Mountain Bike Camping – 5 Tips You Should Follow

Mountain bike camping is an amazing two-wheel adventure for cycling enthusiasts. Not only do you cover longer distances but also access trails inaccessible by a vehicle.

Additionally, you are guaranteed beautiful adventures. Bike camping is environmentally-friendly. You will forgo comfort or car camping, but in the end, it's a rewarding and enjoyable activity.

Unfortunately, if you don't prepare well and gather the right equipment, you can ruin your trip. We have made this guide to share some mountain bike camping tips you should follow. You will also learn about some great places for mountain bike camping in the USA.

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5 Essential Tips You Should Follow

If you are interested in mountain bike camping, there are a few essential tips that you should follow. Read on to find more.

1. Choose The Right Mountain Bike:

The type of bike you choose makes a great difference in your camping experience. Get a lightweight bike that you can maneuver easily for fun riding. Additionally, it should be sturdy enough to work on the terrain you will ride. Select a quality bike deepening on the terrain you want to ride.

2. Reliable Camping Equipment:

Before you saddle out, it is essential to ensure you have the right camping equipment. Purchasing camping gear can be expensive. However, if you intend to camp for years to come, it is great to invest in equipment that will last. 

You should also learn to pack wisely. Decide on the things you want to carry. Of course, you can leave your tent, food, and clothing. Find a thoughtful way of packing these essentials and ensure you pack light.

3. Plan Ahead:

You can save a lot of time if you plan your bike camping trip. Know more about the weather or the terrain you should expect. Additionally, find out more details about the place you plan to visit. Are there mosquitoes, thorns, or burning sun? If you know all this information before, then you will pack accordingly.

4. Prep Meals:

You need to give your body fuel to enjoy your bike camping experience. Therefore, carry food that doesn't go sour easily, and it should be packable. If you plan to cook on your campsite, pre-cut or pre-cook your food and pack it in a plastic bag. This will save you more time when cooking.

5. Relax:

At first, riding your bike might not seem interesting. This should not ruin your experience. Pack your essentials and hit the road for wonderful adventures. 

10 Great Place In The USA For Mountain Bike Camping:

Mountain bike camping is gaining popularity in the United States. You can enjoy scenic trips to these great places in the USA.

1. Eagle:

This is an amazing place for mountain bike campers. You can access over 100 well-maintained trails. This trail features ample networks to ensure you enjoy your rides. You will find rollers, bumps, and other great features to help you build your riding confidence for beginners. 

2. Ridgway:

This is another place purposely made for mountain bikers. The place is perfectly marked and suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. You will also enjoy various trails for short rides and day-long bike excursions.

3. Moab:

The place features a red-rock landscape, and you will appreciate your biking trip. It has trails systems that are intermediate-friendly, and they all connect. This place has many scenic views, and you can ride any time of the year. However, spring and fall provide comfortable temperatures.

4. Crested Butte:

The place attracts riders from all over the world. There are over 700 miles of singletracks that provide quality rides. Recently they introduced beginner-friendly trails for mountain bikers who want to improve their riding skills.

5. Gunnison:

Expert riders will enjoy a wide range of slickrock features and other technical options. There are also challenging trails best suitable for advanced and intermediate riders. Most of the trails in this area are some miles, so you need to think about connecting to various trails for longer rides.

6. Buffalo Creek:

This place is suitable for intermediates. It features flowy trails, rocky and thick pines that make your mountain biking experience.

7. Sun Valley:

It features over 400 miles of singletrack, and it is one of the best riding destinations. You can enjoy fast and smooth trails within a 10-mile radius. As you ride further, the trains become rockier and a bit technical.

8. Harrisonburg:

The place has well-maintained mountain bike trails. There are approximately 500 miles of various trails that weave around the town. The place is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced mountain bike riders.

9. Bend:

The place provides more than 300 miles of easy to access trails. You will also get other 700 miles trails in a 90-minute drive. The west side features trees and Deschutes river hence making the place feel smaller.

10. Downieville:

The area has over 500 miles of trails. The trail network suits riders of all skill levels. Most of the terrain in this place is rugged, steep, and challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: How do I keep my bike safe while camping?

A: You can keep your bike safe while camping by locking it. Also, ensure it is close to your tent. You can choose it close to a strategic tent peg such that when a person takes it, the tent will rustle and wake you up.

Q: Can I damage my bike by hanging it by the wheel?

A: If you hang your bike on the wheel, you exert too much pressure on the rim. This can cause damages with time. The wheel also strains since it bears the entire weight of the bike. 

Q: What essential items should you carry when camping?

A: You need essential camping items like food, personal effects, water, wet wipes, tent, wood, batteries, and much more.

Q: How should I pack a tent on my bike?

A: One of the simplest ways to do that is by using two straps. Wrap both sides on each side of the handlebars. Next, secure your tent on the bars, and you are good to go. 


Mountain bike camping is one of the top outdoor activities you should keep top of your bucket list. We have given you the essential tips that will make your trip successful and enjoyable. We have also included amazing places in the US to visit for the most scenic mountain bike rides.

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