Best Mountain Bike Lights In 2024

A good mountain bike light is very important if you are a regular rider. But there are a lot of things you have to consider before buying one. The first step is to find out what you are going to need when riding.

What type of rider are you and what features will you need when out riding on the road or on more rugged terrain?For many mountain bikers, the price may be the main reason behind making their decision, but the price is not the only important factor.

The light has to be able to illuminate your path, keeping you safe and secure while riding. Here are some bike lights to review that will give you a better understanding of what type of light may best fit your needs while riding.

Best Mountain Bike Lights - Comparison!






NiteRider Bike Light



Li-Ion 500 mAh

Cygolite Metro Bicycle Headlight



Integrated Battery

HZTech Bicycle Headlight





Revtronic Bike Light



5200mAh Rechargeable Battery

Bright Eyes FULLY WATERPROOF Bike Headlight




Light & Motion Bike Light



1 Lithium ion

INTEY Bike Light



4500 mAh built-in battery

Magicshine MJ 902 Bike Light Set



7.4V 5.2Ah

Best Mountain Bike Lights Reviews

1. NiteRider Bike Light

NiteRider Bike Light

This light is very reliable and can give you the light that you need with 950 lumens. This is perfect for all riding conditions and will allow all riders to maintain their biking pleasure even at night.

This unit has six modes to use allowing a rider to have many options when it comes to lighting their pathway.

The six modes include four solid light modes, one flashing, and one walk mode which also includes a boost mode for extra luminescence. This unit comes with a high-end Cree led which allows for a crisp and bright light to show all parts in the dark. 

This can aid in safe riding in hazardous locations or in locations that may not be so safe to travel.The NiteRider is strong and durable made from Dupont fiberglass with reinforced nylon.

This light is sure to last a long time and will give any biker a lifetime of service. The longer the light will last means less money that you will have to spend on purchasing a new light.

There is an added feature of the light being water resistant which means that it can withstand any environment. You can take your journey to any location no matter what the weather gives you.

You can even mount this light on top of your helmet to make your riding experience more enjoyable. This light will always make good company on the ride.

Important Features:

  • The light is bright with 950 lumens
  • Six light modes giving the rider options
  • Made from Dupont fiberglass makes it strong
  • Water resistant and can withstand various environments

2. Cygolite Metro Bicycle Headlight

Cygolite Metro Bicycle Headlight Review

This powerful 5-watt second generation Cree X lamp provides the light that you need to see all of your paths clearly.

This light has TIR optics added for cycling and added side illumination ports to give you extra visibility to handle the darkest of locations.

The pulse mode is steady and will give you the safety that you need from motorists that are sharing the road with you. This light has a mode for daylight as well to alert cars of your path. This unit has six modes for different light settings from high, medium, low, steady pulse, daylight, and walking.

This is handy for the biker that doesn’t really have a schedule and rides at their own leisure when they can get the time. This unit is very reliable and can be used up to ten hours on one charge allowing you to ride without any worry.

This unit can be powered with a rechargeable USB connection with a Li-ion battery. This gives the biker an extra value by saving them money on the cost of replacement batteries. The Cygolite can easily be mounted on a bike without any problem and can be adjusted for the right fit. The Cygolite is sure to keep your path well-lit while riding at night, thus keeping you safe and letting others see you as well. This light can be your guide in the night.

Important Features:

  • Bright and strong light
  • Six modes for different light settings
  • USB rechargeable
  • Can easily be mounted

3. HZTech Bicycle Headlight

HZTech Bicycle Headlight Review

The HZTech Bicycle Headlight is a reliable and strong light that can help you to be noticed at night as well as light your path.

This light is extremely bright and can pierce the nighttime with a strong beam making it easy for you to navigate at night no matter how dark the environment.

The light uses seven CREE LEDs to emit an ultra-bright light to give you a distance of visibility up to 500 feet. This unit has three modes to choose, allowing the rider to have a wide range of choices. With high, low and flash, this light can be used in various situations no matter what the ride.

For those who like to explore different settings when they ride, then this light is perfect.The light is strong and durable and can be used in the rain as it is waterproof. You won’t be hindered by the weather with this light, it is ready for any type of environment, no matter how tough.

The light can be recharged with its built-in 9000 mAh battery pack which will help you to save money without having the need to purchase more batteries. The light can also be easily mounted on the head with an adjustable headband. This gives the rider added control over where the light can be shined as it follows the movement of their head and direction.

Important Features:

  • Strong light at 8400 lumens
  • Build with Cree LEDs
  • Strong and durable
  • Rechargeable battery

4. Revtronic Bike Light

Revtronic Bike Light Review

This light boasts a bright beam with 1600 lumens which turns the night into day for the rider. You will be able to see your path very clearly when riding.

The brightness of this light is perfect for dark urban areas and places that have low light.

The Revtronic can help to avoid possible accidents alerting motorists to your location and path. The light has four modes to choose, giving the rider many different choices depending on the environment and situation.

With various settings for output with the highest being 1600 lumens, 1200 lumens, 800 lumens, and then 400 lumens, this light can be adapted to any environment. The long-lasting rechargeable battery will offer strong and long usage while riding to many different locations. The rider won’t have to worry about losing their light while on the path.

The Revtronic runs for three hours on high intensity and can last up to 12.8 hours with a low setting. This light works well for those who also have a long commute from one location to the next such as work or home.

The light has different settings to allow riders to show their position to motorists to avoid accidents. This light has blinking red warning lights as well as a standard red light to warn potential cars of your presence. This too is an added feature that is safe for commuters. 

Important Features:

  • Bright and strong light output
  • Various settings for the light such as blinking red
  • Has four settings for brightness
  • Allows for motorists to see your location for safety

5. Bright Eyes FULLY WATERPROOF Bike Headlight

Bright Eyes FULLY WATERPROOF Bike Headlight Review

This light is ready for extreme environments and is ready for the toughest rider. Waterproof and rugged, this light has an output of 1600 lumen.

This is accomplished by the CREE T6 Led technology that is built into the design of this light.

The Bright Eyes is long lasting and has the power that you need for long rides out on the road. The light lasts for about five hours on high and ten hours on medium, and can even last 26 plus hours on low. This gives the rider ample time to take their bike for a ride all day long without the worry of charging. 

For safety, the Bright Eyes comes with a strobe effect to alert drivers of your path and location. This light can light your path at night or in the day keeping you safe from a potential accident. Most of the time, bike riders become injured in unexpected accidents caused by motorists that can’t see bikers on the road or in off terrain settings.

This light is versatile and can be used in many different types of situations. It can be used in many different scenarios from mountain biking in rough terrain, to hiking a trail, to camping outdoors, this light is ready for you. No matter what the riding experience may hold, you will be prepared for the path ahead.

Important Features:

  • CREE T6 LED Technology
  • Can be used in many different settings
  • The light is bright with 1600 lumens
  • Lasts up to five hours on high and twenty-six on low

6. Light & Motion Bike Light

Light & Motion Bike Light Review

This light has a 1200 lumen output that will light your way and provide you with the safety that you need in order for you to navigate your path.

This light has a high powered mode with three CREE LED arrays that can regulate a strong light.

This light is custom engineered and has a wide beam pattern that is designed for you to see all parts of your path. The light has six modes with 1.5 hours at 1200 lumens, the medium mode for three hours, low for six hours, and pulse for nine hours.

There is also a racing feature designed on the light that has two modes, one for race-high which is a two-hour limit and race low which has a limit up to four hours. This light can be charged with a USB cord and is very reliable. The light is designed with several mounts that can set onto many different bikes.

The light comes with several different mounts which include as GoPro Mount, Thin Mount Pad for oversized bars, and Foam Grip Strips. This light is ready for all types of riding adventures that a rider may go into when out on the road or in various terrains. This light will never hinder the rider from their adventures while out exploring the world around them.

Important Features:

  • Strong 1200 lumen output
  • Six modes to choose
  • Racing feature
  • Thin Mount Pads for oversized bars

7. INTEY Bike Light

INTEY Bike Light Review

This USB rechargeable light is reliable and saves time and money for the bike rider. The LED is strong and safe and has a run time of 2.5 hours in the highest mode.

The light goes up to 1000 lumens and can be used as a power bank with up to 4500 mAh with its built-in battery.

It can be used to charge different items such as a cell phone. This can save money considering that is can be used for many different tasks instead of one. The light is waterproof and can be taken out in many different environments and will not stop your riding pleasure no matter how bad the weather.

The light has the ability to turn a 360 rotation and cover all around the rider for easy usage in lighting all sides of the rider. You won’t have to take your hands off of the bike to activate the light, making it safer for you to operate the light without causing yourself an accident.

This light has six different modes that can fit all of your needs while riding in any location. Any rider can use this light no matter what their riding style may be. This light will open your path up to new locations and excitement, and won’t close the door on your enjoyment while riding.

Important Features:

  • USB rechargeable light
  • Has a maximum range of 1000 lumens
  • This light has a 360-degree rotation
  • Six different light modes
  • The light can be used to charge different items with its power bank

8. Magicshine MJ 902 Bike Light Set

Magicshine MJ 902 Bike Light Set Review

This light is very reliable and will never let the rider down with its 1600 lumens giving any path the important light that they need.

This light offers a safe setting with front and back lights allowing the rider to have illumination protecting from all sides.

The lights are powered by a 2 CREE XM-L2 LED’s and TIR optic lens for an added feature to give the rider extra security while on the road. This unit is good for both day and night and can give the rider the protection that they need to warn motorist of your location while riding.

The light is long lasting with a runtime of 3.1 hours while on high beam and can go from five hours to fifty percent, and fifteen hours on thirty percent. The device has a remote control for easy usage and can make riding safer for riders while on the road or off the road.

The light is easily mountable on different bikes and saves money allowing the rider to move the light to different bikes if they have different types of different riding. You won’t need a light for all of your bikes, making this very versatile, and in the long run, will save you money as you ride off into the distance with a light that will light your path easily.

Important Features:

  • 2 CREE XM-L2 LED’s and TIR Optic Lens
  • Can run for 3.1 hours on high beam
  • Can be mounted on different bikes
  • God for both day and night time riding

Buying Mountain Bike Lights - Things to Consider

After reviewing the various types of lights, there are several important aspects that needed to be pointed out when purchasing a light. There are many different important markers that need to be questioned when one is doing the research.

Budget is always a major point of interest where people try to place the most importance. Money is can be a single factor, but there may be key features on a particular light that allows a person to enhance their riding experience.

The light should have the capacity to be used on various types of bikes. For the avid rider that may use different bikes, having a light that can be placed on more than one bike, can save money and time. If you purchase a new bike, then you can easily move your light over to the new bike without any problem.

Having a light that is bright and strong that will show the bike path ahead of the ride is an important aspect when out on the road. It is best to see the terrain as well when riding your mountain bike especially when the rider is exploring off the road traveling.

The bike riding light should have features that accommodate the bike rider and the trail that they will be traveling. The features should match the individual rider and their style. Not all features that are offered on bike lights will be useful, in this case, a useless feature is a waste of money.

The battery life should be long and steady, allowing the bike rider to be out on the road without interruption. The worse thing for a rider is an interruption in the ride because your light is dying. This can be a real problem for those who do off terrain trails, it is not good to be far from the house in the dark when the lights go out.

The light should have a low charging time. The less time that it takes to charge the light allows the rider to quickly get back out on the road. A strong durable light means that it will last for a long time. The longer the light can last means lower replacements for the rider. Purchasing more lights than necessary is a waste of money.

Not all riding adventures are the same, thus a bike light must be able to adapt to these different settings. Light output needs to be adjusted and hence needs different modes for precision light adaptation to the environment.

The bike light should be able to have an easy mount so that it stays on the bike. Some trails and road conditions can be very rigorous and thus the light should be a strong mount for the bike. Having the light fall off when you least expect it can be very dangerous especially when you are riding off the road.

A bike light should have the ability to be in various types of environments. Rain and other harsh weather will destroy a light if it is not waterproof, and that would end your riding quick at night. Make sure that the light is waterproof and can withstand various types of rugged situations.

Regardless of the model or type that you choose, make sure that it will enhance your riding pleasure where ever you may go on the road or other terrains.

Final Word:

After reviewing several bike lights, it seems that the best one will be rugged and provide adequate light for the rider. All of the above reviewed light provides bright light that is strong and will not let you down on the ride.

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