Raleigh Alysa 2 Women’s Fitness Hybrid Bike Review

We were planning for making a mountain bike review (again!) for women and strictly looking for those bikes that are specifically named with Mountain bike/bicycle. But we get to know Raleigh Alysa 2 accidently and thank god we did. 

The Raleigh Bikes Women’s Alysa 2 fitness hybrid bike is an excellent bike for all kind of users. You could be a casual rider who never ride anything more than a single speed bike with skinny tires. Or you could get a mountain bike rider who knows the meaning of an upright stationary bike in trails. Alysa 2 fits all. 

Don’t get confused about the name “hybrid.” It’s a simple hybrid bike with 24-speed control, trustworthy brakes and tires. The versatile feature combination of it makes it best for the usual road and a mountain bike too. It has a men version also and has regular positive feedback from different types of users.


33.4 pounds


Aluminum frame


Mechanical disc brake


3*8 Speed


Lightweight aluminum fork

Available in:

multiple size options

Other Features:

Pedals included,Water bottle mounts

Raleigh Alysa 2 Alternatives:

Product Name





7 speed


16 speed

Raleigh Alysa 2 Review Points

Raleigh Bike Alysa 2 is as sporty, functional and fun bike with great features. If you get deep into it, you will know you never find anything like this under 500 dollars. Let’s see some important features of this Do-it-all bike for women. Have a look below.

Sturdy Frame With Little Styling:

The Raleigh Alysa fitness bike 2 is made maintaining the particular geometry of women. Usually, women have short torsos but long legs comparison to men. And this bike for women takes that count and adds into its design. Avoiding the bright girly colors, the Raleigh bike has a glossy gray color. It’s not dark and looks elegant as a classy women bike.

In addition, the bike is lightweight and made of aluminum fork and frame. It has light blue and teal accents in wheel and frame. The whole color scheme seems attractive and goes with every style. The company keeps the color change every year like this one for 2018 model. But 2019 is light powder blue color. Otherwise, the features are the same.

Use Of High-Quality Materials:

The Raleigh bikes come under 200-500 dollars. The price could be high for some people, or some say it’s affordable. But we can say one thing; you got what you pay for. Like the other manufacturers, Raleigh does not use cheap components to lower the price. Like, the drivetrain includes all Shimano components like the chain and gears. Shimano is well-appreciated by most of the bike mechanic around the world.

In addition, there is an optical readout included in the clock thumb shifter. That let you know which gear you are now in. The bike provides a triple crank up front and the eight-speed cassette in the back. The available speed of the bike is 24 speeds.

This best bike is very safe for every woman. The crank includes chain-guard which keeps the chain grim from getting in your dress. Also, it features a gear range similar to the mountain bike to make easy the hill climbing and carry any loads. The paddles are made of steel and alloy and have broad foot-beds. These offer excellent traction for any shoes you wear. Comparison to the plastic paddles this one is ten times better, durable and secure.

Sustainable Wheels & Tires:

The main attraction or plus point of having the Alysa 2 is it can ride on any road smoothly. That means you can cycling on pavement or gravel road and handle the occasional off-road trail. It’s because the bike is equipped with 700c wheels and 35mm wide tires. The wheels are black and double walled. These are strong and supportive to ant strict condition.

Additionally, the wheels are quick release and can be removed for transport without using any extra tools. But still, anyone needs to use more aggressive tires for off-pavement cycling. You can change the regular tires with another one which more efficient on hard trail cycling.

Better Position To Ride:

The position of this fitness women bike is similar to the mountain bike. That means the shifters, handlebar, and brake levers of the Alysa 2 related to a mountain bike. The handles bar of this bicycle is extensive and has a slight rise.

These help to keep the bike stable and feel stable too. The steam or the connectors to the handlebars and fork is a little short. It provides a neutral riding position and ensures the rider’s comfort and efficiency. If the cycle is for a taller person, then he can adjust the steam for more upright riding.

A Dependable Bike For Every Woman:

The disc brakes used in the bike is similar to the brakes used in the car. Its form the well-known bike gear makes- the Tektro. The Disc Brakes provides better stopping power more than standard rim brakes and need fewer levers squeezing power to stop the bike instantly. This is one of the best features of the bike which makes it worthy climbing hills or mountain roads safely.

They made the mechanism in a way, so it does not come in contact with mud or road grimes. These well-contained brakes excel in a wet and muddy condition also, very well. Furthermore, if you are a user with smaller hands, then you have an advantage too. Like, the brake levers have an adjustable reach which can be positioned closer to grips. So, you get much closer control to ride it comfortably.

Similarly, the bike is paired with ergonomic cushioned grips. These are very secure and let you hold with ease. Besides, the customizing leaver reach gives you the feel of proper control.

In addition the plush and sporty seat of the bike designed to keep the rider in full comfort. The seat post is quick-release for flexible adjustments. 

Important Features:

  • Durable aluminum frame
  • From X-small to large size options
  • Raleigh women specific seat
  • Shimano altus rapid fire shifters
  • KendaKwick Tendril 700x35c tires
  • Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes
  • SR Suntour XCC-T208 28/38/48t crank
  • Shimano Tourney TX800 front/rear derailleurs


  • Lightweight and rides smoothly
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Worth the price
  • 700c wheels keep the ride efficient and fast
  • The flat handlebars and sporty geometry make the ride stable and ease
  • Room for fenders and rack mounts
  • Excellent packaging and original shipping


  • Need professional help to assemble the bike if you need perfection
  • The sizing is confusing you better consult with the seller to the matter first

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- What makes the size differences?

A-Frame size.

Q- What need to pump the tires?

A- Use Presta valves and adaptor.

Q- Is the bike come assembled?

A- Mostly.

Final Words:

Finally all we can say that, if you love the idea of having a sable, lightweight upright bike then you can have the Alysa 2 hybrid. This is a fitness bike specially made for mountain ridings. You can also use it to ride through the city on your way of school, work or explore. It gives you the freedom that you want to test.

The wheels are efficient and safe, the brakes and speed controlling is user-friendly and also, the bike is durable for many years. Thus it’s a mountain bike, it’s suitable to withstand everything from rough weather too, extreme shock and heat. So, we will recommend the Raleigh women’s Alysa 2 bike for those women riders who need a companion for their all fun and exciting adventures.

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