Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road bike is a pretty solid bike from inside to out. The bike is effortless to use so any naive person who never had experience in cycling can try after few days of training. And if you are an expert, we can say you won’t be disappointed by its performance at all.

Bicycles give you the freedom of exploring a place, go far and escape from the crowd. Also, it’s a great reliever to get rid of unnecessary cost from bus, train or trams. Also, it’s the greenest option as you can use as transport without polluting the environment.

This bike is made of high-quality steel alloy which makes it light but sturdy at the same time. Bikers who are seeking for speed, convenience, and the budget-friendly option will love to have this one. Plus this bike comes with exciting color options.


35 pounds




Alloy side pull brakes


Lightweight steel fork

Available in:

Small and medium size


Single speed

Color Options:

Multiple color

Takara Kabuto Bike Review

We tried and tested the Takara single speed bike for three days in the mountain area near to office area. The place is perfect for trail and cycling. The bike was impressive of course, but there was some glitch also that we realize during our whole experience. What to what they are? Keep reading.

Sturdy & Solid Body For Great Performances:

The Takara Kabuto is made of steel alloy. It comes with two frame size, 54 and 57 cm. The entire tubular steel frame and forks make it real weight. But to support the matter, most of the part of this single speed bike is constructed with powerful but light alloy resources.

And make the weld extra strong they use tig welding. It’s one of the better welding systems to join the parts and makes the joining durable.

More Speed & Stability:

The bike can speed up more than 30 km/hr. With the increasing rate, the bike is best for proving the proper stability in hard places. The wheels and rims are a significant part of the bike. These can deliver the max speed and firmness that every biker wants. The Takara Kabuto has got light alloy hub and features 32 spokes.

Moreover, the broad yellow tires added more color accent and style which looks beautiful. You can go for either green color tires with a green body, blue color tires for the green body. If you like simple color tires, choose black tires with a blue frame.

Takara Kabuto Handlebar

Most Convenient Setup:

First of all, the bike comes with all the necessary parts that you need to assemble. The installation process is relatively easy even if you are a beginner. There is an instruction guide available inside the box. So you will know what to attach one after another.

Yes, you must require some tool for the setup. Like, an Allen key set, a couple of sockets and an adjustable crescent wrench, etc. nothing much. These are needed to keeps the screws tight and secure in place. If you have some experience with fixing or installing bike you can do that.

If not, call for an expert or your local shop for help. And other more things, during the setup, check the seat height, again and again, to find the most comfortable position according to your height.

Dependable Brake:

That one thing we all were curious about after speed is how the brake is worked. Well, Takara did not disappoint us. The alloy side pulling brakes are very functional and steady.

So when you need to stop it stopped. Even in its topmost speed. Also, when you need to slow the speed, the brake is equality responsive according to given pressure on the clutch.

Takara Kabuto Front Wheel

But yes, in the beginning, the brake was bit soft. After a few adjustments, it becomes that solid what we needed.

The Construction Of The Seat & Kickstand:

The seat and seat padding of this single speed bicycle is compact and thin. The filling could be a little thick and comfortable. It’s pretty basic, so we were not that impressed by that.

But that does not mean it’s the worst seat for long way travel. The seat is sturdy and could hold up the body weight accurately. If you are not too heavy like 90+ kg, then the seat will not be a problem.

Takara Kabuto Bike Seat
Takara Kabuto Bike Kickstand

Now the kickstand. The kickstand is solid and made with strength and flexibility. So when you need you can brake and kick the stand to park the bike.

Or when you are in a rush kick it and hop on the cycle. Nothing complicated. Just make sure to use to some oil in the joint of the kickstand. Oiling the cycle’s joints time to time is mandatory.

 That will prevent friction and remain the performance best always.

An Affordable Commuter:

Purchasing that product will save a lot more money than you spend yearly on daily transport for the home to work, shopping, study or visiting here and there. The product comes under 200 dollars. Infect in yearly sale or Christmas Eve you may get it in more discount that will save your shipping cost too.

Also, this bike doesn’t require fuel to work so, that is also a relive for extra expenditure. So having Takara Kabuto will save your train/bus/ taxi fare, gas bills and also the time you wait in the bus stop or train. The bike also lets you cut through the traffic jam. So when others stick in traffic, your slim bike will run fast in the middle space around the car, bus or trucks.

And one positive side, that will impress most of the health conscious people. Cycling for a fixed amount of time will help you lose fat and strengthen the leg muscles. If you are a runner or sports guy cycling is a better option for cardiac exercise.

Important Features:

  • All the welded parts are tig welded
  • Rims and tires are made of 700c alloy
  • Light tubular steel frame and forks
  • Changeable hubs freewheel or fixed gearing
  • Fairly easy to assemble


  • Simplistic design with great color combination
  • Gives you a smooth riding experience
  • Ideal for a daily commute and outdoor adventure
  • Sturdy body frame and parts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very affordable in price
  • Three color choice- Green, blue and green+blue combo


  • The seat padding is limited
  • Noisy paddles

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Does the bike come with assembling tool?

A- No, but simple tools are doing the job.

Q- Can it pedal and go backward?

A- When you put it fixed gear, or it’s in freewheeling you can paddle backward. But the cycle can’t go backward.

Q- How fast it can ride?

A- Up to 30 going downhill and average 18 freewheels.

Q- Does the bike come with different sizes?

A- Yes, 54, and 57 cm.

Final Verdict:

So no matter what skills you have on riding cycles- beginners, mediocre or expert you can have this one for sure. Bicycles or Motor-Bikes are a smart option as transportation. But the first one is a healthier and cheap option then the second one.

The Takara Kabuto is a high-performance bike with great benefits. It’s reliable, durable and affordable also. It’s an environmentally friendly option that won’t leave your carbon foot-print as like, any other commuter run by fuel. Also, if you love to explore, want a personal commuter for daily commute Takara Kabuto single-speed bike is the best option to choose.

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