10 Benefits Of Fixed Gear Bikes You Should Know

When it comes to biking, you can either choose a fixed gear bike or a single speed bike. Why are fixed gear bikes popular and why should you ride one? Fixies are basic bikes and they are very easy to use.

Since the bike doesn’t shift up and down, you only need to pedal to ride the bike if you would like your bike to go faster, then you need to pedal faster.

There are many benefits that you will get from riding a fixed gear bike. I will take you those benefits so that you can understand more. Before we get to the benefits, lets us familiarize ourselves on what a fixed gear bike is.

What Is A Fixed Gear Bike?

A Fixed-gear bike is a bike that is attached to a cog that does not have bearings. (A cog is that little gear that is usually attached to the back wheel). This makes it possible to have different results when you pedal forward and backward. In this case, if you forward pedal, the bike moves forward but when you backpedal it moves backward and vice versa.

These features make them popular and favorable in busy urban centers. Therefore, the motion of the cog is directly attached to that of the pedal. All the energy you use to pedal is directed to the wheel.

10 Benefits Of Fixed Gear Bikes You Should Know

10 Benefits Fixed Gear Road Bike 

A fixed gear bike provides many benefits. I have provided you with 10 benefits that you will enjoy when riding a fixed gear bike.

1. It Weighs Less:

A Fixie weighs far much less than the normal bikes. This is because the Fixie contains fewer components. The geared bike contains an additional component that increases its weight. 

Here is a list of the components that make fixed ger lighter compared to geared bikes.

  • Lighter front & rear sprockets.
  • Comes with No shift levers.
  • Lighter cranksets 
  • Lighter derailleurs.  

These components reduce weight. Thus, Fixies have better control. You can attach a training tool, such as cycling power meters, on your fixie without worrying too much about additional weight.

2. Cheaper And Easier To Repair:

Fixies have much less to repair. With simple maintenance strategies, the bikes work well throughout. Thus, there is no need to make any repairments and if any it cost less and easy to implement. If you do the oiling and tightening of nuts frequently the bike will be fine. The only repair that costs money is the changing of brake pads.

3. Increased Manoeuvrability Control:

Fixed gear bikes have better control over other bikes. You can control the bike in the way you pedal. This is because the energy you use to pedal is directed to the wheel. This means you can regulate your speed easily and stability. So, you will have increased control of the bike.

This will assure you safety and maximum comfort as you ride. Furthermore, it makes you confident in riding at a place with many people.

4. Develop New Skills:

The design of Fixed-gear bikes gives you the chance to develop new skills. You can learn skills like riding backward. You also learn how to have full control of the bike. The new skills learned will make you a better rider.

5. Ride Backward:

One of the key features of a Fixed-gear bike is that you can move backward by pedaling in a reverse manner. This riding backward feature is very beneficial. You can avoid collisions easily. Moreover, you can reduce the speed and momentum of the bike by moving backward.

You have found yourself in a one-way route. Or a route that gives riders no chance to turn back. In such a scenario with the Fixies, you only need to pedal back. Also not forgetting how it is fun to ride forward and backward interchangeably.

6. Good For Racing:

The reason behind Fixed-gears bikes was because of track racing. They are used in most racing competitions. Thus, the fact has made manufacturers ensure it is fit for racing. While racing you will get to realize how good they are. The simple control also makes it avoid collision with other riders in the track. For a good race as many recommend it, I will also recommend this for you.

7. Riding It Makes You Feel Attached To The Bike:

As a rider riding a fixed gear bike, you feel the sense of riding the bike. This is through ensuring there is no modern tech that comes in between. You can feel the riding experience. Your pedaling is reflected in the wheels directly. This experience makes you feel some comfort. It is said when you ride a Fixed-gear bike it is you and the bike in all situations.

8. Are Cheaper:

These bikes come at affordable prices. Also, fixies have less hardware compared to geared bikes. Typically, the materials used to make it less expensive.

9. Long-Lasting Chains:

Fixie bikes usually have long-lasting cairns in ten. This is because these chains are not affected by sideways forces. If any it is subjected to little of such forces. Hence they do not wear out very fast. Thus, long-lasting and in the process, they also save you some cash.

10. Increased Efficiency:

Fixed-gear bikes are more efficient in transferring energy from pedals to the wheel. This is because of some factors like:

  • Presence of short-chain length
  • Inclusive of a straight chain line
  • The absence of the derailleur pulleys
  • Less weight to control.
  • Backward and Forward riding


Can Fixed Gear bikes move backward?

This is a yes. Fixies can be pedaled backward with ease. This is one of the features that makes it beloved by many. All you do is to pedal backward at it will move backward.

Between Fixies and Geared bikes which weigh less?

The Fixed-gear bikes win the deal when it comes to weighing less. They are much lighter because of the reduced components that they have. 

Can Fixed Gear bikes be used for racing?

Yes, in fact, the main purpose of these bikes is for track racing. These are attributed to their great control and stability. Which is key in avoiding a collision.

What is the main difference between Fixies and Geared bikes?

The key difference is that the Geared bikes have bearings in their cogs whereas the Fixed-gear bike has no bearing in their cogs. This is what causes a difference in operation.  


Fixed-gear bikes are the new trend of bikes to opt for. They are great and convenient bikes. The list of their benefits is endless. The above are only the top 10 benefits. There are still many more. If you are starting your biking journey, you can consider buying a fixed gear bike.

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