Gravity FSX 2.0 Mountain Bike Review

In this Gravity FSX 2.0 Mountain bike review, we are going to discuss all the technical features, parts, and their actual performance in it. We decided to analysis it because the bike has got many positive reviews since it has been in the market and also it comes under budget. So, keep reading to learn more.

If you ask who the bike for is, then the question needs some explanation with the answer. The gravity fsx 2.0 full suspension mountain bike is for mountain riding. It’s best for beginners. The bike comes with vast speed control options. This is a useful characteristic for entry-level of cyclist to find comfort speed with safety especially if the budget is under 500 dollar

The design, construction, and finishing are worth to try for anyone who has been riding mountains bikes for quite a time. So, it’s not that ‘less-exciting’ bike if you think. Riding with the Gravity FSX equally is safe and exciting on the rough terrains or the country roads.


20 pounds




Disc brakes


24 Speed


Suntour long travel adjustable fork

Available in:

Multiple sizes

Other Features:

Aluminum riser handlebar, Comfortable saddle, Shimano derailleur, 26-inch double wall alloy wheel

Some Attractive Features Of Gravity Fsx 2.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

You may or may not own many bikes, but since you are a biker, you have some knowledge about mountain bikes. That is why you will understand this Gravity Fsx 2.0 Review and decided either it suits your need or not. Shortly it is a full suspension bike for a run on mountain roads. It’s a good value for money has efficient but straightforward features to use and work with. In here we have explained some of its best features that we liked. Such as:

Robust Frame Structure With Suspension:

This best mountain bike is made of the heavy-gauge aluminum frame. The frame is light enough and sturdy at the same time. The weight offers better-hydroformed tubing performance that you would only find in top quality mountain bikes. The bike is made to tolerate many wears and tears. 

For the suspension, the bike included SuntourLong Travel. It provides adjustable preload, more stress, and pressure so you can paddle comfortably.

Better Control:

What makes a bike so unique? The secure controlling system off course. The bike is better at control compare than any others. The bike includes Tektro novella Disc which allows total control to the rider. The brake ensures you become safe especially when you are riding uphill or downhill. So, no matter what speed rate you are in, you can use slower or higher the speed or stop according to your need without much struggle.

You can get maximum convenience from it when it comes to press the brake, paddle to speed up or slow the speed. From all the side the bike is much smoother to operate. Moreover, the bike is quite tough and good at withstanding sudden shocks. The crankset and gears of the Gravity FSX 2.0 work nicely.

Besides, the suspension of the cycle can absorb the long and severe drop and even bounces. So, bikers can ascend it without having a fear of any gear slip or descend bounces. Furthermore, the quick release wheels make sure the safety along with the bolts and nuts. It has got two 26-inch durable wheels. The size of the wheels is perfect and allows riders to ride more smoothly in long distance rides.

An Ease Mountain Bike To Ride:

The comfort of a bike depends on so many things. Like, the weight, shock absorbance capacity, handlebar position, the seat, etc. The bike is around 20 pounds. Practically it’s not that light but good weight for mountain bikers to control. So, it’s simple to move with and riders don’t feel heavy while ascending. Moreover, the saddle of the gravity FSX is comfortable to paddle. The rear triangle of the bike also feels good as it should be.

In addition, the mechanical disc of the bike with 160 mm rotors let you use the quick break. This one is beneficial while riders are descending or riding in uneven rocky paths.

The bike is equipped with a 24-speed control system. It interoperates with Shimano shifters to shift smoothly, and the front and rear derailleurs work great.

The good thing is there is less problem of chain or gear slip with the bike. So, overall, really a low-hassle bike to practice in mountain area and explore without fewer worries.

Options For All Size Of People:

The Gravity FSX mountain bike has a choice for all height and weight of people. Let us clarify you that, this one is not for children or anyone under 5 ft.5 inches. So, it’s like more grown-up bikes.

The small size or which also refer as X Small is 15 inches and fits up to 5 ft. 6 inches person. The Standover of the bike is 26.1 inches. Later one, the Small/Med in 17 inches;it’s suitable for up to 5 ft. 8 inches and its stand over are 27.5 inches.

Next to the Lr/Medium,this sizes 19 inches and stand over 29 inches. It fits for max 6 ft of height. And finally the Xlrg/large which is good for 6 ft. 1-inch or more height of people. Its 21 inches and the standover of the bike are 30.5 inches.

So as you can see the bike model has some variation for different size of people. Still, you can choose any according to your personal preferences not following the guide. You always have full option to an extent up or down for more convenience.

Like, you can size down the handlebars, short arms, legs or torso, and the straddle clearance. For size, up just touch the straddling, taller handlebars, long arms, legs or torso.

But remember one thing, taller bikes are more comfortable, but smaller bikes could be handling better.

Highlighted Features

  • Frame-Aluminum
  • Handlebar-Aluminum Riser
  • Front Derailleur- Shimano
  • Rear derailleur- Shimano
  • Chain- Narrow-8
  • Crankset- triple alloy
  • Brakes- TektroNovela Disc
  • Tires- two black tires 26x2.1
  • Wheels- DBL wall alloy 26-inch
  • Fork- Suntour long travel adjustable preload
  • Shifters- Shimano EF51 24 speed
  • Comes with four different sizes- x-small, small, medium, and large


  • Offers 24-speed controlling gears which allow speed variation and safety
  • Suitable to use for beginners to intermediated riders
  • Rides smoothly even on the long-distance trail
  • It is made of sturdy and high-quality materials
  • The bike assembling is pretty hassle-free


  • The gears are slightly loose and hard to tighten up sometimes
  • The quick release lever results in the seat clamp sometimes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q- What type of tire valves are used in this bike?

A- Schrader valves.

Q- What is the spacing for the rear hub?

A- Around 135 mm.

Q- Is the bike suitable for usual town and road riding too?

A- Yes, but for the smoother experience you may want to change the tires for riding on pavement.

Final Verdict:

In the end, all we can say that the Gravity FSX 2.0 mountain bike is one of the best money mountain bike currently available in the market. It offers excellent stability and performance that you want from a bike made for mountain riding. If you purchase the bike, you could be sure that it will take much time before thinking to change or buy another one.

However, keep in mind the bikes is best for entry level of riders especially if they are looking for something that can improve their skill of cycling. So, if you have planned to start training on rough terrains; the Gravity Fsx 2.0 Full Suspension Mountain Bikes would be perfect to consider.

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