Condo Living Tips For Cyclists – Effective Tips For All!

In Canada, especially in Toronto, you’ll see a lot of people riding bicycles. People actively use bikes to remain healthy and energetic. Moreover, some people also live in remote areas that are far away from their workplaces. So, they always keep a bicycle with them since it is easy to afford and maintain.

Hence, if you are also a cyclist and thinking of shifting to a condo then here are some useful tips for you that we have collected to help you out while moving into your new home:

Ask For The Policies:

Many condominium authorities often have strict policies for keeping the cycle. Therefore, it is better to inquire about those policies before buying a condo. Some condos do not allow you to keep your bicycle on your balcony or in your unit because of the dust that cycles take into the building along with the tires. So, it becomes hectic for the management and for you as well to clean that dust daily.

Space For The Cycle:

If your condo building allows you to keep the bicycle in the unit then it is your responsibility to keep the area clean. This most especially applies to the elevator! If the building doesn’t allow you to keep the cycle inside your unit then you can ask about a space inside of your condo wall that will act as a storage cupboard.

Storage Locker:

Some condos also provide storage lockers to keep cycles in those lockers. We advise you to keep the bicycles at the upper parking levels near your condo unit so you can avoid the pain of traveling a long distance to take your cycle.

Cycle Repairing Shops:

It is good to look for the repairing shops so in an emergency you can fix your bicycle easily. Usually, there are plenty of bicycle repair shops on the way because of the trend of using bicycles. So, there must be several shops around your condo building. This actually is one of the things you should be looking for if you’re still hunting for a condo.

Inquire About The Rent:

Condo buildings take a lot of rent for the parking space. If you are using only a bicycle then you can ask for lowering the rent of the parking space. If you’re allowed to keep bicycles in the unit then you can ask to eliminate the parking fee. You can save that money for some beneficial purposes. 

Living in a condo with a bicycle is not that difficult if you inquire about the rules before moving into your home. And if you’re still looking for condos, neighborhoods in Canada offer a great set of amenities. Oshawa and Markham are great options for cyclists, and lots of condos in Oshawa are selling pre-construction units.

It means that you can invest in Oshawa condos at low prices without paying a huge amount of down payment. There are condos like Simcoe Condos, Total Towns, and Beyond Condos which you may like to visit to see if it’s the perfect home for you. 

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