Top 10 Reasons You Should Get On A Bike

Despite major improvements in cycling infrastructure nationwide, most Americans have yet to discover the benefits of biking to work – or biking in general, for that matter. Cycling offers countless advantages, but we’ve reduced them to ten for your convenience. Here are our top 10 reasons to cycle to work:

10 Reasons You Should Get On A Bike

1. Lose Weight:

Cycling is an easy, healthy, and practical way to lose weight. Did you know you can burn up to 500 calories an hour this way? That’s more than jogging, swimming, and aerobics.

2. No Need To Make Time For It:

We don’t mean to say cycling is more fun than any of the three sports activities listed above, but it does have the advantage of not requiring you to fit it into your schedule. You have to get to work, and preferably get home from work, either way. So why not pick up a hybrid bike and get going? You can’t imagine how convenient it is. When you get to work by bike in the morning, you don’t have to worry about parking. Just lock your bike to the nearest pole and walk on right ahead into your office. 

3. Cycling is Fun:

Cycling can be fun. Cycling to the store or a friend’s house is a great way to spend time riding around the neighborhood. A bike frees you from the prison of traffic jams and parking fees, while allowing you to explore a town at your own pace at the same time. In fact, more and more destinations the world over are starting to offer tourists free sightseeing tours on a bike.

4. Cycling Keeps You Fit:

Beyond losing weight, cycling will help you stay in shape. It is good for your heart, your lungs (provided you cycle in an area with clean air), and your vascular system. Regular cycling burns more calories than playing tennis,table tennis or football but doesn’t do as much harm to your joints. It also improves your coordination and lowers your blood pressure.

Mayors across the country have come to realize that investments in cycling infrastructure pay off – Americans are healthier and pay less for health care. This also gives Medicare and Medicaid some much-needed relief. To be more precise, a person who cycles regularly spends at least 300 dollarsless on healthcare than the average motorist.

5. Cycling Releases Endorphins:

Cycling does what? You may not know this, but riding your bike is a great way to release some feel-good chemicals. Endorphins and serotonin are released naturally when a person is happy about something. That’s why they’re known as the happiness hormones, and an entire segment of the pharmaceutical industry (the one hawking antidepressants) is centered around their release. You can achieve the effect of these drugs completely naturally. Studies have shown cycling to work every morning reduces stress and makes you more confident, more productive and more creative at the workplace.

10 Reasons You Should Get on a Bike

6. Beat Stress with a Bike:

Sitting in traffic for hours can cause frustration and, ultimately, lead one to spiral into depression. Frustration and depression are feelings we have when something bad we can’t control is happening. So, a traffic jam would be a typical example of that. And that’s not the worst of it – there are also outbursts of road rage with potentially fatal consequences to deal with.

7. It Makes the World a Better Place:

The road, and the world in general would be a much nicer place with more bikes and less cars on it. Some European cities, like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, are great examples of this. The air is clean, people are healthier and happier, life is a lot less stressful. Cycling infrastructure is a major factor contributing to this.

Of course, these cities invest in cycling lanes and encourage cycling in every way they can. Most cities in Germany are perfect to cycle in, as those of you who have been there know. Hybrid bikes are especially popular because of their fantastic features and the amazing flexibility they offer.

8. Riding a Bike Makes You Smarter:

Whether you believe it or not, riding your bike regularly keeps your brain fit and your memory sharp. This is because mild to moderate physical exercise improves blood circulation. Your brain gets more oxygen as a result. When that happens, you will be more efficient at work, which will bring a host of advantages, including better prospects of getting that promotion you were hoping for! If you are interested to buy an exercise bike but can't decide yet which type of exercise bike you will buy then you can read our detailed review of Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes & Best Folding Exercise Bikes Reviews & Buying Guide.

9. Riding a Bike Saves Money:

You can buy a great bike for less than 500 dollars. You’ll never need to invest a dime in it thereafter, hopefully, and you’ll enjoy it for at least ten years. Did you know the average US household spends almost 2000 dollars on gas a year? Ever-rising parking fees and car maintenance and repair costs just add to the regrettable mix. You can save up to 8000 dollars a year if you get rid of your car and start cycling to and from work!

10. It Helps Reduce Pollution:

This one is a no-brainer. Recent research has revealed that motor vehicles cause one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the country. However, the average cyclist releases only 0.7 grams of CO2 when he or she breathes. 

Final Word:

In conclusion, I will offer one final reason to get on a bike - cycling is safe, for the most part. Drivers would be more tolerant and aware of cyclists if there were more of the latter on the road.

What is more, two cyclists are far less likely to collide than two cars, because they’re moving at a much lower speed. The aftermath of a bike collision also wouldn’t be as grave. To be extra safe, always wear a solid bike helmet while riding your bike around a busy city.

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