How To Wear Cycling Shorts Properly

Cycling is described as an activity that becomes very engaging. Therefore, you deserve to dress your cycling shorts appropriately. Which is the best way to wear cycling shorts? If you have such kind of a question, you are on the right website.

The article will focus on the tips that provide clear information on how to wear cycling shorts properly. If you feel uncomfortable when cycling your bike, the problem is not the sit as you perceive. The problem is mainly with the shorts you have worn.

How To Wear Cycling Shorts

The following are some crucial tips on how to wear cycling shorts properly.

1. Working With Chamois:

To maintain your ride in a comfortable position, your bike is designed to ride with a chamois. A chamois is sewn into playing shorts. It holds up your bone structure and protects sensitive areas. Chamois also prevents friction that can lead to chafing and saddle sores.

2. Understanding Designs Of Cycling Shorts:

Cycling shorts come in the market with different designs. They consist of chamois built for different pelvis shapes and riding styles. When trying out shorts, look for shorts that fit easily but are comfortable to move around and in the body.

The fabric should not shift against the skin as you pedal. But it should not cut off circulation to your legs also. It would help if you looked for a size that will hug your legs without pinching. After finding the extent that fits you, decide what you get the best out of them.

Cycling shorts should be tight at first when you put them on, but they should not be so tight that you do not experience good circulation. You should ensure they are cozy enough that they remain in place while cycling. It would assist if you also understood that as you make movements, they will stretch slightly.

You should understand if you are in-between sizes. It means you need to choose a tighter fit and go up for a looser fit. Consequently, if you are taller and in between sizes, you should decide to go up.

How To Wear Cycling Shorts Properly

3. Things Not Wear While Cycling:

Do not wear inner wears with cycling shorts. The chamois was made to fit out of your skin to prevent chafing. It is made from fabrics that wick moisture and dry quickly. Wearing underwear adds seams that rub in the humidity. It would help if you left them behind when going cycling.

You are not supposed to wear anything under cycling shorts. The best thing is to maintain cycling like a commando with inner-wear.

4. Cleaning Your Shorts:

Cycling shorts should get cleaned regularly. It makes them clean from bacteria that are produced when you sweat. Cycling shorts can be cleaned in the washing machine using cold water on the gentle cycle. Afterward, line them to dry to get the most extended duration from your shorts.

Cycling shorts with a chamois should not be used on a heated dry setting, or do not use the dryer in any circumstance. Handwashing your cycling shorts once or twice is not bad. But it is always tiring to hand wash the shorts every day after a long ride, especially when you feel tired. So it would assist if you washed your cycling shorts how often you want as long as you follow the recommended care instructions.

5.Use Chamois Cream:

You can find the cream to be of assistance. However, most cyclers prefer the extra moisturizing skincare and protection that chamois cream provides. Therefore, if you are a cycler, be sure to use designated chamois cream.

Other ingredients may contain materials that can break down the chamois or irritate your skin during exercise. You also do not require chamois cream to ride with friction or sores on the thighs.

6.Positioning Your Cycling Shorts:

It would assist if you never forgot that cycling shorts should be the same in slug all around without being restrictive or feeling they are pressing off circulation anywhere. Cycling shorts should also not sag anywhere, most notably on the back, where loose material can snag on your saddle.

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Q: Do you wear anything under cycling shorts? 

It is not advisable to wear your underwear under your cycling shorts.

Q: How tight should cycling shorts fit? 

Cycling shorts should be tight when you first put them on but not very tight to limit circulation.

Q: Do you need to clean your bike shorts after each ride? 

You should wash your cycling shorts after every ride. Simply use cold water and some liquid detergent in the normal cycle. 

Q: Why should cyclists wear black shorts? 

They need to wear black shorts to hide the unavoidable dirt and grease stains every cyclist encounters on the road.

Q: Do cycling shorts make a difference? 

Yes, they make cycling much more comfortable and efficient. 


Cycling shorts are a significant investment and a classic piece of cycling culture. Once you try riding with them, you will always find fun in cycling. It is worth having and trying out cycling short. Most bikers find it interesting to pedal with bike shorts than without. 

Proper cycling clothing can make you ride faster by ensuring you do not use much energy as you ride. Having a pair of cotton underwear under your cycling shorts nullifies all of the benefits provided, including friction control and moisture management.

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