5 Best Upright Exercise Bikes With Buying Guide For 2024

Bike ridingcan help burn fats, stay in good shape, and build your strength. If you are worried about extreme weather when riding outdoors, you can invest in the best upright exercise bike and workout from home. Upright bikes advance your fitness level, and they also engage the same muscles when riding your bike outdoors.

With an upright bike, it is easier to achieve consistent workouts because it keeps you in the same body position. Additionally, upright bikes workout your abdominal muscles and give you an effective arm and upper body workout. You will also like their small footprint, which makes them ideal for a home gym.

Choosing an upright bike can be an overwhelming experience because of the numerous options available. You have to contemplate the top features that contribute to a quality upright bike. Our reviews focus on excellent upright bikes that are safer to use and deliver the best indoor workout. I will scrutinize them in detail to help you know which upright bike will provide comfortable workouts.

What Is Upright Exercise Bike?

An upright bike resembles a regular road bike, so you have to maintain an upright position holding the handlebars as you exercise. The pedals of an upright bike are under your body. The upright design of the bike makes them versatile than recumbent bikes.

For instance, you can opt to pedal when you are standing or sitting to get varied workouts. Upright bikes come at affordable prices, and they don't take much space. Many of them feature a foldable design for convenient storage.

With an upright bike, you will enjoy effective cardio workouts to strengthen your core muscles and legs.

The center of gravity is higher in upright bikes than recumbent bikes, so they might be less stable for some users. Another weakness of the bike is the upright posture exerts pressure on your wrists and hands. Additionally, their seats can be uncomfortable for long workouts.

Benefits Of Upright Exercise Bike

Upright bikes are beneficial in many ways. These machines come at lower prices hence great if you are on a budget. Below are some of the ways you will benefit from an upright bike.

  • They are great for anaerobic and aerobic exercises to keep your muscles strong.
  • It helps you boost your stamina, improve your workouts, and burn calories.
  • Upright bikes can help you burn body fats and lose weight.
  • They provide low impact workouts, and they are safe compared to road cycling.
  • The bikes distribute your weight evenly, so you will be stable no matter how much energy you use.
  • Riding an upright bike is advantageous because you will not experience weather condition restraints.
  • They allow interval training to boost your cardio fitness.

5 Best Upright Exercise Bikes - Comparisons

Recommended Best Upright Exercise Bikes Reviews

Working out with an upright bike is stress-free because there is no concern for dangers, traffic, bad weather, or pedestrians. You can get an effective full-body workout if you choose an upright bike wisely. Check this list of upright bikes recommended by our experts.

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Review

Need a foldable and affordable upright bike to help you achieve your fitness goals? The Exerpeutic bike is here for you.

This bike is great for heavy-weight users since it can accommodate up to 300 pounds. It has convenient leg stabilizers, so you don't expect any movement or tipping when you are working out.

The bike provides comfy and real workouts to keep you healthy and fit. You will also love the following aspects of this upright bike.

Useful LCD Display:

When you are working on it, it is great if you know how you are performing. It will inspire you to exercise and achieve your goals. The included LCD shows you crucial workout parameters like your heart rate, distance, scan, speed, and time. All these details will help you keep track of your workouts.

Large And Adjustable Seat Cushion:

Working out on an uncomfortable bike seat can be a frustrating experience. This can prevent you from spending more time on the bike if the seat is not comfortable. Luckily, this upright bike features a larger seat cushion that is adjustable to fit riders of all sizes. You can make adjustments to fit users up to 5ft 3-inch to 6ft 1-inch.

Effective Magnetic Tension System:

You will enjoy up to 8 magnetic levels of resistance to challenge your workouts. Depending on your strength, it is easy for you to choose the ideal resistance if you want to engage in challenging workouts. It is great to begin from the low resistance and then increase the resistance gradually.

Foldable And Space-saving Design:

This upright bike has a unique design that makes it easy to get on and off. As a result, you will enjoy the most comfortable workouts. When you are done training, you can fold the bike into a compact size for storage. The smaller footprint of the bike and its folding design make transportation and storage easy. Additionally, it included transport wheels for easy movement. 

Highlighted Features

  • Packed with a 3-piece crank system to offer smooth pedaling motion
  • Hand pulse sensors to monitor your aimed heart rate zone
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance allow you to challenge your workouts
  • Stable enough to accommodate up to 300 pounds users
  • Foldable design and transport wheel make storage a bliss


  • The bike is comfortable to ride and provides consistent workouts
  • You can easily see your workout information on the LCD display
  • It provides quiet use so you can watch TV when working out
  • Safe to use because it has a large pedal design
  • Large seat to fit all people 


  • Great upright bike, but the pedals are made of cheap plastic
  • The rubbers straps of the bike also feel cheaply made
  • It is not a good option for short people

2. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review

Enjoy cycling benefits from the comfort of your home with the Schwinn upright bike.

The bike is designed to provide comfortable rides, and you will get plenty of cardio workouts you can choose from. 

Its footprint is smaller, so you don't need plenty of storage space. The bike also has fantastic features that will help you achieve your workout goals.

Bluetooth Connectivity And LCD Display:

This upright bike features Bluetooth connectivity technology to allow you to track your progress with your favorite apps. You can easily track your workouts with this bike and learn more about your speed, heart rate, pace, time, calories, and distance. Additionally, the console features backlit LCD screens that show 29 workout programs.

Comfortable Padded Seat:

You can spend more hours on the bike without feeling uncomfortable since the bike has a comfortable seat. The seat is designed with a post to give room for easy exchange with almost any clamp. So, if you would like to upgrade the seat to your favorite model, you can do that without trouble.

Explore The World App:

This bike takes your indoor cycling to a higher level. This app gives you the chance to put yourself in a virtual world when you can enjoy spectacular trails. If you would like to get more, you can explore more if you have the World app subscription. 

Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity makes tracking your progress with other apps easier
  • Explore the world app helps you immerse yourself in stunning trails
  • Contact heart rate sensors feature an ergonomic design
  • Pedals are oversized to accommodate all types of users 


  • It has a padded seat to make your rides comfy
  • The bike is sturdy and provides quiet rides
  • Small design makes it take less space 
  • You have plenty of workout programs to choose from
  • The bike has a nice display and USB port
  • You will enjoy the best quality considering the price 


  • It might need technical skills to assemble
  • Pedaling resistance problems

3. ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Folding Magnetic Upright Bike Review

Working out from home gives you confidence, and you have the freedom to train at any time. With this indoor bike, you will enjoy quiet and smooth rides at home.

The bike is easily adjustable to meet your needs. Moreover, it has a table bracket so you can enjoy watching when you are cycling.

Adjustable Resistance And Seat:

You will enjoy up to 8 magnetic resistance levels with the bike. Therefore, you can decide the right resistance that suits you. The seat features a connector screw to allow easy adjustments. This makes the bike provide the right fit for an amazing cycling experience.

Transport Wheels And Foot Pedals:

Upright bikes with no transport wheels are hard to carry, especially if you have to lift them. Fair enough, this one has appropriate transport wheels to ease your transportation. You can work out at any favorite place in your house without having trouble moving the bike.

The foot straps secure your feet so you can pay more attention to your workouts without minding your safety. Additionally, the bike features a stable x-type frame design, so your safety is well taken care of.

Hand Pulse Sensors:

If you would love to monitor your heart rate during a workout, this bike is equipped with hand pulse sensors. It takes the measurements of your pulse rate to help you maintain the targeted heart rate. 

Highlighted Features

  • A sturdy bike that can hold up to 300lbs weight capacity
  • It includes transport wheels for easy movement
  • Large seat featuring a versatile cushion for comfort
  • Convenient folding design for stress-free storage
  • LCD display features pulse and it is easy to read


  • The upright bike provides great workouts
  • Amazing indoor bike for the price
  • Foot straps provide balanced cycling
  • No need for lifting since it has transport wheels
  • Great cardio upright bike for men and women
  • The seat is large to accommodate everyone


  • It produces a clicking sound, and the seat is a bit hard

4. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708 Review

Enjoy effective aerobic workouts at home with this exercise cycle. You can keep fit without the need to pay gym membership fees.

This bike features a quality design to give you many years of workouts. It will also maintain its good new look since its structure is scratch resistant. You can adjust the bike to fit users of all body types.

Durable Steel Construction:

Unlike other upright bikes, this one features a premium quality construction for durability. Its 14-gauge steel tubing makes the bike strong and stable enough to hold even heavy users. Moreover, it has a powder coating finish that completes the design of the bike. Therefore, if you need smoothing durable, this is the right bike for you.

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance:

A good exercise bike should give you the chance to vary your workouts to get the best from your training. You will enjoy smooth and adjustable resistance with this bike; hence great for fitness fanatics. Regardless of your skill level, you can choose any 8 levels of resistance to suit your fitness goals.

Ergonomic Counterbalanced Pedals:

You should also consider the pedals when buying an upright bike because they contribute to safety and smooth riding. This bike has counterbalanced pedals that provide your foot with maximum support for safe workouts. Additionally, you will find adjustable foot straps that give your fit the required fit.

Functional Console:

We all want to know how we are progressing when cycling, don't you? That is why this console comes in handy. You can read your workout parameters on the LCD display that shows large numbers to improve readability.

Highlighted Features

  • The seat has adjustable settings for tall and short riders
  • Pedals feature straps to keep your feet secure and comfortable
  • Adjustable tension control help you alter your riding intensity
  • Computer screen with a large display easy to read


  • Provides smooth rides and comfortable fit
  • It has manual and magnetic resistance
  • The bike has a comfortable seat
  • Sturdy frame makes it durable
  • You will enjoy great cardio exercises
  • It has a compact size to suit small apartments 


  • You need a cushioned seat for extensive workouts
  • The customer service is wanting 

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Endurance Zone Upright Bike - SF-B2956

Sunny Health & Fitness Endurance Zone Upright Bike - SF-B2956 Review

This is a fantastic bike for workout enthusiasts who want to get long-lasting comfort.

The bike features a large and cushioned seat with textured pedals to boost your comfort. Additionally, you can adjust the seat to meet your comfort requirements.

Unlike other upright bikes, this one features a belt drive mechanism to make your rides smoother and consistent.

Easy To Customize:

Having a workout bike that you can customize to meet your needs is great to tailor your needs for maximum comfort. This bike features an easy to adjust the seat to suit all riders. Additionally, the leg inseam range is wide and ranges from 27-39 inches to hold all riders.

Durability And Stability:

When buying a home workout bike, you need something durable and stable. The Sunny bike features a durable frame that can endure workouts. This robust frame can hold users up to 256lb. In regards to stability, the bike is equipped with floor stabilizers to give you unmatched stability. The pedals also have comfortable straps so you can be safe throughout your workouts.

Magnetic Resistance:

Challenging your workouts is recommended if you want to achieve your fitness goals. The magnetic resistance of the bike allows you to vary your workouts with the tension dial. You can cycle changing the eight levels of magnetic resistance according to your ability. This bike also provides quiet operation, thanks to the belt drive system. Therefore, you can train in shared rooms, living spaces, or bedrooms without annoying people around you.

Digital Monitor:

The included monitor is easy to read, and it displays accurate information regarding your workouts. You can track your time, pulse, rpm, calories burned, distance, and speed. Additionally, you can access the camera, recovery mode functions, clock, BMI, and temperature.

Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with a seat adjustable in 4 ways
  • Efficient 8 level adjustable magnetic resistance
  • It has transport wheels and self-leveling pedals
  • Convenient digital monitor and device holder
  • Heavy-duty frame provides durable use  


  • Includes transport wheels for easy movement
  • The bike has a comfortable seat 
  • Straps on the pedals make the bike safe to ride
  • You can watch your workout videos with the built-in tablet holder
  • Easy to change the resistance levels
  • The monitor of the bike is multi-functional


  • Poor customer service

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Upright Exercise Bikes

Before you invest in an upright bike, you need to do your math well. Don't just buy any bike without proper knowledge. Some distinguishing factors will help you make an appropriate choice. Consider these buying tips below to choose intelligently. 

Adjustable Seat And Handlebars:

A good upright bike should have an adjustable seat to fit your body well. You can adjust the seat properly to target your muscles when you ride. As a result, you will enjoy effective workouts.

Also, the handlebars of your upright bike should be adjustable for customized workouts. I would recommend an upright bike with multi-position handlebars. This makes it easy to pedal when you are sitting upright, and your workouts will be better.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

If you need to make your workouts successful, you should reach your targeted heart rate. To achieve this, it is good to consider a bike with a heart rate monitor. This will contribute to effective workouts.

Resistance Levels:

Go for a bike that provides many resistance levels to vary your workouts. An upright bike that provides 8-16 resistance levels is great since you can choose to increase or decrease the resistance level. Furthermore, if you would love to enjoy a smooth transition between the resistance levels, get a bike with up to 32 resistance levels.

Space Available:

Before you buy an upright bike, think about the space you have. These bikes come in varying sizes. If you are a small apartment dweller, consider a small footprint so that it can fit in your house. Additionally, you can buy a foldable upright bike to make storage hassle-free. Conversely, if you have plenty of space, then don't limit yourself; get a large bike.


You cannot overlook the comfort when buying an upright bike. The bike seat needs to be comfortable enough to encourage you to work out for longer hours. If the seat is too hard, then you will experience pain and numbness in your legs. Get a bike with padded and well-cushioned seats to maximize your riding comfort.

Stability And Weight:

I'm sure you don't want a bike that keeps shifting when you work out. Such a bike is not only unsafe, but it can produce noise. When you are pedaling, the bike is not supposed to move. That is how you will determine its stability. Additionally, consider the weight of the bike, a higher weight translates to a stable bike.


Think about the safety of the bike, especially if you have kids at home. Many accidents result from exercise bikes, injuring many children. Ensure the bike's essential components like the flywheel and the chain have a cover such that kids don't stick their hands or fingers.


Does the bike have a display easy to read? This is an essential factor that will help you get information regarding your workouts. A good display system should indicate various parameters like distance, heart rate, time, speed, calories burned, and rpm.

User Weight:

Different upright bikes feature weight limitations for users. Therefore, you should get the right bike that can accommodate your overall weight. A bike above your weight is better. Again, heavier bikes are stable, although their cost will be high.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: Is an upright exercise bike better?

A: Yes, it is. These bikes provide excellent cardio workouts. Additionally, they strengthen your core and leg muscles. You can also choose to use a bike when sitting or standing. The only concern is that the upright posture can exert pressure on your hands.

Q: What is better upright or recumbent exercise bike?

A: It depends on your riding style. An upright bike has a small seat, so many users can find it uncomfortable. A recumbent bike promotes good spinal posture, and it is safer to use since you can't pedal while standing. 

Q: Can you stand up on an upright exercise bike?

A: Most upright bikes do not allow you to stand up. Instead, they feature wider and padded seats to promote a comfortable sitting posture.

Q: Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

A: Engaging in high-intensity workouts will help build strength, which leads to burning fats. If you combine indoor cycling with a low-calorie diet, it will be easy to burn body fats.

Q: Is an Upright exercise bike an excellent way to lose weight?

A: Stationary bikes provide a great way to burn body fats and calories. Additionally, they strengthen your muscles. Lungs and heart compared to other workout equipment.

Q: What Muscles does an Upright Bike Work?

A: Using an upright bike engages different muscles like quadriceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings, and your core back. If the bike has handles, it will engage your shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

Final Verdict

You don't necessarily have to visit the gym to keep your body fit. With the best upright exercise bikes, you can enjoy practical training from your home's comfort. Upright bikes are great for both upper and lower body workouts. The bikes provide efficient performance, and you can work out at any convenient time.

If you were experiencing a hard time choosing a suitable upright bike for home workouts, I have recommended some top bikes from reputable brands. Each of the bikes is unique in its way, and I hope you will know which suits you best after comparing them all.

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