Merax Finiss 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle Review

Have you always dreamed of having a super smooth road bicycle? One that looks good and rides well? Well, check out the 21 speed Merax Finiss road bike. The road racing bike is a great piece of equipment as it is made of lightweight sturdy aluminum frame. This is to make your riding journey as pleasant as possible and transport you wherever you need to go. It comes in three different color combinations, with a glossy overtone that gives the bike a pretty finish. If you are interested in a top quality road bicycle, keep reading the Merax Finiss road bike review below!


28 pounds




Caliper brake


21 speed


700C steel fork

Available in:

54 & 58 cm

Other Features:

Lightweight kickstand, Kenda 700*28C tires, Durable rims,Free pannier bag included

Merax Finiss 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle Features

Light Aluminum Frame:

Aluminum is a lightweight alloy that tends to resist corrosion. This means you can take the bike out into the rain or through mud and it should be fine. But although its light, the 6061 aluminum frame is also strong, and can hold your weight if riding up tough hills. Not to mention it's a resilient material without being as heavy as steel. The bike also comes with an aluminum kickstand, designed to further reduce the weight of the bike.

Quality Brakes And Rims:

The brakes and rims are also made of aluminum, making it that much easier to stop in all types of weather conditions. The aluminum caliper brakes have great stopping power without damaging you or your brand new bike. They are also much lighter than iron, which improves handling of the bike and lessens work on the suspension.

Merax Finiss pedal
Merax Finiss deraileur

Tires Designed To Perform Well:

High-quality 700C tires give your bike the ability to withstand bumpy roads and muddy terrains. This means you'll be able to ride your bike wherever you like, without worrying about the tires getting worn out. Not bad for someone who likes to live dangerously!

21 Speed Options:

Having a bike that can ride at multiple speeds is a great asset. Wherever you're riding, you can adjust your speed according to the terrain. In order to switch speeds you change the combinations of gears. 21 Speed bikes have three gears in the front and seven in the back, so can be swapped whilst cycling. To choose the right gear, go for whatever feels comfortable for you. If you are looking for a bike with less gear options then you can read our popular review of best fixie bikes.

Easy Gear Shifting:

The Shimano shifter and Shimano derailleur are designed to make switching between gears that extra bit easier. Shifters are fixed onto the handlebars, which control the derailleur. If you're someone who worries a lot when cycling about shifting gears, fear not! The Shimano components are so user-friendly you won't have to worry when climbing up a hill.

Merax Finiss spoke
Merax Finiss seat

Comes With Free Pannier Bag:

Do you travel or commute a lot? This bike also comes with a free pannier bag, which will allow you to carry large amounts of items whilst cycling. This nifty feature is great for those who are looking for somewhere to put all their bits and pieces whilst on the road. Pannier bags are designed to carry lots of weight, so don't fret. Plus they can be fitted to your front or rear tire if you prefer not to carry them on your back.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Finally, the glossy range of colors makes for a great look that you can show off to your friends. It comes in a smooth, polished finish. You can buy it in red and white, green and black or yellow and gray. This excellent color range makes for different looks suitable to whatever visual preferences you have Plus, not to mention all color combos look great.

Assembly Information:

The bike's front wheel needs to be assembled. This can be done by rotating the fork at 180 degrees. Merax bikes all have front wheels that are quick-release, meaning that no tools are necessary. You just secure the front wheel to the bike with a pin, making the entire process simple and effective. No prior DIY skills needed! Pedals also must be fitted on and fully tightened.

Again, this is not a difficult process and can be done easily using a wrench. The pedals are both labeled left and right, so you will know which go where. The seat will be fitted by you and modified according to your height. This shouldn't be at all hard for those used to riding and purchasing bikes.

The gears and brakes should be adjusted accordingly to suit your needs. Some customers have recommended taking it to a bike shop for proper tuning to get the gears properly fitted. If you'd prefer, you could simply watch some videos on the Merax website on how to fit your gears nicely.

Important Features:

  • Lightweight and sturdy 6061 aluminum frame
  • Shimano shifter and derailleur for reliable shifting
  • Quick-Release Front Wheels
  • Aluminum kickstand
  • 700C steel threadless fork


  • Easy to set up
  • Low density for a lightweight bike
  • Multiple speed options
  • Three different color choices
  • Won't get corroded easily
  • Great for commuting, general cycling or exercise


  • May need to learn how to adjust the gears
  • Brakes might need to be changed
  • Chain will possibly need to be upgraded at some point

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the rear wheel also a quick release?

A: No, only the front wheel.

Q: What is the weight limit for this bike?

A: Recommended is 220 lbs, but it can go up to 330 lbs.

Q: Does the bike already come assembled?

A: No, you have to assemble the front tire and seat yourself, but it is not difficult to assemble them.

Q: If I am over 6ft tall can I still ride this bike?

A: Yes, you can get different sizes.

Final Word:

If you enjoy cycling out in the open and want to get a great cost-efficient product, this is definitely for you. Something that runs smoothly at a variety of speeds, won't get worn out in poor weather conditions and is light and smooth. If you know any road bike-lovers that would be happy to own this neat ride, why not think about buying as a present? Or simply: a nice gift for yourself that does the job.

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