5 Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated While Riding A Road Bike

Cycling is one of the best outdoor activities where you can enjoy beautiful sceneries and fresh air. However, it can also be sweaty, and this is why you need to keep yourself well hydrated throughout your cycling. Drinking enough water is essential for the functioning of the brain and muscles. On top of that, it helps in regulating body temperature.

When you are involved in a strenuous exercise like cycling, your muscles and brain need electrons to function well. It doesn't matter if you riding for recreation, sport or fitness, drinking more water will help you recover fast.

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Water keeps you hydrated and provides the required electrons to your body. Most riders do not know how to keep themselves hydrated. I have provided you with five ways to keep yourself hydrated while riding a road bike.

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Hydrated While Riding A Road Bike

1. The Right Time To Drink Water:

One cycling hydration tip that you should know is the right time to drink water. For instance, if you will be cycling on hot days, it is vital to drink at least 500 ml of water in the morning after you wake up. If you have a lemon, you can squeeze some lemon juice to activate your metabolism and give your body vitamin C.

You should also consume between 300ml-500ml of fluid 2 hours before you hit the road. This is great, especially if you are cycling on a hot day. If you are cycling on cold days, do not consume more fluids in the morning because you can end up feeling the urge to go to the toilet frequently. Drinking plenty of fluids on cold days will force you to make several stops so that you can get rid of the excess fluids in your body.

2. Have A Reusable Water Bottle:

When you are riding your road bike, it is essential to carry a reusable water bottle. This will help you to carry some water, and you can also make some stops to refill your bottle. You need to have more water if you are planning to cycle for a long-distance depending on the length of your journey and the amount of water you need, you can carry up to three water bottles up you are not sure of refilling. This will ensure that you have enough water to keep you hydrated throughout your journey.

3. Ride In The Morning And In The Evening:

Although there is no particular time that you are limited to use your road bike, it is advisable if you ride in the morning and in the evening. Why? This is to minimize sweating that will lead to loss of water in your body. You can get dehydrated when riding during the day no matter how much water you drink. The right time to ride your bike is when the temperatures are low. This is in the morning and in the evening. Riding your bike in the morning or in the evening will help you stay hydrated since you will not lose much water as compared to riding during the day when it is hot.

Another important tip that you should note is to drink water morning and evening hours. Basically, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water in a day. Water hydrates your body and promotes digestion. Lack of proper hydration can cause indigestion, and this can affect your ridding.

4. Dress Well And Eat Hydrating Foods:

Cycling requires you to wear the right gear depending on the weather. For instance, if you are riding your diamondback road bike on a sunny day, wear lightweight cycling gear that have wicking capabilities. This prevents sweating and cools you off. Proper dressing reduces the rate of sweating, and you need to carry a water bottle to keep your body hydrated.

It is also important to include hydrating foods in your diet. These include watermelons, oranges, cucumbers and pepper. These types of foods contain water and fiber, which are essential in hydrating your body and boosting digestion. You can eat hydrating foods in intervals since it can be hard to eat them all in one sitting. Hydrating foods are readily available in your grocery stores.

5. Keeping Hydrated On Long Rides:

You need to pay attention to your hydration needs when you are talking longer rides. Drink between 100-150 ml every 15 minutes. By doing this, you will keep your body well hydrated, and you will not strain when cycling. Also, when you reach home, make sure you drink some water to compensate for the water you lost when riding.

Why Keeping Hydrated When Cycling Is Important:

Our bodies require enough water to function well. 60% of the body contains water, and this shows why we need to drink plenty of water. Cycling is an involving activity that can lead to water loss in the body through sweating. If you are not well hydrated when riding, you can reduce the performance and prolong the healing process.
When you are dehydrated, you will experience the following problems:

  • Reduced digestive function
  • Low skin blood flow
  • Reduced volume of blood
  • Decreased sweat among others

You can prevent all these problems when you drink enough water. Apart from water, you can also drink a sport drink when riding. They are high in electrolytes and thereby help in replacing the water and electrolyte that you lose when biking.

Final Words

If you are an avid road bike rider, you understand the importance of staying hydrated when biking. Not only do you need to drink water but also have knowledge on when to drink water, how much water or fluids you need to drink and much more. I hope you have learnt some tips that will help you stay hydrated when riding. Implement the above tips, and you will enjoy your rides while keeping your body healthy.

Important Tip: if you feel dizzy, headache or even faint when you are riding, you need to stop and look for shade. You can also see medical help because dehydration is a common problem that many athletes experience.

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