Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru 7-Speed Hybrid Road Bicycle Review

Do you have a hard time choosing between a road bike and mountain bike? Well, the good news is that some bike manufacturers out there are making good value hybrid bikes with tons of style. One such manufacturer is Critical Cycles, a bike brand that seems to get better every year.

In this article, I’m going to do some digging into Critical Cycles Dutch Style 7-Speed bike. This is a hybrid bike that gives a softer and lightweight ride, something that’s hard to achieve from your typical city bike.


35 pounds




Dual Caliper Brake


7 Speed


Lightweight Hand-Built Urban Fork

Available in:

Small and large size

Other Features:

Kenda Kwest 700 x 35c tire, 220mm stem, Leather saddle, Urban type pedal

Features Of Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Hybrid Road Bicycle

Hybrid bikes have been known to combine the features of both road bikes and mountain bikes. Well, this bike stands out by offering the best components and features of both worlds. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the features that give this bike an edge over other models in its category.

Lightweight Step-Thru Steel Frame:

The handcrafted high-tensile steel frame gives you a hybrid bike that’s built for optimal performance. This frame is virtually indestructible, which means you can ride the bike however you darn well please. Compared to aluminum, it offers a good amount of flex that results in a comfortable, smooth ride.

The progressive frame geometry offers a softer, upright riding position. A step-thru design used on the frame gives an easy time getting on and off the bike. This makes the bike ideal for people of all ages and wardrobe choices.

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Handlebar
Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Handlebar With Bell

7-Speed Drivetrain For Precision And Speed:

With 7-speed gear, tackling various terrains is quite possible with this hybrid bike. It makes pedaling easier on hills and adds more comfort in long distance rides. Shifting is achieved using a simple grip-twister, which means you get to change speed without sacrificing control.

Strong-Grip 700cc Kenda Tires:

This hybrid bike comes fitted with standard 700cc tires. These tires are lighter to roll for easy acceleration and climbing. You get a reliable grip and improved shock absorption for a more comfortable ride. Large water dispersion grooves are included on the tires so you don’t get splashed on when riding in the rain.

Higher Comfortable Handlebars:

The shape and positioning of the handlebars is quite crucial in achieving great riding comfort. Well, Critical Cycles Dutch Style bike is built with that in mind. The handlebars are positioned higher and farther from the seat to take pressure off your back and offer an upright riding position. This makes the ride more comfortable, even when commuting for long distances.

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Step Thru Back Wheel
Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Front Side of The Bike

Rear Reflector And Bullet Headlamp For Improved Visibility:

Poor lighting conditions can affect your ride. I think you’ll be glad to know that this hybrid bike makes both day and night riding a possibility. It comes with a headlamp that illuminates your way for improved visibility in the dark. The rear reflector helps keep you safe in high traffic areas at night.

Comfortable Front Suspension Fork:

Most hybrid bikes don’t come with suspensions. Well, Critical Cycles Dutch Style bike stands out unique by including a front fork suspension. The suspension fork helps absorb impact on front wheel. It makes the ride smooth, even when riding on rough streets.


  • Modern hybrid ride with retro appeal
  • Insulates riders from jolts and bumps
  • Easy to get on and off
  • High-response braking
  • Improved nighttime visibility


  • Rim brakes gradually wear out the rim
  • Quite difficult to put together

Who Is It Made for?

This hybrid bike is specially built for the commuter lifestyle. It comes in two size options, small and medium. The small size fits riders who have a height of up to 5 feet 4 inches. On the other hand, the large size is recommended for riders at least 5 feet 5 inches tall. In terms of weight, this bike is recommended for riders up to 220 pounds.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does this bike weigh?

A: With all accessories included, the bike weighs 35 pounds

Q: Are the tires skinny or regular size?

A: The tires are medium size sporting a width of 3.5cm

Q: What type of brakes does the bike have?

A: The bike has front and rear rim brakes

Final Word:

Critical Cycles Dutch Style 7-Speed bike offers a riding experience that is worth every penny spend. Despite being quite tedious putting it together, all the time and effort spend on the task is worth it. This is a high-quality hybrid bike I’d recommend to commuters who value comfort, durability, and performance in a hybrid bike.

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