Motobecane Cafe Latte Flat Bar Road Fitness Hybrid Bike Review

Motobecane is one of the faster and budgets friendly hybrid bike. This bike has so many great features that give you excellent performance. There are many models of this brand available in the market. Among those Motobecane 2018 Cafe Late Aluminum Flat Bar Road Fitness Hybrid Bicycle is a perfect option for any cyclist. It’s one of a faster road bike. The bike is faster more than any Comfort and Hybrid bike.

Motobecane bike gives you a comfortable and relaxed biking experience. With flat bars, flat handler, and adjustable stems, you get better control on bumpy roads. Also, in the muddy or slippery roads, the bike offers a better grip and does not slip.

The brake, gear, etc. are very reliable and better for speed up and down. Infect, many people love the controlling feature of it during the highest rate. You can reach your destination rapidly with that speedy bicycle. That is one of the reliable bikes in any road of hills to metro cites.


Around 30 pounds




Linear brakes


24 Speed


Chromoly fork

Available in:

Multiple size and colors

User Type:

Suitable for both Men & Women

Other Features:

700c Wheels, comfortable saddle

Motobecane Cafe Latte Reviews

The Motobecane bicycle made of high-quality metals. The frame of this bike makes by advanced aluminum. It is a very durable bike that gives you long time preeminence service.
However, that cycle gives you excellent comfortable riding experience. It provides a smooth ride with its great brakes and gears — the absolute limit of speed that enough to make you satisfy.

An Outstanding Bike with Super Light Frame:

The frame is one of the crucial parts of a bicycle. The Motobecane cafe bicycle frame is made by 6061 aluminum. Most of the bikes are made of composite steel, iron or aluminum. Only expensive and top quality bicycles are made of A-grade aluminum.

Aluminum makes the bike more durable compared to traditional steel bikes. These metal frames are lightweight than steel or other composites. And that also increases bike performance. The bike is capable of giving you a stable ride even with light construction.

Shimano ST-R221-R Flat Handle Bar Shifter:

This cafe Latte bike has Shimano ST-R221-R shifter. It is one of the best flat bar shifters and popular also among expert bikers. That Shimano shifter is perfect for any road or racing bikes. Besides, it is reliable, accurate, and fast gear shifting system.

This ST-R221-R comes with combined brake levers. The shifter's performance is outstanding. Infect, this is the best feature of this bike. You can use this shifter effortlessly.

Quality Wheels:

Wheels are the main components of any bicycle. Use of proper materials and well-built body parts can make a bike great.

Cafe latte bike's wheels have Alex-R500 Rim that holds the tire. This Machined brake comes with 700c silver anodize finish. Moreover, that bike has quality formula hubs that reduce friction.

The hub is the middle part of the wheels. The spikes of the wheels made of steel that is very easy to clean. It also has better-quality bearing and radial laced front.

Reliable Brakes:

Powerful brakes are essential for any quality bike. The brake can stop or slow your bike whenever you want to. In a crowded place, brake plays an important role. Without great brake, your ride will be unsafe.

Additionally, this Motobecane bike has Promax aluminum alloy Brake. The dimension of this brake is 39 to 47 mm. That brake gives you a reliable ride experience. Usually, Promax aluminum alloy brake is durable and lightweight braking system. The material of this brake is forged aluminum arms. Forged Aluminum arms provide you long-time facility with robust performance. With this brake, you can stop your bike immediately even when it’s at high speed.

Cassette with 8-Speed:

The Cassette positioned on the rear Hub of the bike. That is an extraordinary feature of it. The Motobecane 2018 uses Shimano Hyperglide 11-32T. That Shimano is a high-quality cassette with eight speeds and smooth shifting capacity.

The total gear of this Shimano Hyperglide is 24. It has narrow 8-speed HG chains that provide quick and smooth shifting. This Cassette is lightweight and helps you a lot to ride on the upper rode.

The Perfect Tires:

The 2018 Cafe Latte has KendaKwest tires with Presta valves. These tires can ride on every kind of road. These are lightweight which delivers you high-speed riding experience with safety. Thinner tires and development pressure tires help this bike for smooth and fast-moving.

Comfortable Stem And Bars:

The cafe latte bike stem and bars are very suitable for speed riding. The stem and bars have Co for bend 26.0mm with aluminum alloy. It also has an adjustable rise that helps you to move the stem. So, you can make it flexible as you need. The stem saddle of this bike is right in quality and removable. This feature of this bike is decent.

Features At A Glance:

  • Soft grips to ride the bike comfortably
  • Low weight aluminum frame makes this bike fast
  • Riding position and saddle is very convenient
  • Smooth and quick shifter
  • 700c rust resistance chromed fork


  • Easy to adjust and ride
  • High quality and durable
  • Comfortable and adjustable saddle
  • Gear and brake work great
  • Look good too


  • Handler design is not so good

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this bike have double-wall rims?

A: Yes, this bicycle has double-wall rims.

Q: What is the size of Cafe Latte for a woman?

A: The ladies frame is 15.5 that fit the 5’1-inch to 5’7” woman.

Q: What colors are available on this bike?

A: Dark Silver and Safire blue.

Final Word:

In this Motobecane cafe latte review, we tried to clear all about this bike. It is one of the perfect road bikes; which is faster than others. The motorcycle is weight light durable enough to work for a long time.

However, the lightweight aluminum frame makes this bike quick and easy to shift. If your budget is low, but you want an excellent bicycle, then you can choose this bike. Also, the flat handlebars, saddle, and riding position are comfortable that allows you for a long-time effortless riding. So for the daily commute or occasional anyone should consider having Motobecane 2018 cafe latte.

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