Best Mountain Bike Brakes For 2024

Having the best mountain bike brakes allow you to stop instantly or slow when you want to. Quality mountain bike brakes not only provide you with stopping power but they also help you ride faster, improve your confidence on the trail and improve control.

There are so many technological advances that have taken place in the brakes sector. Today, disc brakes have become standard for mountain bikes because of their low weight, cost and other great features.

If you want to upgrade your mountain bike brakes, I will take you through reviews and guide of top rated mountain bike brakes so that you can find the right pair to suit your personal needs.

Best Mountain Bike Brakes - Comparison




Brake style


Paul Components Paul MotoLite Brake



Caliper linear pull

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Front & Rear Bicycle Brake Set










Tektro Auriga Comp Front 160mm Brake





Best Mountain Bike Brakes -Reviews

Avid mountain bike riders understand the importance of quality brakes. You don't want to experience complications when you are on the road simply because your brakes are not functional. I found it right to research and review top 7 mountain bike brakes on your behalf. Compare the features, benefits and other aspects of these brakes and choose the best.

1. Paul Components Paul MotoLite Brake

Paul Components Paul MotoLite Brake Review

The Paul's brakes have been on the market since 1990 and they have a great record track up to date. The brakes feature stainless steel bushing to offer a larger bearing surface.

The brakes feature arms that are precision ground and CNN machined into lightweight, reliable and strong form.

Each of the cylindrical arms has a brake collar that holds the brakes pads in place. The pivots are perfectly greased to offer a smooth action. This is a quality brake with 100 percent machined in-house aluminum. It has a nice design which makes it one of the best brakes out there.

It features a quick release cable for wheel changes that work well. It has reversible arms so the cable can come either from the right or left. The cable gets to the brake through the curved noddle. The noodle is also lined with nice Teflon to provide a smooth action.

With the quick release mechanism that is simple and reliable, you can easily open up the brake anytime you want. Other features that you will enjoy when you install these brakes on your mountain bike include excellent modulation and stopping power, high stiffness, incredible braking, and solid mechanical design among others.

Important Features:

  • 6061 aluminum material
  • Quick release noodle
  • High tension square wire springs
  • Easy to adjust arm hardware

2. Shimano BR-BL-M355 Front & Rear Bicycle Brake Set

Shimano BR-BL-M355 Front & Rear Bicycle Brake Set Review

The Shimano BR-BL-M355 Hydraulic Disc brake is great for the money and provides an excellent stopping power.

Just like other Shimano disc brakes, you can expect an incredible performance from the brakes. The brakes are designed with long levers and they are pretty strong.

You should also know that the brakes feature a European style which means that the rear and the front brakes are reversible. The right brake becomes the front and the left is the rear.
Purchasing brakes that are easy to install allow you to get maximum performance.

This model is easy to fix on your mountain bike. When you get the Shimano bleed kit, then you can install them without taking much time. As compared to other disc brakes, you will find that this model works flawlessly and gives you an excellent stopping power.

The only thing that many users would wish is if the brakes would fit their mountain bike shifters well. The fact that the brake uses mineral oil instead of brake fluid makes them environment-friendly and they are not corrosive to paint. On top of that, the brakes lock well and you will get excellent customer service in case you have some queries.

Important Features:

  • Easy bleed system
  • Front and rear brakes are reversible
  • Easy to install
  • Gives your bike a solid feel
  • Proudly made in the US

3. AFTERPARTZ NV-5 G3 HS1 Bike Brake

AFTERPARTZ NV-5 G3 HS1 Bike Brake Review

This is another quality disc brake for your mountain bike that will offer unmatched performance. The brakes fit well and they are easy to install and adjust.

You do not need any professional assistance to install the brakes. If you go through the user manual, then you will have a straightforward installation.

If your current brakes squeak a lot, it is high time you replace them with this lightweight model. Not only does the brake work well but it also looks well. The high-quality brake caliper and aluminum alloy construction not only provides durability but also a superb heat dissipation.

The red copper and the resin-fiber BB5 pads boost the brake block friction area. Additionally, the bearing heats up to 650 degrees C without affecting the braking power.
I love the sturdy metal handles that are comfortable and designed to last longer.

The brakes also fit perfectly well on most bikes and many mountain bike riders love its quality. It features a brake lever for only the sets with a handle with a cold forged double bent lever blade.

Important Features:

  • 12Cr13 martensitic stainless steel
  • Cold forged double blade lever
  • Easy installation
  • Front and rear brake stainless steel PTFE coated cable
  • High quality brake calipers

4. Tektro Auriga Comp Front 160mm Brake

Tektro Auriga Comp Front 160mm Brake Review

If you are looking for mountain bike brakes packed with extra features for convenience, Tektro Auriga Comp Front 160mm.

The most outstanding feature you will note is the dual piston design that ensures your brakes are working while still giving you a durable performance.

This is made possible because of the open system design that utilizes noncorrosive mineral oil. The brakes are ideal for people who are environment conscious because it is environmentally-friendly. You will also love the melt forged caliper body that features automatic positioning through the front and rear adapters.

For easy removal, the brakes are designed with a reversible lever design with a two-piece bracket which makes your work easier. Installing the brakes doesn't require any special skills. Set up the front and rear adapter, then attach the brake system to the front or back wheel and you are ready to hit the road.

Apart from the brakes, you will also get other items in the package which include hose, mounting hardware, factory blend caliper, and wave type rotor. With its simple installation process, anybody can fix the brakes with ease even if you have never done it before.

Important Features:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Non corrosive material
  • Mineral oil lubrication
  • Easy removal
  • Reversible lever design

5Ztto Front Rear Pair Set Bike Brake for Two Wheels

Ztto Front Rear Pair Set Bike Brake for Two Wheels Review

After using your mountain bike for some years, you will need to upgrade some parts like the brakes, wheels, and others to get an optimal performance.

Old brakes can ruin your rides not to mention how annoying you feel when they start squeaking.

This is when you need to look for high-quality mountain bike brakes to get smooth rides and reliable stopping. The Bike V-Brake is ideal for mountain bikes and folding bikes because they are easy to use and provide a smooth operation. The brakes feature V design and they have an arch size of 107mm.

They come as a set for the front and back wheel and installation is easier than you expect. If you are looking for inexpensive brakes for your bike, I would highly recommend the brakes.
When it comes to the construction, you can expect a quality craftsmanship. The brakes are made of alloy and plastic material that make them durable.

Important Features:

  • Front and rear bike brakes
  • 107mm arch size
  • Alloy and plastic material
  • V-brakes for the two wheels
  • Easy installation

6. Sunlite 73 - 91mm Cruiser/MX Brake Set

Sunlite 73 - 91mm Cruiser/MX Brake Set Review

If you want to buy a set of brakes for your mountain bike, the Sunlite CruiserMX Brake Set is a nice option.

The brakes work well and installation is simple. In as much as many users find the brake pads weak, the brakes are worth your purchase.

The standard side pull repair brakes are available in steel and alloy. You can choose the right material depending on your preference. The brakes are good for the price and they work well just as advertised.

Ease of installation is an important factor to consider when replacing mountain bike brakes. If the installation is complicated, then you might find it hard to enjoy the product and maintain it the right way. This is why the brakes fit with no issues. Moreover, you will get instructions to make installation simple.

Important Features:

  • Comes in steel or alloy
  • Standards side pull repair brakes
  • 65-90mm reach
  • Front and rear set

7. InsReve NV-5 HS1 Mountain Bicycle Bike

InsReve NV-5 HS1 Mountain Bicycle Bike Review

Upgrade the performance of your bike with the Disc Brake Kit InsReve NV-5 HS1 mountain bike mechanical brakes. They are ideal disc brake sets for front and rear.

The brakes feature a 3D full-angle clip mount that ensures the brake block position stays accurate.

They provide a strong braking force and a comfortable feel meaning that you will be safer when riding your mountain bike. Additionally, they improve the general looks of your bike.
You can enjoy the best performance regardless of the weather condition.

Unlike other cheap brakes, you will not hear irritating brake sound because impurities and other sediments are discharged quickly. The brakes have a low noise, good wear resistance, fast cooling and work well even during harsh weather conditions. As compared to other competitors, these brakes are waterproof, dustproof and feature a fully sealed clip.

For easy installation and adjustment, the brakes are double sided and have a universal gasket. In regards to quality, you have no worries because they pass the Germany TUV and SGS quality testing certification. It is important to note that the kit will fit front and rear 140,160 and 180mm caliper adapter.

Important Features:

  • Fully sealed clip
  • 3D full angle clip mount
  • Good wear resistance
  • Strong braking force

Mountain Bike Brakes - Buying Guide

Even after checking out the models reviewed above, it is great if you also know how to pick the right brakes for your mountain bike. The following are some important things that will help you make a wise decision.

Front And Rear Usability:

There are two important things that will determine the type of brakes that you need for your mountain bike. This includes your riding frequency and the terrain you will be riding. You can get a set of brakes that allow you to install the brakes on the front and back wheel. You can also get other models suited for either front or rear. It is important if you determine whether you need rear brake, front brakes or both.

Type Of Brakes:

There are two types of disc brakes which include hydraulic and mechanical brakes. Each of these brake types has their own advantages. The most popular one among many riders is hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic brakes work the same way as a car or motorcycle brakes. They are fast, good modulation and they are reliable. The only disadvantage of these brakes is that they are expensive and complex. They need professional installation.

On the other hand, mechanical brakes are cheap, heavy and easy to fix. They work like traditional v brakes through mechanical tension. Mechanical brakes require frequent cleaning and maintenance. You also need to replace them when they get stretched.


We all have different level of skills when it comes to bike assembly. Before you purchase mountain bike brakes, consider the installation process. You do not want to end up with brakes that will be hard to install. There many models on the market like the ones covered in this article that comes with features for easy installation.

Other Considerations:

  • Modulation
  • Component compatibility
  • Style and durability
  • Brake pads
  • Cable length

Final Word:

Apart from providing you with stopping power, mountain bike brakes also boost the lifespan of your bike. The right MTB brakes will lead to safe rides and make your bike look stylish. If you want to upgrade the current brakes of your mountain bike, any of these brakes reviewed above will be worth your investment. The brakes have been tested and they operate smoothly.

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