How To Raise Handlebars On Mountain Bike – Three Easy Steps To Follow!

Owning a mountain bike doesn't only need you to be a professional Rider. You must also be able to make the necessary adjustments and changes whenever it is necessary. This will allow you to have more comfortable rides in the long run.

The constant riding of your mountain bike enables you to get to know the bike better. But what happens when you feel it isn't as comfortable as before. You may find that the handlebars are too tight and they require adjustments.

Will you take it to an expert or do you want to save time and money and do it yourself? If yes, then we are going to guide you on the steps you can take to do so.

What You Will Need To Have The Handlebars On Your Mountain Bike Raised.

Before you begin to raise the handlebars to the right position, have to get some tools to help you with the process. This will make it very easy for you to get the right height for more comfortable rides. They include the following.

You will need an adjustable wrench as well as an Allen key.

Note. There are some wrenches specially made to make such adjustments for mountain bikes. However, you will have to purchase them. In case you don't have the means you can just use the tools we have mentioned above.

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How To Raise Handlebars On A Mountain Bike

Step-1: Raising Handlebars Using Threadless Headset Stem

Threadless headset stem can be corrected so that you can be able to keep your bike from a wide range of difficulties. In order to make some great changes to your handlebars, you will have to buy a new stem. We suggest you go for a longer or shorter stem in case you experience some major comfort issues.

To know if you have got a threadless headset stem you will see only one big bolt at the top plus other smaller bolts which clamp the stem down. In case you see only a continuous metal that connects the bars to the frame then it is a threaded headset stem.

Adjusting tips:

  • With the bolt pointing upwards, loosen the stem cap.
  • After, loosen the smaller bolts clamping the stem down.
  • Now pull off the stem from the frame.
  • Once that is done you can either remove or add the raisers so that you can adjust the handlebars to the height you want.
  • You now need to slide back the stem over the raisers.
  • When it is in place put back the stem cap bolt and use your hand to tighten it.
  • Make sure your Stem is aligned with your front wheel.
  • To finish check the headset alignment.

Step-2: Raising Handlebars Using A Threaded Headset Stem

As we mentioned before, a threaded headset has a continuous metal which connects the bars to the frame. You will see about which is at the top of the stem. This, as well as the nut which connects the stem to the frame, will make it easy to adjust the stem.

Adjusting tips:

  • Start by loosening the bolt which is at the top of the stem. Remember to Just Loosen and not remove it completely. 
  • Now, use a wrench to loosen the lock nut.
  • Pull your handlebars carefully out of the frame.
  • To keep the stem from getting stuck inside the frame, clean it and then apply grease.
  • Depending on your bike riding comfort, position the new height of your handlebars.
  • Now place back the stem leaving it at your desired height. Make sure to tighten the nut as well as the bolt.

Step- 3: Adjusting Using Handlebar Angle

As you make the adjustments to the angle you need to first know how high you want the handlebars to be. This will allow you to get the best comfort during each ride. The best way to do it is if you get a friend to help you out. You can have them hold the bike as you climb the bike to see the best angle to position the handlebars.

Adjusting tips:

  • Find out if the bike has got a stem which is adjustable.
  • If it does loosen the screws which are at the end of the stem.
  • Get to know the comfortable height you want to angle the handlebars at.
  • Angle them to that height and then first tighten lightly for a test ride.
  • Once you reach the right comfortable height, you can then tighten fully at the right angle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I adjust the brake lever angle on the handlebars?

A: There is usually a hex bolt or an Allen key under each brake lever. You will have to lose and eat and then adjust the brake lever to your preferred angle.

Q: What height should handlebars be on a mountain bike?

A: They should always be at least the same height as your seat or above it. This will always allow you to ride the bike upright.

Q: Should the Saddle be higher than the handlebars?

A: No, it wouldn't. The handlebars should be higher than the saddle. If you are looking to write faster, then you can make the saddle to be higher.

Q: Are wider handlebars the best for a mountain bike?

A: Yes, they are. You will get full control, better balance and even easier breathing. You will be more comfortable and you won't get fatigued.


Our guide on how to raise handlebars on a mountain bike will be your key to more comfortable rides. Check your bike and find out which step you will be able to use. Adjusting to the right height will allow you to enjoy all of your rides all the time.

As you raise the handlebars, don't do it to fix it to the trending height or a more classy height. You should do it to get more comfortable rides. As you raise the handlebars test it out by simply sitting on the bike and assessing different positions until it feels ok for you. We hope you learned a thing or two and we wish you safe rides.

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