How To Store A Bike In An Apartment – 10 Techniques You Should Follow

A bicycle is still an essential possession to many people out there. Whether they use it for transport, exercises, or adventure, it has lots of benefits that make it a must-have for such people. Storing a bicycle can be a real issue, especially if you stay in a small apartment.

But still, if you are creative enough, storage will not be a problem at all. You do not have to trip over pedals in your hallway. Get a handlebar in the rib or spoke your face anymore. Here is How to store a bike in an apartment, with 10 bike storage techniques to choose from.

How To Store A Bike In An Apartment

10 Tips For Storing Your Bike In Apartment Or Small Home

1. Wall Mount Bike Hooks:

You can use wall mounts to store your bike without consuming the already limited space in your apartment. This method is best for you if you want to get your bike off the floor. You get to choose from the most variety in the market. You can choose your favorite from choices such as a simple hook, hinges, a hook, tray, or horizontal wall mounts.

2. Bike Racks:

Versatile racks can help too. There are free-standing bike racks, and they come in many different styles and materials. You can even find wall-mount racks with arms that can move up and down to accommodate specific geometry, even for bikes that difficult to store.

When installing the mount, make sure you drill it into a stud not to crash down. You must make sure to follow the instructions for flawless installation. The mount should be able to hold the bike still without making any contact with the wall. That way, tires will not leave scuff marks on your wall.

3. Balcony:

The balcony is a common bike storage area, and that is because it is perfect for the task. It houses bikes well and therefore saves you the trouble of staying with a bicycle inside the house. One of the things that make the balcony perfect for storing bicycles is that it is out of your main living area. However, if your balcony is not covered well, it can let in the rain, which can cause rust on your bike.

4. Behind Furniture:

Behind furniture can provide enough space to store a bicycle, even if it means pulling it away from the wall a bit. It can be behind a couch or a sideboard. If you have room to pull furniture out from the wall a bit without consuming too much space, do it, then squeeze in your bike. You can also do this behind a table, bed, or any other piece of furniture that is wide enough to accommodate a bicycle between it and a wall.

5. Coat Closet:

Coat closets can provide a two-in-one solution to your storage needs. You can use the same space to store your bike too. The space has to be large enough to serve both purposes, and the bike is not supposed to touch the other accessories stored in the closet.

6. Under Stairs:

Under stairs is almost as common a bike storage area as the balcony. Depending on the design of your house, you can use the space below the stairs to store a bicycle. The space is well hidden and is away from the main living area. This makes it safe for you and everyone in the house since you will not hit yourself onto it while walking around the house.

7. Mudroom:

Just like the balcony, the mudroom can be an excellent bicycle storage space. Since it is the first part of your house you access when you come home, it is strategically positioned for storing a bike. Whether you have been rained on or not, whether your bike is wet and muddy or not, it is convenient to leave the ride in the mudroom before you get into the house.

8. Metal Bicycle Sheds:

You can store your bicycle outdoors in a secure metal bike shed. It is a mid-high security storage option for families or individuals with a big collection of bicycles. Because of their large size, you can only use this method to have a large yard or space large enough to accommodate the shed. You can also build your bike shed.

9. Bicycle Pulleys:

If you have lots of vertical space in your house, you can utilize it to store bicycles. All you need to make this happen are bike pulleys. They are perfect for the task and are easy to use. A ceiling-mounted pulley system is the best for heavy bikes or any bike that is not easier to get up and down.

10. Kickstands:

These are one of the most basic bicycle storage options. They are still one of the most reliable ways to store a bike in the garage. As simple as they may seem, kickstands will keep your bike standing upright. They are even more useful to store a fully loaded bike.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Is it bad to store your bike outside?

A: It depends. If you have available space, then you can store it in a secure shed. So it is not bad to store it outside. 

Q: Is it bad to store your bike upside down?

A: It is not a great idea to store the bike upside down because it will affect the performance of the brakes. The brakes are not designed to work upside down.

Q: Is it bad to hang a bike from the wheel?

A: No. some storage methods involve handing a bike by the wheels. 

Q: Is it OK to hang a full-suspension mountain bike upside down?

A: Absolutely. Hanging it upside down will not hurt anything unless it is broken already. 

Q: Can I store a bike with hydraulic brakes upside down?

A: It is not recommended to store your bike in that position. 


A good bike storage method can be of great benefit to you in many ways. It can help you save space, utilize space that would otherwise go unutilized, protect your bike from damage, protect it from theft, or protect you from being injured by a wrongly stored bike. Whatever your reason is, or reasons are, you should choose the most appropriate storage technique. 

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