BEIOU BO-CB018 Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

I am a mountain biking and outdoor enthusiast. Mountain bike riding can be a satisfying and relaxing hobby and for exercising and fitness regimen. This also gives you a chance to explore and appreciate the nature all around you. With a classy and powerful bike, it can be a great and amazing experience. The trick, however, is to find that perfect mountain bike. I want a mountain bike that can climb a hill without a lot of struggle, cruise the street at a top speed, be able to gain speed quickly and have a powerful brake in case of emergency.

The BEIOU BO-CB018 Hardtail Mountain Bike offers all these assurances and more. This bike has been built to ensure your outdoor biking experience will be worth your time and fun. As per the review below, this bike will get you great features for you to decide if they fit you.


23.5 pounds


Toray T800 Carbon Fiber


Hidden Disc Brake


30 speed


UDING DH32 /26" Air Suspension Fork

Available in:

Two sizes

Other Features:

26" wheel, Multi tools pedal

Features Of BEIOU BO-CB018 Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike

Durable Lightweight Frame:

The bikes frame is made of T800 carbon fiber frame which makes it durable and yet lightweight to carry easily. It won't break on you or bend under any pressure when you are riding it. This frame also offers comfort and easy maneuverability when riding it.

BEIOU BO-CB018 Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike Rear Crank
BEIOU BO-CB018 Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike Brake

Excellent Drivetrain:

Quality gearing and components are a necessity for any good bike. This bike has 30 speeds giving you the freedom to choose your preferred speed according to the weather or terrain. This wide range of gears and seamless shifting is due to the extremely efficient SHIMANO M610 DEORE System. You can go up or down gear levels quickly without the worry of the chain dropping.

Quality Air Suspension Fork:

If you are going to ride on rough terrain, this quality suspension fork dampens the vibrations and trembles that may be caused by the rough terrain or bumps.

The quality  UDING DH32/26-inch air suspension fork offers you a comfortable and smooth ride while ensuring bike control and handling is maintained and easy. This combined with the BEIOU Carbon Fiber flat handlebars, complete control of the bike is ensured on all surfaces and conditions.

BEIOU BO-CB018 Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike Handlebar
BEIOU BO-CB018 Carbon Fiber Hardtail Mountain Bike Paddle Chain

Quality Design And Construction:

The bike is aerodynamically designed to give you a speed advantage when riding. It comes with a padded seat with adjustable height for maximum comfort for prolonged rides. With quality cycle chain and cassette sprockets, pedaling will never feel a task but as fun. The bike is available in a classy 3K matte finish, which makes you look and feel good as you enjoy riding it. The frame is available in 4 sizes ensuring everyone's size is available.

Easy And Quality Braking:

Quality brakes are essential requirements for your bike. Your safety is paramount when riding a bike and quality brakes guarantee that. The BEIOU Hardtail mountain bike features Shimano M355 hydraulic disc braking system, which guarantees reliable and fast stopping on any terrain or weather condition.

The hydraulic brakes are easier to stop and require less hand effort than any other type of brakes. They are also less susceptible to damage due to a lot of pressure or extreme temperatures. This combined with the MAXXIS 26*1.95 60TPI tires, which offer great traction, coming to a stop is quick and guaranteed.

Great Wheelset:

A quality ride needs a quality wheelset. This bike has a 26" professional mountain bike wheelset which offers great height and amazing riding experience. The alloy rims are durable and strong, offering better control and handling on any terrain. 

The MAXXIS 26*1.95 60TPI tires also offer great traction. The hydraulic brakes also do not interfere with the rims ensuring the durability of the rims. The spokes too are of high quality and do not break or bend easily. The bike can handle rough terrain without any damage.

Who Can Use This Bike?

The BEIOU Hardtail mountain bike is a unisex mountain bike. It is fit for both entry level and professional riders though its features make it more suited for professional riders. It can support up to 300 pounds. With the adjustable seat, it is suitable for a person with any height. Also, the bike with different frame sizes for any height.

Important Features:

  • Very lightweight carbon fiber frame mountain bike
  • Very strong, sturdy and durable construction
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes
  • Great quality speed shifters
  • Quality air suspension fork
  • Internal cable routing and hidden disc brakes
  • 30 speeds


  • Powerful and easy-working brakes
  • Easy gear shifting
  • Lightweight and solid construction
  • A wide range of gears available
  • Quality suspension to tackle rough terrain


  • The pedals provided are entry-level poor-quality pedals
  • The bike seat may not be comfortable enough for everyone

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

​​​​Q: Can this model be fitted with 29" wheels?

A: Sadly no. This model can't be fitted with the 29"wheels. It is specifically designed for the 26" wheels. these are the ones that offer the best riding experience.

Q: What frame sizes are available and which is fit for me?

A: The bike is available in 15", 17", 19", and 21"frames. The taller you are the longer the frame length you need. The 17" and 19" are the most common and are fit for.

Q: What is the weight of the bike when fully assembled?

A: The bike weighs a measly 24 pounds.

Q: What is the weight limit for the rider?

A: This sturdy bike can support up to 300 pounds.

Final Word:

The BEIOU Hardtail Shimano M610 is a great mountain bike available on the market today. When you are cruising outdoors and enjoying the nature, your mind should be clear and soaking in the beautiful scenery in front of you and not thinking if your bike is safe enough.

With the air suspension fork, tractable tires and powerful, hydraulic brakes, your comfort, and safety is guaranteed. A change of pedals and saddle can make you have one of the best bikes. This review shows how the BEIOU Hardtail bike is a great bike and for you in the market for a mountain bike, this is worth checking out.

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