Diamondback Bicycles Century Sport Road Bicycle Review

I've been riding since I was 5 years old. I moved from it being a joyride to cycling as an exercise form and now I ride for the simple pleasure of riding. I did take my time in evaluating all the road bicycles in the market and after a lot of scrutinies, I've landed on the Diamondback Century Sport for my choice of wheels.

With this review, I'm going to try and make your mind up about why you too, should purchase the Century Sport for your next ride if you're in the market for a quality road bike that's worth every penny. Below we have discussed diamondback century sport review in details.


About 23 pounds




Caliper Brake


16 Speed


No suspension fork

Other Features:

Kenda K196 700x26c tires, FSA tempo compact crankset

Diamondback Century Sport Road Bicycle Features:

Light Aluminum Alloy Frameset For A Quicky But Sturdy Ride:

The aluminum alloy frameset on the century sport makes the bike durable and strong. The 7005 formed tube frameset gives the bike enough power and durability.

With a DBR performance alloy fork with a steel steerer tube, you can submit the bicycle to a whole lot of punishment without it giving in. Whether you're riding high speeds, over rough, slippery terrain, the fork absorbs almost all of the punishment making for a super smooth ride.

Grippy Tires For Every Terrain:

The Diamondback Sport sits on high 700x26c tires which were built for comfort and durability. They provide a strong grip on all terrains and give me the confidence to corner at speed. These high-performance tires ensure that I am confident while riding at high speeds without worrying too much about control or punctures. A top feature every novice road biking warrior should experience.

Quick And Easy Gear Shifting:

Shimano is one of the top names in biking gear makers. The Century Sport is fitted with all Shimano gears which work really smoothly with each other. With a Shimano Claris STI, 2x8-speed shifter, and Shimano front and rear derailleur with HG50 Shimano cassette, 2x8-speed cogset, expect a fun smooth ride.

The gear shifts are quick and easy, the 2x8-speed gearbox allows you to climb even the toughest hill with ease and if it's speed you want then the Century Sport has that in spades as well.

Diamondback Bicycles Century Sport Road Bicycle

New Ergonomic Design:

Diamondback has completely redesigned their line of road bicycles. The new ergonomic design which is easy on the eyes, not only help Diamondback Sport stand apart from its competition but provide a comfortable ride as well.

The elegant new design also takes into consideration it's riders and hence has been designed specifically to avoid straining of the body irrespective of the ride duration. You will feel as relaxed after a 5-mile ride as you would after 50.

Flawless Double-walled Rims:

The Century Sport houses it wheels on large 28h Equation R double walled rims. Double walled rims are great considering the durability they provide to your bike tires. If you plan to ride the bicycle in rough terrain, or have generally potholed streets where you ride, you will truly come to appreciate these rims.

They provide a great comfortable ride and help protect the tires from damage. The rims are a complete value for money and once you've ridden on double walled rims, you wouldn't want to switch to any other. These rims also make balancing an easy task by providing you with top-notch stability even at high speeds.

Quick Action (Life-Saving) Brakes:

We've all come across a situation when we've had to apply the brakes, pray and hope we survive. When riding this bike you will have so much faith in the Tektro R312, Dual Pivot Caliper brakes, that you will brake and you won't need to pray to survive.

With a quick action braking system, the brakes on the Century Sport respond immediately. The brakes even work bringing the bike to a complete halt from high speeds without any fuss. Very little tire locking, great stopping action, no squeaky noises make the Century Sport perfect for riding in a city.

Who Is The Century Sport For?

If you are looking for an affordable road bicycle that comes equipped with all the necessary features of a complete bike then the Century Sport is your answer. An excellent entry level bicycle, the Century Sport is for anyone looking for a fun ride at an affordable price. 

Since the Century Sport is available in several size option it can be ridden by anyone ranging from a height of 5 ft to 6.4 ft, making it a complete unisex bicycle option. It also comes in an attractive color option which is very good looking.

Some Assembly Required:

The bike will be shipped to you 85% assembled. Shipping of bicycles is quite tough and hence it needs to be transported this way. However, easy and simple to understand instructions are provided in the box along with the required parts and tools required to complete the assembly.

There is also an easy to understand YouTube video on the Diamondback channel you can view which can help you in the step by step process of assembling the bike. You only need to attach the handlebar, seat pedals, and front wheel which you can really do by yourself at home. If you are still not able to assemble the road bike by yourself, you can take it to the nearest bike shop will gladly complete it for you.

Important Features:

  • Excellent lightweight durable aluminum alloy frameset for a comfortable ride
  • Great quality rims and tires to last for several thousand miles
  • Trusty braking system to stop in a second


  • Ergonomic Design for a comfortable ride
  • Excellent for daily commuting
  • Great gear system which is smooth and effortless
  • Good quality fork to improve ride quality
  • Affordable high-quality road bicycle
  • Easily adjusts to any height
  • Easily holds weights more than 300lbs
  • Great looks


  • Requires assembly (but I'm nitpicking, the assembly is easy)
  • Not as aerodynamic as its competitors due to the comfortable riding position

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Much Does The Century Sport weigh?

A: Thanks to its lightweight aluminum alloy frame the Century Sport only weighs 22.8 lbs.

Q: Can This Bike Be Taken Off Road?

A: Although the Century Sport can be taken off-road, it is not recommended to do so. This is primarily built as a road bike and designed to provide the best comfort in those situations. Although you could go off-road, the ride quality might not be optimum.

Q: Can I Use This Bike For Racing?

A: Owing to its comfortable stance and easy riding position the Century Sport is not as aerodynamic as it's competitors. Having said that, this is a fast machine and it could easily compete with the best in the racing category. This bike is, however, built primarily for everyday endurance riding.

Q: How much weight can this bike hold?

A: With its strong aluminum frame, sturdy rims and great build quality, the Century Sport can easily accommodate heavy loads. We've tested it out with 300Ibs and it did a great job.

Final Word:

If you're just getting into road biking and you don't know if you will have the same commitment a few years down the line, the Century Sport is a great product made just for you. It's a great affordable option for those entry-level riders who are looking to get into road biking. Highly rated on quality and style, I hope this review has been sufficient for you to purchase this product. 

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