5 Tips While Riding Your Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bike sare bike that are used for wide range of purposes and conditions. It is for this reason that makes it necessary to now the different tips to put into practice while riding. You need to be more skillful while riding a Hybrid bike. A Hybrid bike can serve as a mountain bike, road bike, exploring bike or even for competition. With more riders on the roads suitable tips are necessary for a better ride. In this article we shall look at the 5 top tips while riding your Hybrid bike.

1. Always Wear A Helmet And A Reflector Jacket.

Tip No: 1 is to ensure you wear a protective helmet and a reflector jacket to avoid accidents. It has been proven that nearly 65% of bike accidents which occurred in the last year could have been controlled if the riders heard a Helmet or a Reflector Jacket.

This shows how necessary helmets and Reflector jackets are. In the same study it was noted that accidents could be reduced directly or indirectly if riders wear helmets and reflector jackets. It is in fact a rule in many countries that you must wear a helmet and a reflector jacket.

A Helmet is Important to reduce the occurrence of head injuries. You never know what will happen while you are riding. Due to this Prevention is better than cure. Similarly, always ensure you wear a reflector jacket to indicate your presence to pedestrians, drivers and other riders. This will help minimize accidents while riding.

2. Follow Traffic Rules & Follow The Lane:

While riding a bike always ensure you follow all traffic rules put in place by authorities. Never ignore any traffic rule. In many places there are special lanes placed for bike riders. Always ensure you follow them any time you are riding on the highway.

This tip is not only necessary for your safety but also the safety of others. As a result of this always ensure you understand the traffic rules clearly and the nature of the road before any ride. Ensure you follow the lane etiquettes.

The following are Important traffic rules to observe:

  • Always ride on the right side in the same direction as the vehicles.
  • Obey the traffic lights where necessary/applicable.
  • Don’t over speed especially if the traffic is tight.
  • Be on the watch out for parked cars.
  • All road signs should be adhered to for smooth flow of traffic.
  • Always use your hands for proper cooperation with other road users.
  • Avoid applying emergency brakes where not necessary.

3. Avoid Paddling At High Speed For Long Distances:

It is necessary to avoid cycling at high speed for long distances. In view of this paddling at high speed for long distances may causes. Paddling at high speed causes pain in the chest, stomach, knees.

In addition, it may cause leg problem which might lead to walking complication. While riding you should always keep in mind that you body is more important than the bike. Therefore, make sure not to cause problems to your body parts at all times.

This tip will ensure you visit the medics less often. A research has shown that many riders suffer knee strains due to continuous cycling. If possible avoid cycling for long distances. You should take breaks after some distance of ride to keep your body in check.

4. Don’t Ride With Headphones On:

Having your headphones/earphones on while riding can be very risky to your life and that of others. The will make you not hear an emergency vehicle or even other commotions beside or behind you. Music is very addictive and it might cause you to lose concentration on the road and find yourself in a big trouble.

You can imagine what consequences this can lead to. As you are aware you cannot serve two masters at the same time. In this case you cannot ride and listen to music at the same time. One action will overcome the other and if it happens to be the music you may end up causing an accident.

Suppose an ambulance is passing and you have your headphones on. You will obviously not hear it or maybe realize when it’s too late to take an action. If you have to listen to music you can opt to use a small Mp3 or Speaker to enjoy yourself. Also ensure it does not distract others.

5. Use The Right Footwear And Make You Bike Fit:

Use the right footwear makes a huge difference when riding. You will need something which is comfortable and must probably a light one for efficient peddling. Like any other sport you should use rubber shoes this is for the purpose of flexibility as you ride along. The following are an additional feature for footwear:

  • They should be Comfortable.
  • They should be tight.
  • Should necessarily have shoe laces.
  • Should have treads.

It is also important to make sure that your bike provides you with a good fit. This tip will determine the quality of rides you will get. You cannot achieve great ride if your bike doesn’t fit you well. You can use this checklist to ensure you achieve the best results out of each ride:

  • Ensure the seat is well set.
  • The tires are properly fit.
  • The peddles are well placed.
  • The chain is properly sized.
  • Also check on any other part which may need correction.

NB:-Make sure you grease all moveable parts of the bike before any ride this reduces the wear and tear of the bike.


This 5 Tips if implemented while Riding your Hybrid Bike will keep you going to ensure you enjoy each and every ride. If you follow these tips you will have a safe, improved, comfortable and more pleasant ride to your destination.

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