How To Ride A Hybrid Bike In Busy Traffic Roads

Hybrid bikes are general-purpose bikes that blend the characteristics of other specialized bikes. They can tolerate a variety of applications and rising conditions. For this reason, many people use it dangerously on the highways, ending up causing fatal accidents. When riding a bike in a busy traffic road, try to ride as safely as you can so you can reach your destination in one piece. Here are some tips you can use to ride safely on a busy highway:

Anticipate A Problem Before It Arises:

Whenever you are riding in busy traffic roads, always bear in mind that accidents do occur. Most of these accidents are due to human error. So always anticipate the worst.

On average, the emergency reaction time of a cyclist ranges from 6m to 10m at 15mph and 25mph respectively. Then you have to add the braking distance if you have to top.

If you weren’t anticipating anything, you’d probably end up crashing. Keep your reaction time as short as possible. It’s advisable to cover your brakes with, at least, one finger when on a busy road, on descents and in towns.

Be As Watchful As Aa Hawk:

A hawk is very conscious of its surroundings. That’s how you should be. You shouldn’t just focus on the road ahead, but also the whole surrounding. Remember, you are not on the road alone.

Someone might bump into you from the side of the highway. The path itself may also have slippy drain covers, potholes, pieces of broken glass, etc. Then you also have to deal with packed cars, pedestrians trying to cross the road, and other moving traffic.

When you are watchful, you’ll have enough time to plan well and escape an accident. When you want to change your road position or direction, check your blind spot over your shoulder to ensure no vehicle is approaching.

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How To Ride A Hybrid Bike In Busy Traffic Roads

Choose The Best Position On The Road:

Don’t be afraid of claiming the best spot on the road. The best position is where you can be seen clearly, and you can also see everything. It is also the position where you can prevent or deter others from exposing you to risk. When other road users can see you well, the chance of getting involved in an accident will reduce.

The best position on the road is the center of the left-side lane. At this position, you’ll easily prevent the drivers from behind from overtaking when it is not safe.

Once you see that it is safe for them to pass, you can move about one meter to the left to allow them to do so. Don’t ride close to parked cars, and avoid riding in the gutter, or very close to heavy goods vehicles.

Be Careful With Other Road Users When Negotiating:

Before you start riding on the road, ensure you are conversant with the Highway Code. The code has a framework of conventions, rules, and laws that guide vehicles on how to share roads.

Even with such a code in place, you still have to maintain constant communication with other road users when riding on busy traffic roads. The conversation should be non-verbal, though. For example, you can signal them with your hand if you want to branch or change lanes.

Hone Your Bike Riding Skills:

Riding a bike is a skill that needs to be learned, just like other skills. Before you start riding on a busy road, you need to learn how you can safely ride without causing an accident.

Necessary skills like braking, steering, indicating, swerving, and looking over your shoulder, are essential for your safety. You also need essential bike maintenance skill so can fix simple bike problems whenever they arise.

Be In the Right Gear:

When riding a bike on the road, you can try as much as possible to be careful, but other road users might be careless. That’s why you can get involved in an accident caused by other road users. Being in the right gear can prevent you from getting severe injuries.

The right gear can make you be a safer and better urban rider. For example, you need a helmet to keep your head safe. You also need knee and elbow protectors. That aside, before you start riding a bike, you need to check and ensure it is in good working condition. Check the brakes, the tires, the chain, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Should I Ride My Bike Against Or With The Traffic?

A: You need to ride with the traffic. It is illegal/improper to ride against the traffic even if you are in the bike lane. You need to follow the same rules that car drivers follow on the road. So, you also need to obey all traffic control signals and signs. 

Q: Is It Easier To Ride A road Bike Than A hybrid bike?

A: If you want to ride fast enough and the road you are using is in good condition, then a road bike would be the best choice. However, if you want to ride on green lanes or gravel paths, then go for a hybrid bike.

Q: How Dangerous Is It To Ride A Bike On The Road?

A: Riding a bike on the road isn’t as dangerous as you might think. If you are disciplined enough, and you follow the traffic rules and laws, you’ll be safe cycling on the road.

Q: Is It Possible To Turn A Hybrid Bike Into A road Bike?

A: The short answer is no. Geometrically, bikes that are designed to be hybrid cannot be modified into road bikes. The frames are quite different and will never fit. So, you can choose to buy either a road bike or a hybrid bike.

Q: Can I Ride A Bike Every Day?

A: There’s no problem with cycling daily. Many people want to ride daily, but they don’t have the time. Riding a bike daily is good for your health and will make you have a better sleep. When riding to work, it will also help you save on transport costs.

Final Words:

Safety should be your main concern while you are on the road. If you are riding your bike on a busy traffic road, you need to know some effective tips to promote safe riding. Take note of the above tips and you will enjoy riding your hybrid bike.

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