Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike Review

If you love off-road riding, then having a mountain bike can be the best deal. But how do you determine the right mountain bike? How will you select the right mountain bike brand from the many options on the market today? You don't have to worry about that anymore because we are experts to help you get a quality mountain bike for the ultimate experience. The mongoose XR pro is a superior quality bike that is designed to offer you maximum comfort.

This 29er has the best features any mountain bike enthusiast would want in a mountain bike. The bike is designed to suit men's geometry, and it is reasonably priced. So, if you have been using the wrong bike or simply want to buy your first mountain bike, the mongoose XR pro 29 is worth your investment. I have provided you with a full review of this bike so that you can get more information about the bike and some of its outstanding components.


Around 40 pounds




Disc brake


24 Speed


SR Suntour suspension fork

Suspension Type:

Front and rear

Other Features:

SRAM X4 rear derailleur, Wide alloy rims

Mongoose XR PRO Details Review 

Lightweight And Durable Aluminum Frame:

If you love getting outdoors, a mountain bike like the mongoose XR-pro can be your best companion. This bike is designed with an aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable. The weight of the bike makes it easy to handle for all types of riders. You can enjoy riding this bike without worrying about the weight.

The frame of this mountain bike is sturdy and gives you the chance to have full control when you are riding. Whether you are riding the bike on rough or plain surfaces, you can be sure of incredible riding experience with the 29" mongoose XR-pro men's mountain bike.

Excellent Suspension For Comfortable Ride:

The power of every mountain bike is based on the suspension. This is what determines whether you get a comfortable ride or not. This mountain bike features SR Suntour suspension fork to provide you with controlled and very smooth rides.

The suspension fork work amazingly well to absorb bumps when you are riding on rocky or uneven terrains. The bike also features a full-suspension main frame that improves its performance on the road.

Mongoose XR PRO front suspension

So, if you come across any uncomfortable obstacle along your way, this mountain bike will eliminate them to give you smooth rides. After all, mountain bikers love riding on roots, rocks and other surfaces so the bike should be able to handle bumps along the way.

Superb Gearing:

As a mountain bike enthusiast, you need a bike that provides you with speedy rides on mountain trails. To give you that performance, the bike is equipped with SRAM SX4 trigger shifters.

The bike's shifters are easy and comfortable to use hence making your rides enjoyable. On top of that, it features 24 speeds, so you have the chance to determine your speed on different surfaces.

Mongoose XR PRO rear derailleur

To add on to that, the bike has SR Suntour cranks to increase the performance of the bike by giving you more gearings. So, if you are serious about mountain biking and want to enjoy hassle-free rides, this is the right bike to choose. It gives you excellent performance on a wide range of terrains.

Efficient And Reliable Brakes:

The presence of reliable brakes on a mountain bike make your rides comfortable. In this regard, this mountain bike is designed with high-quality disc brakes that will not let you down. The brakes stop the bike in a matter of seconds when you want to overcome obstacles.

The brakes of this mountain bike assure you of safety rides because they are reliable. You can stop right way whenever you want to halt.

Mongoose XR PRO handlebar
Mongoose XR PRO seat

Alloy Rims And Wheels:

A good mountain bike should be designed with quality components to provide you with durable performance. This mountain bike features high-class alloy rims that are durable and lightweight. The rims are designed to match the tires perfectly well to enhance the riding capability of this bike.

On top of that, it features bigger 29 inches wheels that roll perfectly well on various objects. The tires have a better grip on different terrains so you can enjoy quality and safe rides. Apart from that, they give the mountain bike a nice appearance.

Upgradable Components:

Sometimes you might not like some of the parts included in this bike. This happens especially if the manufacturer wants to reduce the manufacturing costs. Therefore, there is room to upgrade the components with more quality ones. You can upgrade the brakes, pedals, and tires. These are affordable components that you can upgrade without spending too much money. You can always have a mountain bike with quality components that you want for comfortable and enjoyable rides.


You need to assemble the bike before you use it. The bike comes with assembly instructions, so you do not expect the work to be tiresome. If you follow the given assembly instructions, then you can complete it fast. Additionally, you don't need special tools to do the assembly. With a set of hex wrenches, you can assemble the remaining parts since the bike comes 90% assembled. You need to attach the front wheel, handlebars, and pedals and you can now enjoy riding your mountain bike.

Features At A Glance:

  • Wide alloy rims
  • Full suspension aluminum frame
  • SRAM X4 rear derailleur and shifters
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Great gearing


  • The bike has a nice design
  • Brakes work well in all conditions
  • Crank provides many gears
  • Comes with assembly information
  • Made with wide handlebars for comfortable rides
  • The components of the bike are upgradable
  • Bike is adjustable to suit all riders
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The mountain bike is easy to handle


  • Tires would have been more durable
  • The brakes feel flimsy
  • The suspension would have been more effective

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the frame size of this Mongoose mountain bike?

A: The mountain bike has a frame size that measures 17.5 inches. This is a great size for people who are looking for a medium-sized mountain bike.

Q: Does this mountain bike come with a kickstand?

A: I bought my Mongoose XR PRO, but it did not come with a kickstand.

Q: Does this mountain bike have adjustments for the front suspension?

A: Yes, it has. It is equipped with pre-load adjustment located on the front fork. In as much as they are not precise, you can still make some adjustments.

Q: Will I get this mountain bike fully assembled, or do I need to do the assembly?

A: You need to the assembly by yourself. The process is simple because you need simple tools, and it comes with assembly instructions. If you are not familiar with the installation, you can look for professional assembly.

Q: What type of tube does this bike have? Tube or tubeless tires?

A: This mountain bike comes with tube tires.

Final Verdict

Many mountain bike enthusiast will fall in love with this mountain bike. This is an incredible bike that features high-quality components to give better rides and control. The good thing about this mountain bike is that you can use it on any terrain. Considering all the features and benefits of this Mongoose bike, it is a perfect selection for beginners and intermediate riders.

The bike has many incredible aspects like a quality frame, reliable brakes, quality wheels, and suspension, among others. In as much as it has its flaws too, this bike beats many models on the market in regards to riding performance. Considering the quality features and the appealing design of this bike, it can be a great purchase for riders looking for a quality mountain bike at a pocket-friendly price.

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