Road Bike vs Mountain Bike-10 Reason Why Road Bike Is Better Than Mountain Bike

Do you know the main difference between a road bike and a mountain bike? If no, then you should look at the structures of a mountain bike and a road bike. The main and most seen difference is the make of the tires.

A road bike is mainly made for riding on roads and of course other places like pavements, riding tracks, and other similar even surfaces. Well as a mountain bike is made for the rocky mountains and hilly rough surfaces.

In this post, we will give you ten reasons why you should choose road bikes over mountain bikes.

A Road Bike Is An Archetype:

Road bikes have been around for more than a century well as mountain bikes came around in the 70s. A road bike has got history and heritage to offer compared to a mountain bike. Therefore, if you would love to ride heritage, then a road bike is what you should go for.

Enjoy More Speed:

The aerodynamic design makes them perfect for speed racing. Road bikes have got a lightweight body, profile tires as well as gear controls which are perfect for giving you the speed you can handle and need at all times.

When it comes to speed, you can't make a road bike vs. a mountain bike comparison. In the design of the road bike and that of a mountain bike is different. Mountain bikes are mainly designed for terrain as they feature wider tires and because of that, they have got a stronger Road grip making them slower.

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Boost Fitness:

If you're looking to burn about 400 calories an hour, then you need to get yourself a good old-fashioned road bike. The best workout for your legs, hips, knees, back, and uncles is road cycling.

You will struggle to find that kind of work out on a mountain bike. There are quite several health benefits you can also get from road cycling that you will not find while mountain biking. Any pro mountain bike will also tell you that the cornerstone of their training program is road cycling.

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike-10 Reason Why Road Bike Is Better Than Mountain Bike

Less Maintenance:

A mountain bike has got flatter tires that are vulnerable and tend to wear out from constant use. Road bikes are simple and have no complicated features that would require regular servicing and Maintenance. If you are looking for less expensive bikes then you can read our popular best fixed gear bikes reviews.

Road bikes have got quite durable body parts, and you don't have to spend a lifetime cleaning them. Therefore, it is safe to say that these parts a less vulnerable to damage and will keep you on the road most of the time than in the shade waiting for repair.

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Can Be Used For Different Purposes:

This is simply because road bikes are made in different sizes and shapes and they're all different types. Let's check out the different types of road bikes and their purposes.

When it comes to mountain bikes, you will have minimal options.

Road Bikes Are Portable:

In case of a flat tire, you can easily carry your road bike to a repair shop without getting exhausted so much. They only weigh around 30 pounds. When it comes to mountain bikes, they are built 15 to 20 pounds heavier than a road bike.

If you get a flat tire on a mountain bike that means you will have to drag the bike to a repair shop. Dragging it will add extra resistance because of the flat tire.

Easy To Master:

The road bike has got simple operation features, and all it requires is for you to get on the bike and enjoy the ride. A mountain bike has these complicated features and designs which require practice and a lot of hard work to master.

If you don't have a lot of time to spend learning all the crazy techniques of a mountain bike, then a road bike will be a perfect choice.

It Is Accessible:

Most of us have got access to roads nearby I mean who doesn't. Getting from place to place on a road bike is very easy compared to a mountain bike. Mountain bikes are only good for mountain lake trails which most of us aren't fortunate enough to access them regularly.

What is more painful is having to keep your mountain bike away until you get to search areas. Therefore, road cycling is effortless as you pull out your bike and hit the road.

Covers More Ground:

Road bikes can help you cover much more ground in a short time without using a lot of energy. Of course, you will still cover as many miles as you want on a mountain bike, but it's quite different it comes to time spent and the amount of energy you put in. Therefore, if you are into exploring your local and other surroundings, a road bike would be ideal for all that.

It Is Durable And Less Expensive:

Most mountain bike owners I said that road bikes can't withstand surfaces. This is very true but then again is it only the tires that count? A road bike has got many durable materials which are less vulnerable to damage compared to those of a mountain bike.

Road bikes are built for speed; therefore, the body is ready for any bumps and scratches. Furthermore, a road bike is less expensive compared to a mountain bike. You can ride a road bike without having to spend a lot, and you can still enjoy your rides well as the bike will come with tons of costs, but you'll have to spend regardless.


If you are a mountain biker looking to switch to road cycling you have got more reason to do so. Save a little green by going for a road bike because it is guaranteed you will be able to enjoy a whole lot more than what you would on a mountain bike.

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