How To Remove Coaster Brake In 8 Easy To Follow Steps

Many bikes come with coaster brakes for extra braking power. Bikes that have a higher speed need excessive pressure to halt, and that's why you cannot rely only on hand brakes. Coaster brakes provide a kind of reinforcement for your bike when speeding.

So, what are the coaster brakes, and where are they located? A coaster brake is an internal braking method in single-speed bicycles that need backward pedaling for activation. 

The coaster brake is located in the rear wheel hub that attaches to the driver and the bicycle chain. This design allows you to move without the need for pedaling and gives you extra security freely.

Although the coaster brake has several benefits, they come with some known fatal flaws that can be annoying. That's why you should know how to remove coaster brake.

How To Remove Coaster Brake

How To Remove Coaster Brake - 8 Steps

If you want to remove coaster brakes on your bike, follow these steps to make your work easier.

1. Assemble The Required Essentials:

You need to gather everything in one place (the essentials) before removing the coaster. It means you will not be running around to look for the little tools while in the business.

It would help if you assembled, get the bike, of course, and some other vital replacements as advised by the manufacturer. You also need some mechanical tools like a hammer, spanner, torque wrench, apron, overall, face mask, and tightening screws.

Moreover, working in an isolated area will give you more space and time to perform your tasks. You will be out of unnecessary interruptions, which reduces the chances of rogue accidents or misplacing your items.

2. Remove The wheel:

Since the coaster brake is located in the rear wheel, it means that you are working on the exact tire to remove it. Most professionals consider removing the wheel without having to take it apart completely.

It is upon you to decide whether you want to work on the wheel completely apart or partially. It is more comfortable to remove the coaster brake with the wheel entirely apart.

Now, check the gear's position and how it aligns over the diameter of the tire. Again, the diameter might vary with the type of bike. 

This process will give you a better view of the arrangement of the rear wheel. Also, it will help you to get everything back to place after you have finished removing the coaster brake.

3. Set Aside The Dust Cover:

The dust cover is at the top of the coaster brake. Its primary purpose is to shield the braking system from debris and other external particles that might cause damages or malfunction. 

It is easy to remove the dust cover. However, it would be best to use a proper wrench to unscrew its locknut to keep the cover in the right place. Besides, a small ball retainer can perform the task effectively.

You will now have direct access to the brake once you remove the dust cover. Remember to hold brake shoes when you lift the exterior hub shell. It is easy to store the brake shoes later if you don’t tamper with the external hub.

It is advisable to use a powerful grip on the brake and the tire, and it falls off. However, you don't need to put a lot of effort into this process.

4. Begin To Work On The Coaster Brake

You are now through with the exterior protective covers. The next step is working on the coaster brake itself. Place the brake on your lap so that you can comfortably inspect all the parts to comprehend its mechanism.

5. Introduce The Wrench:

After inspecting the coaster brake, which is now on your lap, bring in the wrench. A wrench is a tool that helps to disassemble all the parts of the brake.

Start by removing the primary nut at the 7 o’clock spot of the brake. Next, grab the nut using the wrench and bring a heavier instrument such as a hammer to dismantle the brake arm. 

You can whack the brake anti-clockwise or clockwise depending on your bike's settings to remove the arm. Ensure that your fingers are not close to the wrench or the hammer to avoid hitting yourself.

Also, if you find yourself putting a lot of pressure on the lever, start whacking it in a different direction. The double pressure will make it effortless to weaken the coaster.

6. Take Everything Apart:

After weakening the brake arm, it is time to take the rest of the parts apart. It is now easy to disassemble the other parts of the gears. Hold the wrench ready to start working on the coaster brake hub.

Start taking the screws off and begin at one part of the axle and finish off with the other end. Again, it would help if you were slow and meticulous to avoid damaging the hub.

Moreover, being slow will enable you to track all the making pieces of the brake. If necessary, take a video of the elements as you take them off. The primary purpose of this process is to allow easy re-assembly after you are done removing the brake.

7. Work On The Axle Nuts:

With the more minor elements gone, it's now the perfect moment to loosen the coaster brake's axle nuts. But, first, choose the ideal cone wrench that freely fits with the axle.

Now, turn the axle momentarily using precision until the brake becomes completely inactive. Check the bike's manual if you are not sure about rotation angle (either clockwise or anti-clockwise).

8. Re-assemble Aall The Parts Back To Their Correct Place:

Congratulations! You have managed to remove the coaster brake. So, do you assemble everything back minus the coaster brake? 

If you didn't take a video while taking everything apart, you must remember all parts' correct positioning. Tighten back the screws at their proper place and ensure the accurate positioning of the gears.

That’s all about it. You can now enjoy your ride without the activation of the coaster brake for no apparent reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does coaster brake mean?

A: A coaster brake is an internal braking method in single-speed bicycles that need backward pedaling for activation.

Q: Are coaster brake safe?

A: Coaster brakes are helpful for riders who easily panic though they can be a total disappointment if they fail.

Q: Can you disable a coaster brake?

A: Yes, it is possible to disable a coaster brake using the above steps. But first, you need to be sure whether you need the brakes on your bike or not.

Q: Can you remove the back pedal brake?

A: You can remove back pedal brakes in only a few series of steps. First, you need to remove the rear wheel, remove the dust cover, use a wrench to loosen the screws, and remove the back pedal brake.

Q: How do you fix the coaster brake?

A: You first need to stabilize your bicycle, remove the back wheel, tighten the coaster brake and re-assemble the rear wheel.

Q: How do you grease coaster brakes?

A: First of all, you should understand that greasing the coaster brake does not improve the braking ability. Instead, the grease helps to lubricate the bearing and cogs.

To grease, remove the coaster brake using the steps above and lube all the bearings.

Q: Can you put a coaster brake on any bike?

A: A coaster brake is incompatible with some bikes, such as those with derailer gearing. Also, the brake is not compatible with a chain tensioner.

Q: Can you change a coaster brake to a freewheel?

A: It is possible to change a coaster brake to a freewheel by removing the brake.

Q: Do BMX bikes have coaster brakes?

A: BMX bikes come with rear brakes, also called coaster brakes. These brakes allow the rider to stop quickly to avoid accidents.

Q: How do you adjust a coaster brake hub?

A: It would help if you stood your bicycle straight using the kickstand. Then, adjust the wrench using the socket to loosen the axle screws on the two sides of the back tire hub.

Q: How does a bike coaster brake work?

A: Coaster brakes work by allowing the bike to roll back without having to turn the pedal. This function is similar to a freewheel, and the mechanism will enable you to stop the cycle.

Q: How do you remove a coaster brake cog?

A: First of all, remove the rear wheel and the dust cover to access the brakes directly. After that, it is easy to remove the cog. Follow the above step for extra info.


Coaster brakes have revolutionized the field of cycling by providing safety and maintain stability to the riders. However, these have some flaws, and that's why it's essential to learn how to remove them when not needed.

The above steps will help you to disable the coaster brake from your ride with ease. Always remember to be careful when practicing a mechanical activity. 

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