Why You Should Buy An Electric Bike -10 Reason You Should Know!

There are so many reasons why you should invest in an electric bike, from environmental factors to the cost. Those are all the obvious ones, but have you thought of all the technical details?

The mechanics can also offer a multitude of advantages not to mention for your health as well. Most avid e-bike riders end up seeing an improvement in their cardiovascular health while then strengthen their muscles. Let’s discuss all the reasons why you should buy an electric bike.

Why You Should Buy An Electric Bike

1. Long-Term Health Benefits:

Since we were on the health train, we figured we’d continue with it as our first point. With so many people leading sedentary lives nowadays, we all could use more exercise.

There are claims that riding an e-bike has similar benefits to riding a regular bike. Yes, you are assisted on an e-bike but exercise is still exercise. This may also be a personal opinion, but knowing that I’ll get some help when I’m tired sure adds more incentive to get off my hiney.

2. Don’t Forget About Your Mental Health:

Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other, so it’s also an added bonus that e-biking will also do wonders on your mental health.

Exercising releases endorphins, and we know what that does. A change of scenery and a breath of fresh air can also do wonders to your mental state. Taking a break from the monotony of everyday life and going for a bike ride could be just what you need to increase productivity.

3. Cutting Back On Expenses:

This is a huge one for many people, and for good reason. Statistics show that a lot of Americans aren’t saving much and a large part of the country is in debt. Being able to save a bit on your transportation costs could go a long way for many.

Gas and oil have experienced a significant hike in many countries (ahem Canada), and being able to save some dollars and cents at the end of the month sure sounds nice.

You may not notice the difference right away, but in the long run the differences are quite apparent. Yes, e-bikes do have batteries but they are much more affordable per charge and can go a long way (depending on you level of assistance).

4. They Are Eco-friendly:

One of the biggest selling points of the e-bike is their eco-friendly design. We’re continuously warned year by year about our impending doom due to climate change. Why not do our part and lend a hand by abolishing motor vehicles?

Of course e-bikes have lower emissions and use up less energy, which are both contributing factors to a better world for our next generation and the life on this planet now.

5. They May be the Future of Transportation:

Everything is turning electric and energy-efficient (looking at you Tesla). Maybe even your stove has upgraded from the gas models to better performing electric ones.

Imagine where the big brains of tech can take the electric bicycle if more people take to the design? Soon you may be looking at sleeker models with carbon fiber frames that hover!

Asian countries have some of the highest population density in the world, which is the reason for scooters, motorcycles and bicycles that are prevalent in their society. In turn, the emissions rise and the air quality plummets. To counteract this, many Southeast Asian countries have taken the lead in adopting and integrating the e-bike. This proves that the electric bike may have a very promising future.

6. There are So Many Designs And Customization Options:

E-bikes are improving year by year with newer models rendering old ones obsolete. If you purchase one online, there are long lists of features to include and exclude, giving you the tools to build the bike of your dreams.

We all have different needs. Some of us might value our time and look for bikes that have a higher speed limit so we can get to and from a place in record time. If you are just looking for a tool to cruise around the neighborhood, then something with a max of 20 mph could be enough.

Know what you need and go for it!

7. The Affordability:

As price and savings were a part of our argument, we figured we’d continue down that road. E-bikes are no match for the high price point of cars. Plenty of people in the city have opted for public transportation not for the convenience, but for the cost of owning your own vehicle.

They do outrank bikes in terms of cost, but the versatility that comes with them make the higher price point worth it. They are also easily accessible in most countries. Since they are still considered a bicycle, you don’t necessarily need to take a road test or obtain any registrations.

If you are looking for a nonelectric bike then you may read our popular review of best road bikes under $500 & best mountain bikes under $500.

8. Convenience:

It can really suck to have to wait for a bus or splurge money on taxis or Uber. Having to wait out in the cold and not being able to go straight home after a long day can definitely take a toll on you.

Owning an electric bike allows for easy parking, so no more looking and fighting for parking spots and paying insurance. They also offer pedal assistance, which could save you from having to change out of your exercise clothes before work and arriving all sweaty to an event.

Road rage is something that plagues many of us, and now you can easily bypass that by maneuvering easily through traffic and getting past all those lights.

9. It’s Just Plain Fun!

It’s a fun bonding activity the whole family can enjoy! If someone in your family or your significant other is an e-bike enthusiast, this is another thing you can both strengthen your relationship over. Let the endorphins flow, e-bikes just make everything better in your life.

10. They’re For Everyone:

They are inclusive of everyone! Biking up and downhill can be hard on joints, which would be tough for older folks. Having a pedal assist will guarantee an easier time for aches and pains. Even for younger people, sitting and riding can give you a bunch of aches and sores the next day, but pedal assists greatly decrease that potential.

It’s just like riding a bike (quite literally), if you know how to ride a bike, you’ll do well on an e-bike. What’s more, if you are already very attached to your existing bike, you can convert it into an e-bike easily with a kit purchased online.


There is nothing stopping you from purchasing an e-bike right after you finish this article. There are a lot of great options without breaking the bank, as you can see in this review of the top electric bikes under 1000 dollars. Since no license or registration is needed, they are easily obtainable.

To better the environment, many countries are financing the bikes and adapting them to society as a form of public transportation. E-bikes don’t go very fast, but even so the proper safety precautions need to be taken.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a sturdy helmet, especially for those that aren’t great at bike riding. The advantages of having an e-bike almost definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Do your part for the environment and save a few bucks while you’re at it.

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