How To Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes – 5 Proven Methods

Everyone that has a bike has experienced the stubbornness of grease stains on clothes. Getting stains on clothes is very easy since you have to check the condition of your Bike severally. Grease stains are very stubborn and require immediate action.

The more it dries on the clothes, the more it will disturb while removing. However, there are several ways on how to get bike grease out of clothes. The methods vary depending on the fabric of your clothes.

5 Tips On How To Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes

There are different methods you can use to remove bike grease stains from clothes. These methods are:

1. Using Dishwashing Liquid:

The dishwashing liquid is best for removing grease on synthetic and cotton clothes. To clean, apply a small amount of the liquid to the stain. It will break down the oils for easy cleaning.

For stubborn stains, add baking soda to the dishwashing liquid to make a thick paste. Use a toothbrush to rub the mixture softly into the stained area.

Leave the fabric to absorb the liquid for about two minutes. Place the cloth under running water. The stain should face down to prevent it from getting deeper into the fabric. Wash the clothing and hang to air dry.

Repeat the process if the grease stain is not gone. For a dry grease stain, add a small amount of talcum or corn flour to the stained area. Leave it for about five minutes and follow the above procedure.

How To Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes

2. Use Of Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a natural product that is best for wool and silk fabrics. It removes both fresh and dry bike grease stains.

First, sprinkle some amount of baking soda on the stained area. Leave the garment overnight to allow the baking soda to draw all the grease stains. Hand-wash the cloth using laundry detergent and hang it to dry.

3. Use Of Biological Washing Detergent:

The detergent is best for synthetic fabrics. It works perfectly whether the stain is fresh or dried.

  • To remove the stain, dab a small quantity of the detergent and then rub gently.
  • Allow the detergent to sit for about 10- 15 minutes.
  • Place your cloth under running water while the stain is facing down. Wash the garment and hang it to dry.

4. Use Of Spot Remover:

Spot remover requires hot water to work perfectly. First, spray the remover on the stain. Use an old toothbrush to brush off the mark. Leave the garment for some minutes as you boil water. Put the fabric in a bucket and pour hot water.

Pour from a high point to increase the force of breaking the grease down. Turn the cloth inside out and repeat the process. Wash the clothing using laundry detergent and hang it to dry.

5. Use Of Bar Soap Or Shampoo:

Apply the soap or shampoo to the stain. Allow it to sit for some minutes. Rub using your hands or use a toothbrush for tougher stains. Rinse the stained part with a mixture of water and white vinegar. The mixture should have a ratio of 1:2. Wash the garment and leave it to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Does Bike Oil Come Out Of Clothes?

Yes, bike oil perfectly comes out from clothes. However, it is advisable that you remove the stain immediately before it gets dry. Various products like baking soda, biological detergent, and dishwashing liquid are commonly used depending on the type of fabric. 

Q: How To Get Axle Stains Out Of Clothes?

Sprinkle a layer of either baking soda, baby powder, or cornstarch on the axle stain. Rub the powder gently to get deep in the fabric and leave the garment overnight to allow the powder to absorb the stain. Wash and hang the garment to dry.

Q: How Does Baking Soda Remove Oil Stains From Clothes?

Baking soda is a natural product. It removes oil stains by absorbing the oil from the garment. Apply a small amount of baking soda to the stained part. Leave the fabric to stay overnight to give it time to absorb all the oil stain. Wash your cloth with laundry detergent and hang it to dry. Baking soda is perfect for delicate fabrics like wool or silk.

Q: How To Remove Set-In Grease Stains?

Apply some amount of white vinegar on the stain. Make a thick paste of baking soda and vinegar in the ratio of 1:1. Put the cloth in a bucket of water and add the mixture. Leave it overnight. Rinse the cloth and dry.

Q: Does White Vinegar Remove Grease Stains?

Yes, white vinegar mixed with an equal amount of water is perfect for removing grease stains on clothes. Once you have the mixture, moisten a cloth with the solution and wipe on the stain until it is over. 


Bike grease can be so annoying once they get onto your favorite clothes. A detergent and water may not remove the stain. With the above methods, you will be sure to get rid of the grease stain on your clothes. The formulas have easy steps to follow and remove undesirable stains.

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