5 Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 In 2024

If you are an avid cyclist, getting a gravel bike can be a great idea. Gravel bikes are more comfortable and tougher, and you can ride them on any terrain. Additionally, the bikes are reliable, durable and sturdy, and have wider tires.

Having the best gravel bikes under 2000 will help you avoid roads with heavy traffic, and you can ride even on unsurfaced trails. The popularity of gravel bikes is increasing, and there are so many options on the market today. This makes it tough to decide which gravel bike is right for you.

If you are searching for a quality gravel bike under 2000, this review is for you. My in-depth reviews and guide cover affordable gravel bikes from top brands on the market.

These versatile bikes can take you anywhere, and I have some top models I recommend. Read and compare my reviews and guide till the end to help you make the right choice when buying a gravel bike.

My Top Five Picks : Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000 USD

** At the time of publishing this post, each products price were under $2000 in Amazon

Recommended Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000 Dollars Reviews

Having a gravel bike is the first step to exploring the world since these bikes can take you anywhere. The bikes are toughly designed to give you the best riding moments regardless of the terrain. I have analyzed quality gravel bikes that are worth purchasing. Please continue reading to find out their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

1. Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike Review

Enjoy beautiful adventures with the Tommaso aluminum road bike. This is a great bike for commuting, training, long rides, and triathlons. It is an amazing bike to suit your daily commutes since it has racks and gear to suit your adventure. You can easily customize the bike with your favorite accessories since the frame is drilled to fenders, racks, and other accessories.

Durable And Lightweight Construction:

The Tommaso endurance bike features a lightweight and aluminum frame with a HTC carbon fork for vibration dampening and weight-saving purposes. The frame of the bike has several drillings where you can customize the bike to suit your needs. You can mount fenders and racks, which makes it a perfect option for commuting.

Speed And Precision:

Another notable feature of the bike is its powerful speed and performance. It features 2x10 Shimano Tiagra Groupset with a 50/34T Tiagra compact crankset. Additionally, it has 11x32T Tiagra cassette that offers different gear range. Therefore, you can handle anything that you find along your way.

The bike also gives riders precision shifting. With the Shimano Tiagra STI shifters combined with full Tiagra groupset, you can achieve fast shifting and a high responsiveness level.


This is a bike designed to give you optimal riding comfort. It has a compact frame geometry and compact handlebars that provide more power and comfort on the road. All the bike parts provide maximum comfort so that you can enjoy every minute of your ride. It doesn’t matter whether you cover a short distance or a longer one; you will always enjoy comfortable rides.


The bike requires professional assembly to enjoy the best performance and keep the bike's warranty valid. Therefore, before you start your rides, ensure you get professional assembly for the best services.

What Are The Drawbacks:

While there are many admirable things you will like about this bike, some things need improvement. While the bike provides a good fit, some users don’t find the ergonomics comfortable. Also, the front derailleur is too narrow for the high and low gears, so you will experience more rubbing. The crank also doesn’t seem adequate to suit the high speed.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

If you are into commuting, this bike will be a great addition. It is equipped with an aluminum frame with a HCT carbon fork to give you comfortable rides. Additionally, the bike is durable and has several mounting on the frame to customize depending on your liking. This multi-purpose bike also works well for triathlons, training, and long rides. You should also buy this bike because it gives great speed, precise shifting, and more riding comfort.

Note: This bike is available in blue and matte black colors and five frame sizes:XS(5'2"-5'6"),S(5'6"-5'8"),M(5'8"-5'11"),L(5'11"-6'2"),XL(6'2"-6'5").


  • Great entry-level bike for the money that gives comfortable rides.
  • The bike features a lightweight and durable aluminum frame.
  • You will enjoy great speed and precise shifting on all terrains.
  • Easy to customize the bike with fenders, racks, and other accessories. 


  • The front derailleur would have been wide enough for the high and low gears.
  • Some users find the colors of the bike ugly.
  • The cranks are not adequate to maintain high speed.

2. Tamland Gravel Bike

Tamland Gravel Bike Review

Many people are shifting into gravel bikes because they enable you to reach various places that you can’t explore with a road bike. Many people experience the main problem of finding a quality gravel bike that can handle gravel trails well. I present the Tamland Gravel Bike, a perfect example of what you find in a gravel bike. I will talk in detail about the features of the bike and how it will benefit your adventures.

Multi-purpose Bike:

Tamland is your ultimate bike for commutes, bike packing excursions, and gravel road adventures. This bike can take you anywhere a road bike can’t. It gives you great flexibility without compromising your comfort when commuting. I love the classic steel design and an amazing geometry that gives you riding confidence when riding on dirt and gravel.

Frame, Quality Tires, And Wheels:

Tamland bike is designed with a Reynold 631 steel frame that offers all-day riding comfort and dampens vibrations on the road. The bike is equipped with top-quality tires that give you stability and maximum comfort when on unpaved and rough roads. It features HED Tomcat wheels which are durable and tubeless compatible.

Fork And Mounts:

This gravel bike features carbon monologue form with tapered steered to give you easy handling. There are several mounts for fenders and racks to allow you to customize it as you like. Additionally, you will find a third bottle cage to cater for your hydration needs.

Shifting And Brakes:

You will enjoy fast and precise shifting with this multi-use gravel bike. It has Shimano 105 2x11 speed drivetrain, which features Praxis cranks to smooth shifting through various gear ranges. When it comes to stopping power, the bike has TRP Spire-C mechanical disc brakes that provide reliable performance in all conditions.

What Are The Drawbacks:

This is an amazing adventure gravel bike, but the steel frame makes the bike heavy. It would be better if they made improvements to make the frame lightweight. Another complaint from users is the bike is not exactly as described in the photos. The tires are also not tubeless-ready as they have described.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

You will fall in love with the overall geometry of the Tamland gravel bike. It gives you stable rides when riding on deep gravel at high speed. The bike is also comfortable to ride and provides smooth rides. Additionally, it has great ergonomics in the handlebar and the saddle, which suits both male and female riders. The frame also works well to reduce vibration hence smoothening your rides.

Note: This bike is available in 54 cm frame size(5'7"- 5'9") with light blue color.



  • The bike provides the best rides, but it is quite heavy.
  • It would be better if the bike was exactly as described in the photos.
  • The tires are not tubeless-ready as described.

3. Carbon Road Bike SAVA HERD6.0 T800

Carbon Road Bike, SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Review

Ride confidently with the Carbon Fiber Road bike. This is an amazing bike that comes ready to use, so you only need to assemble a few parts. These parts are the pedals, front wheel, and seat post, which all take less time to assemble. 

Users love this bike because it has quality components from top-class manufacturers. This makes it outstanding, and you will enjoy every moment on the road with this bike. Here are other features that make the bike unique.

Lightweight Frame:

This road bike features a carbon fiber frame which provides durable use without compromising the weight. Additionally, the wheelset, fork, and seat post are all designed to provide lightweight use. Therefore, you will not have trouble handling the bike, even for long rides.

Quality Shimano Components:

The bike features Shimano 105 groupset to give you ultimate rides. It has Shimano 105 7000 2x11 speeds, which comes with front and rear derailleur, shifter lever, crankset, and V-brake. All these essential components ensure you operate the bike easily to achieve smooth riding and durable use.

Nice Design:

This bike has an aerodynamically contoured seat post, stays, and seat tube. It also features an internal cable routing to offer clean airflow to the whole bike. Additionally, the bike has a tapered head tube that adds strength to the torsion rigidity and enables you to handle it better.

What Are The Drawbacks:

While the bike has many great features to offer for the price, some users complain of manufacturer defects on the frame, which complicates the assembly. The gears of the bike also don’t work properly as expected. Some users find the flywheel loud, and the stem is misaligned, although fixing it is easy.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

If you are a beginner rider, this is the ultimate bike for you. It has a lightweight construction which ensures you achieve easy handling. The bike also comes with most parts fully assembled, so you are left with very little assembly work to do. Additionally, you need this bike because it has quality components and features durable construction to give you the best riding experience.

Note: This bike is available in black gray, black red, green, new black red & red white colors. Frame size available:44 cm, 47 cm, 48 cm, 50 cm, 52 cm, 54 cm, 56 cm.


  • Designed with lightweight and durable carbon fiber frame for more compliance.
  • It has quality components that make your rides effective and smooth.
  • Internal cable routing provides airflow throughout the bike.
  • It provides better handling since it has a tapered head tube.
  • It comes with free pedals, and assembly is easy.
  • The bike is great for beginner cyclists. 


  • Complaints of a loud freewheel and misaligned brakes.
  • The gears of the bike would have been better.

4. Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo Adventure Road Bike Review

Enjoy lifetime adventures with the Haanjo 5 gravel bike. It doesn’t matter where you want to go, this bike will take you there. With this bike, you can enjoy your adventures even when the roads get tougher. It features durable and quality components to give you ultimate rides regardless of the condition out there. Other great things about this bike include:

Durable 6061 Alloy Frame:

The frame is the most critical part of a bike. If a bike has a poorly designed frame, then you expect poor performance in equal measure. Contrary, the Haanjo 5 adventure road bike features a quality alloy frame that provides both strength and durability. The frame has a carbon form featuring thru-axles on the front and rear to give you precise and smooth handling.

Gears And Shifting:

This adventure bike is packed with many gears you can choose to suit your rides. You will also appreciate the Shimano GRX600 2x11 shifters that provide better control on the road. This gives you reliable and comfortable rides on various terrains.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes:

Reliable brakes go in handy with a good adventure bike. You want to enjoy every second of your rides without putting your safety at risk. The bike has high-performance hydraulic disk brakes that offer more stopping whenever you need it most.

Wheels And Tires:

The wheels and tires also play a significant role in ensuring you achieve smooth rides. This bike has 700x37 c tires that provide better traction and great control when riding in loose conditions. It also has quality HED Tomcat wheels shod that take pounding and provide quick rolling.

What Are The Drawbacks:

This is an incredibly nice bike, but there are some disappointing things. For instance, you will get some time to get used to the bar-end shifters. Also, you don’t get the exact color as in the picture. This bike also comes with a user manual not specific to the bike since it is for four different bike styles.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

You should consider this bike, especially if you are a commuter or love weekend rides. The bike provides comfortable rides, and it takes less time to assemble. It also provides solid rides and is designed to give you smooth rides. The bike also offers plenty of gears, and you can get in control with the Shimano shifters.

Note: This bike is available in deep purple gloss color with one 56cm(5'10"-6'1") frame size.


  • Quality and reliable disc brakes for reliable stopping power.
  • The bike’s tires provide better traction even in loose conditions.
  • Great carbon fork that offer precise and smooth handling.
  • Easy to climb with the durable Shimano drivetrain.
  • Great adventure bike to buy for the price, which provides solid rides.


  • The manual that comes with the bike is not specific.
  • The seat of the bike is uncomfortable.
  • It offers solid rides, but you will take time to get used to the bar-end shifters.

5. Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike

Tommaso Sentiero Shimano Claris Gravel Adventure Bike Review

Looking for an adventure bike for dirt trail or road touring? The Tommaso Sentiero adventure bike is a suitable pick. This is a bike that is well built to give you a powerful performance on the road. Not only is it durable, but it also gives you smooth and reliable rides. The bike has a lot of amazing features that any adventurous rider would love to have in a bike. Let’s check them below in detail.

All-Terrain Bike:

It doesn’t matter where your rides take you; this adventure bike can handle any terrain perfectly. The bike is equipped with Tommaso TC-20D rims to provide unmatched durability. The 28 spoke rime handles all kinds of terrains without any issues. This combined with the wider tires, give you smooth and faster rolling.

Disc Brakes:

You don’t have to worry about stopping power since the disc brakes have got you covered. You can enjoy speedy rides knowing you have reliable brakes that will offer efficient stopping power when you need it most. This makes the adventure bike suitable for all terrains and weather conditions.


This bike has a nice geometry that is optimized to give you maximum comfort. The compact frame and the handlebars provide more comfort and power to make your rides the best. Moreover, all the other bike parts are also designed to give maximum riding efficiency and comfort regardless of the distance.

Speed And Performance:

This bike brags of 3x8 Shimano Claris Groupset with 12x25T Claris cassette and 30/39/50T Claris crankset. This way, you can ride in various and rugged terrains comfortably. Whether your rides take you to rocky climbs or hills or flats, this bike will give you the best performance. You also have various gears that suit different conditions and all types of riders.

Durable And Compact Frame:

This is another great aspect that makes the bike outstanding from the rest. The compact frame features an SST steel fork to give enhanced durability. Additionally, the frame has several drilling where you can mount fenders and racks to make it a touring or commuter bike.

What Are The Drawbacks:

At a glance, the bike looks light, but it is heavy. You will also start to experience the paint chipping off and the cables rubbing after riding it for some time. It would also be better if the shifter cables have slacks, and they also taut when you make sharp turns. Other users find the bike great, but they are not impressed with the quality of the tires.

Why Should You Consider This Bike?

This is a nice all-terrain adventure bike from a top brand. It has a durable and reliable construction to offer riders maximum durability. If you also intend to use the bike for touring and commuting, you can easily customize it with your favorite accessories since the frame has drilling. The bike also gives comfortable and efficient rides regardless of the distance you intend to cover.

Note: This bike is available in matte black or red color with five frame sizes:XS(5'2"-5'6"),S(5'6"-5'8"),M(5'8"-5'11"),L(5'11"-6'2"),XL(6'2"-6'5").


  • This bike can handle all types of terrains comfortably.
  • It is designed with a durable frame and components to give ultimate rides.
  • The bike offers different gear ranges to suit your riding needs.
  • Equipped with functional and reliable disc brakes for needed stopping power.
  • All the parts of the bike are designed to give maximum comfort.


  • The bike is great, but the customer serving is not good.
  • Some users complain about getting the bike with several damaged components.
  • The wheels of the bike are not quality.

Things To Consider Before Buying Top Rated Gravel Bikes Under 2000

If you find it difficult to choose a gravel bike, I have some tips and features that will guide you. A quality gravel bike should have high-quality components so that it can serve you for many years before you consider an upgrade. Here are some essential things that you should remember.

Riding Style:

Before you invest in a gravel bike, it is great to consider your riding style. You want to get a great gravel bike with an excellent design to suit your riding style. This will help you ride with confidence when the bike has a nice design to match your riding style.


No one wants to keep upgrading the components of the bike, considering the price range. Therefore, you should get a bike that is designed with durable components for long-lasting use. I recommend Shimano GRX or SRAM Apex drivetrains/groupset for gravel bikes because they don’t wear out easily, hence no need for replacements.

Other components you should pay attention to include a rear derailleur clutch that minimizes the chances of the chain moving against the frame or other uneven terrains.

Frame & Geometry

Gravel bikes are multi-purpose bikes that you can ride on various terrains. You can ride the bikes anywhere, so their geometry and setup is quite different from other bikes to suit various riding purposes. At a budget of 2000 dollars, you are looking for a bike with a quality frame construction.

While it can be tough to get a gravel bike under $2000 with a full carbon frame, you can still get quality steel and aluminum frame. Before you buy the bike, check the frame construction since the quality differs. Additionally, majority of gravel bikes feature full carbon forks to reduce vibration on the road and give you better responsiveness.

Comfort & Fit:

Of course, your bike needs to be comfortable if you intend to use it anywhere. If it is not comfortable for you, then you will not get the most from your rides. Check the design of the bike and ensure that you pick the most comfortable bike. When it comes to comfort, the handlebars and the seat post should be flexible or adjustable to meet your requirements. This makes it easier for you to control the bike even when riding at high speed.

Another essential factor to bear in mind is the bike fit. It should fit you comfortably to make your rides enjoyable. Your gravel bike should not be too small, and neither should it be too big. If you are not sure of the bike's size to buy, you can check various bike sizing charts to guide you to pick the correct size for you.


One distinguishing factor between gravel bikes and other types of bikes is the durability. These bikes are designed with durable components to serve you for many years. You should look for a gravel bike with durable components since you don’t intend to do replacements from time to time.


The weight of the bike matters when it comes to ease of handling and maneuverability. The last thing you want is a bulky bike that can be hard to control. Consider a bike with considerable weight so that you can ride it confidently. A lightweight bike is easier to use, and it provides you more control.

Wheels & Tires

Select a gravel bike with tires that provide better traction when you are riding without slowing you down. A quality gravel bike should have a tire width of between 38mm-42mm. Tires with deep tread are also great because they cut through mud well and provide better traction when riding off-road.

Gravel bikes under $2000 have rims and wheels that are tubeless-ready to decide to change the tires if you want. If you need a gravel bike for adventure and plan to carry several items, look for bike wheels with at least 30 spokes.

Such bikes are reliable and work amazingly well if you have heavy loads. While more spokes make the bike heavy, so you also choose lower spokes if the weight is a concern.


The gearing is essential in a gravel bike because of the multiple terrains you will come across. When choosing the gearing ratio, you need to check how high or low the gearing is. For instance, a gravel bike with a sub ration of 1:1 is getting for steep pitches. The higher the gear in a bike, the faster your rides will be.

Final Verdict:

The above are the best gravel bikes under 2000 you can buy. All the above bikes are reliable, durable, comfortable, and you can ride them anywhere. The bikes are great for adventure lovers, and riding them is easy since they are lightweight. Regardless of the bike you choose, it is wise to maintain your bike properly for the best riding services. Lubricate the chain and clean your bike after a muddy ride. Most importantly, always choose a gravel bike that suits your riding needs.

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