotive tool is vital in measuring the pressure of a tire of the bike or motorcycle. Therefore, you won’t have problems when it comes to determining the pressure of a tire.

Besides, it is vital to check the pressure of a tire before you go on any ride. Additionally, you can consider doing a continually monitor of the tire pressure every two months to ensure it's working optimally. Therefore, it is essential to include a pressure gauge in your automotive kit. Moreover, when the tire has the right amount of pressure, the bike will work in optimal conditions.


They are essential tools to keep cleanliness and enhance the ease of fixing your bike. It is vital to ensure that you put on your gloves as you might deal with oil and greasy substances which might cause a mess. To ensure that you prevent messes, you should consider nitrile gloves. Additionally, gloves help to keep your skin safe when you are dealing with repair substances that might be harmful. Reusable gloves are useful for certain situations, but disposable nitrile gloves are the safer option for messy repairs. You can simply throw away soiled disposable gloves to avoid infection or contamination.


It is a must tool in every automotive tool. It comes in handy when you want to unwind the screws on your bike or motorcycle when you want to open any of its parts. Additionally, without making things complicated, it offers an easy way to repair your device.

Spare Fuses:

What will you do if you notice that your bike fuse has let you down? Note that at this time you have no spare fuse in your automotive kit. Well, you will feel stranded, and that's why you need to carry spare fuse any anytime you go out with your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What should be included in an automotive kit?

It includes everything you need to have in case your bike or motorcycle breaks down without your knowledge. Besides, the kit should consist of all the types of assortment, essential and handy tools that are of need when it comes to repairing.

Does the automotive kit fit under the bike's seat?

Well, since there are different sizes of automotive kits and various types of bikes, then it all depends on the size you are using. There are perfect fitting kits that you can consider and can accommodate a variety of handy repair tools.

Are automotive tools expensive?

It is good to invest in the right quality tools that will serve you effectively and are durable. Besides, note that there are various types of devices in the market, and some tend to break easily. You should then consider the quality of the tool and invest accordingly.

What are the best bike tools?

There are various types of tools that are you require for repair and maintenance of your bike. It starts from necessary, hand tools and assortments. However, you might not carry all the tools in your kit but make sure you take the most important ones. 


Taking rides without an automotive kit can be frustrating when your device breaks down in the middle of your trip. Whether you going for a short trip or a long ride; you need to carry an automotive bike kit. Taking repair tools when going for bike riding gives you the best feeling of safety. It also offers a feeling of confidence, knowing that everything is under control. I hope this article helps you!

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