How To Put A Motor On A Mountain Bike (Simple 10 Steps)

Adding a motor on a mountain bike makes it alive, makes it faster, and enable us to go anywhere we want to go. But setting it up quite accurately requires a little bit of understanding and real-world experience to meet the goal.

So if you want to know how to put a motor on a mountain bike that genuinely works, then this instructional lesson you guide you step by step word by word and show you how you can set up it and feel like mechanics.

As you know, there are so many reasons we want to build a motorized mountain bike. It can be better speed; it can be to ride on the big hill, also when you are tired.

Some people like it because it's a little car the cheapest way. Others like it because it's safe. I don't exactly what you want to accomplish and why you are planning to motorize your bike. But when you are ultimately determined to do this, just read it and immediately discover your way!!!

How To Put A Motor On A Mountain Bike

The Best Way To Motorize Your Personal Mountain Bike

Before we get started some of the practical knowledge, you must follow to maintain the overall process. Remember, the more you know what you are going to set up, the easier it will be for you to set up it correctly.

And when it comes to motorizing a mountain bike without experience. It naturally requires some conceptual knowledge that automatically allows everyone to effortlessly put a motor on a mountain bike that saves time, money, and energy combined. Now be prepared and make it happen as quickly as possible.

Understand The Balance Between Two:

At the very primary step, we like to suggest this because, throughout the experience, we found. People plan to upgrade their bikes but do not concern about the balance between two.

If your bike and motor are unable to adjust to each other, then everything you do fails to give you the outcome you need.

Because of the motor installation, the demands of people expand to the next level. But if the body is unable to fit with the motor. Then you are buying frustration with boredom.

So mechanically speaking, do not be excited too much to use any motor with the bike. Find that mostly meet your criteria and exactly fit with the bike then go with it.

Understand What To Do:

Before you start the journey, you must know what you might be going to accomplish.

Because practically there are multiple mechanism and process are directly involved with installing the motor on a mountain bike. And when you know the perfect roadmap and how to set it up well. End of the work, you will give yourself; thanks for what you did quickly.

The biggest mistake most so many bikers unconsciously make. They buy the poor quality bike and motor, and finally, that doesn't join along together to ride well.

So try to take something sturdy and heavy-duty bike and a motor that gives outstanding experience. With it, you must consider the standard engine from a prominent brand.

You probably already see so many companies are promising the quality motor, but after buying, it doesn't adjust with the bike properly. As a result, money wasted, time wasted, and the frustration comes along.

So before doing anything, make sure your bike and motor are good quality and flexible enough work to fulfill your needs.

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Prepare Your Bike For Motorized:

After installing the motor on your bike, it's obvious it will run faster. So as you want something faster and smarter, then you need to prepare it risks free manner. 

Because while you have a motorized bike. You may surely want it to provide you better run than before.

For your particular reason, prepare the bike for installing process. And remember it will be a little bit heavier than now.

Because the weight of the motor will be part of the bike, and you may not be able to carry it very easily and quickly every time you want.

Some people use the lightweight motor for personalize bike. And others like to match the whitewalls by using seat spring and powder-coated bars. I want you to choose what makes more sense to you.

What Are The Best Motor Kit To Put On Your Mountain Bike

Note that we have listed these motorized bike kits based on practical checking, interview with some users who are using the motor on their mountain bike and with bike mechanics. This is a list of the best motor bike kits that you can use on your mountain bike. Also these kits are easy to install, very reliable and the price is affordable.

Set Up Your Motor:

There is some very well made motor you will find on the market like BROSE, BOSC, YAMAHA PW, etc. And every one of the engines carries extraordinary power in itself to give your identical ride.

Therefore several components are attached with a motor like Cylinder, Gasoline Engine, ignition, low noise, low vibration, spark plug, etc. And when you install the motor on your bike, you have to work with those thoroughly.

It may feel so many things to attach and quite hard and technical. Relax, my friend! The more you start understanding the tools, the better you learn which parts you need for where to set up.

So the one most crucial thing I invite you to remember to take your motor from the reliable place and check everything out and see the manufacturer send the total package to you together. Otherwise, you may not be able to set up your motor accurately. Or while installing the engine, you would find you missed something that required to adjust.

So be prepared all the way while you are taking your motor to avoid the risk.

Give A Test On Your Bike:

Before going to the final setup, give the motor a test to check it's matched with the bike ideally. Because if you set you the motor and find out, it doesn't match perfectly, then it makes your job lot harder. That why giving test run is genuinely helpful for so many reasons. And it allows you to modify the machine as much as you need for the perfect match.

Think for a moment when you are installing the motor; it's a quite stressful job, and you don't need to do it again and again. And you must secure your motor as well as time to put it on nicely.

Now Attach Your Rear Sprocket:

Sprocket is one of the most important parts to pay attention to. It's directly connected with the motor and its primary drive gear for your back wheel.

Because when mounted, it must keep the distance from wheel all around. When the wheel spins thoroughly, it automatically forces the chain at the operation time. Now try to remember it doesn't allow any wobble for any reason at all.

It looks like a quite blind measurement, but it really useful to understand for motor installation.

Time To Hook Up The Chain:

The drive chain designed to carries the proper power of the engine and bypass it directly to the rear wheel. It seems like a quite heavy workload, but it helps drive the train so quickly.

But if it fails for whatever reason anyway, then you may fall in danger. So you have to make sure everything set up correctly. Because this way, you may go a few millimeters, but your chain will stay on the danger that you never wanted to.

And here you would able to understand your motor if it fit with the bike or not.

Fundamentally, while your chain is unable to connect the outs, you are entirely risk-free. But having a beach cruiser frame keeps you safe only need to identify where the metal matches well.

QUICK NOTE: Remember, When you are buying the motor kit, you may not be able to get the very best quality from suppliers. And sometimes, it’s quite risky to buy any of the machines without proper understanding. People have both experiences, and you must care about your safety.

Now Join Everything Together:

When you got the drive train connected, this is the exact time to join everything else together. Now run the fuel line, connect the carbs, finally hocked up your clutch and your throttle mechanism. Undoubtedly all those sequences are equally important, but if you forget to set up any of those, then this will be the biggest mistake. The things you can do to run the weather-strip on wiring. It helps!

Now Get Ready To Ride:

When you have done the previous steps, you are now your way to ride your mountain bike with the motorize structure.

Some people may ask you how you did that.

Isn't it feel so great to set your bike to motorize way to go the extra mile and experience the faster journey! It fell awesome.


If you would follow the steps, we packed here. Then it's obvious you may get your bike to motorize on your hand.

Some people get overwhelmed, get confused about watching so many ways, and end of the day get frustrated and end up with trying nothing.

Because of the instruction you got here, there is no chance to make a mistake. Maybe you are riding a mountain bike for a long time. Perhaps you are a pro biker or an amateur.
But when you completed the steps, we guided here. Then it's doesn't matter any of those at all. And you practically learn how to put a motor on a mountain bike to ride well at your own pace.

And remember if anything you feel it requires to understand it more. Just reread it. Then you will have the conscious knowledge to do it precisely the same.  

Happy riding!!!

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