700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike Review

Are you a cycling enthusiast looking for a worthy adventure bike? You’ll find the 700c Roadmaster Adventures Men's Hybrid Bike to be a remarkable choice. Its hybrid style seamlessly fuses the functional features of a trail bike and a road bike to produce a high performance adventure bike. This bike comes with loads of outstanding features and offers incredible performance when put to the task.

Riding the Adventure Roadmaster on pavements, you instantly love how its all-steel multi-sport frame remains sturdy through longer rides. Its standard trim athletic seat feels comfortable and makes every turn worth the experience. This is the kind of bike that comes at an affordable price tag without skimping on all your favorite practical features.







Rear and front handbrakes





Aalloy wheel

Other Features:

Trim seat, Wide 3 piece crank gear

Available in :

Single Color

Roadmaster Adventures Mens Hybrid Bike Is Not Currently Available. Alternative Product: WEEROCK 700C Hybrid Bike for Men

700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike Features:

All-Steel Sport Frame Design:

With an all-steel frame, you bet that your roadmaster adventures 700 is reliable and dependable. The frame is made of durable, quality material so that it maintains a reasonable weight with utmost vigor. You’ll like how the frame is designed in a multi-sport streamline style, making it both agile and comfortable.

The seat and handlebar fit seamlessly into the frame design to ensure that the rider remains comfortable with every pedal thrust. Overall, the frame design of this hybrid bike is remarkable – every component fits perfectly and works towards maintaining the bike’s flexibility.

Comfortable Athletic Style Seat:

A comfortable bike seat is essential for achieving an unforgettable cycling experience. The Roadmaster Men’s Hybrid Bike has a comfortable standard trim athletic style seat that gets you in a good cycling position.

Whether you are riding to the park down the bike trail, or simply cycling to keep fit, you can trust this seat to make you feel comfortable all the way. Undoubtedly, with the athletic style seat, you are able to achieve top cycling speeds in a reasonably comfortable position.

700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike

Steadfast Tz31 Drivetrain:

The 700c Roadmaster Adventure features a 7-speed tz31 drivetrain that offers a remarkably smooth riding experience. With only a rear derailleur component and 7-speed twist shifters, this bike lets you ascend and descend with confidence. Its three-piece crank provides a powerful drivetrain performance with a wide gear range, making it an agile bike.

Thanks to its twist shifters, you can quickly and easily work between different speed settings depending on the road you are cycling on. The shifters are positioned on the handlebar adjacent to the brake levers, such that you easily gain access to quick gear changing.

Authoritative Handbrakes:

Hybrid bikes can attain extremely high speeds. For this reason, they have to come equipped with dependable braking systems. The Roadmaster Men’s Hybrid Bike features a superior power braking system that let you achieve smooth stops.

This authoritative halting performance comes from its linear pull brake design coupled with superior alloy calipers that offer a powerful grip. You’ll love this rather precautionary braking system, especially when you are riding down a sloping path; the brakes don’t produce an instant halt, rather its quickly comes to a smooth stop.

Durable 700c Alloy Wheel Set:

The roadmaster adventures 700 is fitted with high-performance 700c alloy wheels that promise stability and durability. You’ll appreciate these wheels for how they are able to stick to the path, letting you take full control with every turn.

Its tires are uniquely designed to offer high traction and low rolling resistance, enabling you to attain high speeds on light paths. Certainly, you’ll find that the Roadmaster adventure offers outstanding performance on smooth pavements thanks to the dominant tire threads. With such a practical wheel set, you are sure to enjoy cycling through the park paths to the picnic.


  • Multi-sport frame design for agile riding
  • Durable all-steel frame
  • Relaxed road style drop handlebar
  • Comfortable athletic style seat
  • Quick and easy use 7-speed twist shifters
  • Superior power alloy calipers brakes
  • High performance 700c wheel set


  • Linear pull brake systems require technical assistance when assembling
  • All-steel frame makes the bike rather heavy
  • The bike does not come with front derailleurs

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this hybrid good for city riding and commuting?

A: Sure, it’s a perfect ride for your everyday commutes. However, you must steer clear of paths beset with debris.

Q: Are the shifters integrated into the brake levers?

A: No. the brake levers and shifters are independent of each other. Even so, the twist shifters are easy to use and quick to access.

Q: How much does the bike weigh?

A: The bike is heavier than listed. It weighs almost 30 pounds.

Final Verdict:

The Roadmaster bike 700c features a simple yet practical design that promises a thrilling riding experience. It remarkably fuses a stylish profile with functional features to produce a high-performance bike. It is an excellent multipurpose, multisport hybrid bike that is perfect for adventure riding, commuting, fitness riding and even club riding. Comfort is certainly at the heart of its design. 

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