Things To Know Before Buying An Exercise Bike

We all know how exercise affects our body and our entire well-being. Exercise helps improve our overall all health reducing the risk to countless of diseases. Moreover, exercise helps us attain a positive outlook in life over time. Just like vehicles and other machines today, our body requires regular maintenance to stay in a good condition.

Just imagine leaving your car in your garage then taking it out for a long ride after a few months or a year. You’ll notice that its performance may be quite different from the time when you’re using it regularly. Being idle for a long time can trigger the development of engine problems in your car over time. Without regular exercise, your risk of developing health problems is higher. 

If you don’t have the time to visit the gym regularly, the least you can do is get your own exercise bike. This way, you’ll not only workout your legs and stamina but your entire body muscles. However, be sure to know these important things before you purchase one.

Things To Know Before Buying An Exercise Bike

Types Of Exercise Bikes

Upright Bike:

This is known as the traditional exercise bike with a conventional cycling style position. It is more compact than a recumbent exercise bike. It uses an electromagnetic induction for resistance which causes the flywheel to slow down a bit. However, most upright bikes now are designed with pre-programmed workouts that allow users to choose their desired resistance level.

Spinning Bike:

This is also known as the indoor cycling bike which looks more similar to the upright bike but, their resistance varies. A spinning bike is best for those who prefer high-intensity workouts like fitness enthusiasts. It has direct contact brakes and a weighted flywheel connected to the bike’s pedals through a transmission system.

Recumbent Bike:

This bike has the most relaxing and bulky style with all its wider padded seat and backrest. Its pedals are a little further in front so users can’t stand up. However, this is the best exercise bike for those who have joint issues, knee problems, back problems, and other illnesses. This is also a great startup for overweight people.

Exercise Bike Features

Flywheel Weight:

This determines that fluidity and comfort level of your cycling workout. The higher flywheel weight your chosen exercise bike has the more comfortable and fluid your cycling is. Considering the flywheel weight depends on your goal and level of experience. Light flywheels that are 7 to 9 kg. are best for beginners, 9 to 14 kg. are best for sporty people, and 15 kg. or higher are perfect for experts.


Most exercise bikes now are designed with built-in programs or trainers where you can select varied workouts under fat burning, high intensity, low intensity, etc. Depending on the model you want, you can also program the adjustable or manual routines. However, your chosen model must fit your age, weight, gender to give you the best program training you really need.

Heart Rate Monitor:

Since most of the exercise bikes’ heart rate monitors are handheld, be sure that your chosen model is quality enough to give you a precise result. You can look for models with a separate heart rate monitor like Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, and Wahoo. The heart rate monitor attached to your body will transmit your heart rate to the telemetry system on your exercise bike.


Most low priced exercise bikes have a manual resistance which can be altered when the bike is not in use. If you want an exercise bike with pre-defined workout programs and versatile resistance, you should opt for one that uses a magnetic resistance.


Each type of exercise bike varies in size so make sure that you have enough space in your room for an exercise bike. Check the size of your chosen exercise bike to make sure that you have enough space for your elbow and legs once it’s set in your room. Recumbent bikes require more space than spinning bikes and upright bikes.


Exercising indoors can get boring sometimes if you are alone or currently stuck in a gloomy mood. Thus, choosing an exercise with additional accessories might help to cheer you up and keep you motivated. Some modern exercise bikes now include a built-fan to help you cool off while workout out. 

If you can’t workout without background music, some models also have a built-in sound system to keep you tuned in. Another additional accessory that you might want to consider is a bottle holder. A water bottle within your reach helps a lot so you don’t have to stand from time to time just to get a drink.


Since exercise bikes vary, be sure that you already know your goal to choose the best one that fits your needs. Depending on your level of experience and needed training programs, you should look closely at the type of exercise bike and its built-in features. You may also want to use an exercise bike that operates with less noise and with adjustable seat for more comfort.

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