Magnum Ui5 Electric Hybrid City Bike Review

Transportation is the most effective and essential factors of a country/city. And the cycle is the crucial daily transport in many parts of USA, Europe, Canada and other continents of the world. Many types of bikes are available like a manual and electric bike. Both of the categories are good for adventure or regular travel.

The Magnum Ui5 is a hybrid electric commuter bike. This bike helps you to reach your destination quickly and without less effort. This bike is using fifth-generation technology. This bike comes with an excellent design that looks so stylish.

The 36V/13Ah battery is used in Magnum Electric Hybrid Bike, and the battery has Samsung 18650 cylindrical cells. Per full charge battery allows you to ride up to 55 miles (ca. 88.51 km) of range. This bike’s performance is one of the best bikes in the market. This bike makes your ride stable and well responsive. Whether you are a daily commuter or beginner rider, you feel very comfortable to use Magnum Ui5 Electric bike.


around 74 pounds


6061 Aluminum alloy frame


Tektro mechanical disc brake


1x7 Speed



Other Features:

Fixed LCD display, USB charging port, front and rear-mounted lights, rear mounted rack, 6-hour charge time, adjustable seat, front suspension fork

Important Features of Magnum Ui5

Recently we got the chance to test the Magnum Ui5 in the rocky beach, California. So, here is comprehensive research of our experiment and experience of it. Have a look below.

Quality Construction With Stylist Design:

The Ui5 electric city bike is a perfect electric mountain and road bike. This design of the bike is very eye-catching. The beautiful black and white frame of this bike made of high-quality Material 6061 Aluminum Alloy. The structure of this bike has a step-through style. This style helps to rider getting in and off the bike quickly.

This bike has Suntour NEX suspension fork. The suspension fork makes you safe from the bump of the road; that is why your ride will be safe and comfortable. The ui5 Electric city bike has schwalbe tires with double-walled aluminum rims and, 7 Speed 1×7 Shimano Tourney TX Gear.

Additionally, LCD Display that shows all the information about your trip, such as battery life, distance count, current speeds, etc. Surely all of the components of this bike are smoothest and user-friendly.

Shimano Gear System:

Magnum Ui5 electric bike has Shimano Tourney TX 7 speed rear derailleurs. Almost every bike love derailleur Shimano gear. That is a standard element of entry-level road and mountain bike. The Shimano Tourney TX allows quick, dependable, and accurate gear shifting.

Shimano Gear System control bike speed accurately. Especially this gear helps you to climb hills and steep up the road. You love this gear system for an excellent performance. This is one of the unique features of this bike.

Magnum Ui5 gear shifters

Reliable Brake:

This Magnum Ui5 has a robust and reliable brake. It has Tektro Mechanical Disc brake System with 180 mm Front motor and 160 mm Rear motor.

This gear has durable stopping power. It’s able to stop the bike instantly no matter how high the speed it is, or the road is wrong or not.

In a busy city, especially, brakes play an important role. Without a functional brake system, an electric bike does not give you a safe ride.

Magnum Ui5 Brakes

While buying an electric bike, make sure about its brake quality. The powerful brake of Magnum Electric Hybrid Bike made your trip secure, stable, and well responsive. So, it is the most critical component of the Magnum Ui5 electric bike.

Fast-Charging Battery:

The battery is the most essential and powerful component of an e-bike. The Magnum Ui5 has got a high-quality battery. It’s a fast-charging battery; it takes up to 6 to 6.5 hours for a full charge. A USB cable is used for charging so you can charge it anywhere with your any electric devices.

With Single full charge, you can travel up to 55 miles of range with the maximum speed of 22mph. You do not need to put extra effort to ride high road. This powerful motor allows you to carry more weight.

It makes your ride fast and smoother. With an electric bike, you do not need to get tried that way you get an effortless, enjoyable ride.

Powerful Motor:

An electric bike need produces at least 350 to 400w hours of power for claiming hilly area and up to weight 300 Ibs. If you live this uneven and step up road area, you need to a sturdy electric bike. Magnum Ui5 has enough power to fulfill your need.

It can easily carry heavyweights climbing any decent size of a hill. Cadence sensing Pedal Assist and Trigger Throttle are two driving modes of this Electric Hybrid City Bike. You can control your speed with pedal assist mode. On the other hand, Trigger Throttle mode is used when you want to avoid sweating. This feature makes ride easy and effortless.

Fixed Backlit Monochrome LCD:

The LCD of electric bike is a very helpful and informative facture. The Magnum Ui5 comes with a sizeable Monochrome LCD. It increases the class of quality of this bike.

The LCD provides you information about almost everything of your cycling. It stays on the side of the handlebar so you can see it easily.

From LCD you get alert about the battery life of your bike so that you can charge the battery at the right time. 

Magnum Ui5 LCD

When you are cycling it shows your current speed and how much distance you have covered. It also has an assistant mode, which makes your ride enjoyable.

Features At A Glance:

  • Monochrome LCD – Show battery lever, bike speed, count distance, and assist mode.
  • Lithium Battery – Samsung 13ah/468wh Long-lasting Samsung battery, which can run up to 40 miles.
  • 2.15-inch wide tire- Schwalbe Big Ben tire is enough for enjoyable city riding.
  • Tektro Mechanical Disc brake– able to stop bike instantly although speed maximum.
  • 5V 1A USB Charging port– You can quickly charge your mobile during the ride.
  • Front and rear lights- help to increase the visibility at night.
  • UI5 is a 350W hub Motor – This motor helps you to reach maximum 22mph speed. 


  • Increased power available
  • Reliable and comfortable handle
  • High-quality, stylish design
  • Long Lifetime
  • Well, performance
  • Powerful battery


  • Limited color option (Only black & white)
  • Overcharge is harmful to the battery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How hard to set up this bike?

A: It's easy as a regular bike.

Q: What battery the bike uses?

A: Samsung 18650 26F 36-volt 13Ah lithium.

Q: Does the bike has a bottle cage?

A: Unfortunately, this bike does not have a bottle cage.

Final Verdict:

The Magnum Ui5 is the perfect electric hybrid bike. It is an excellent choice for urban or hilly roads. This hybrid bike is made of all high-quality components. All those features this bike has that a hybrid bike should have. So, it is an excellent bike for all kind of users. Its environment-friendly, less hassle of maintenance, give a reliable ride, and so on. So if you want a daily commuter or want to explore your city and another place, then e-bikes are best. And in that case, Magnum ui5 could an excellent choice for every adventure.

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