Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike Review

Are you looking for an affordable hybrid bike that does not skimp on the necessary functional features? Well, the Diamondback Insight 2 bike - 700c Wheels makes a perfect choice. This is an amazing high-performance bike that caters to commuters, trainers, and even adventure cyclists. This hybrid bike seamlessly combines all the best features of a road and mountain bike to produce a practical bike that offers an unforgettable cycling experience.

It’s a jewel you simply cannot resist. Picture this; Butted aluminum 6061-T6 frame, integrated alloy straight aero blade suspension, sealed cartridge brackets, Kenda 700c wheels, a comfortable micro-adjustable alloy seat, and tons of Shimano components (brakes, shifters, cranks and derailleurs).



25 pounds




Linear pull brakes


8 speed



Other Features:

Alloy Rims, 31.8mm alloy handlebar,3D Forged 7Degree stem, adjustable seat

Diamondback Insight 2 Review

Light 6061-T6 Butted Aluminum Frame:

The 2014 Insight 2 features a high-quality frame that guarantees comfort, durability, and stability. Its butted 6061-T6 aluminum hybrid performance frame coupled with an athletic streamline design makes riding this bike a breeze.

You immediately notice that controlling this bike through any terrain becomes easy with every turn. The integrated head tube seamlessly combines with straight alloy aero blade forks to offer a smooth ride even through rougher roads. With such remarkable features, you are able to enjoy your cycling, free from fatigue and muscle strain.

DB Performance Hybrid Seat:

With the 2014 Insight 2 Hybrid Bike, you get to ride comfortably through rough terrains thanks to its comfortable DB Hybrid performance saddle. The bike’s adjustable alloy seat forces you to a nice and comfortable cycling position so you can go faster for longer.

Thanks to its 27.2 micro-adjustable seat and a low rise handlebar, you are able to enjoy this beauty without worry of being too tall or short for the size. What’s more, these components are made of alloys to ensure they are light but sturdy enough to sustain any load.

diamondback insight 2 performance hybrid bike

All-shimano Drivetrain:

The fact that the Diamondback Insight 2014 features an all-shimano drivetrain shows that the manufacturers of this bike were serious about its performance capacity. It comes equipped with Shimano Easyfire 8-speed shifters to drive rear Acera and front FDM-191 Shimano derailleurs for utmost precision.

With these, a beginner is sure to hit the right gear notch with every thrust of the pedal. Quality FCM131 Shimano cranks offer a superior push to allow for agile riding. And, when the time is right, use the EF-51 Shimano performance brake levers to bring the bike to a nice and smooth halt.

Kenda 700c kwicktrax Wheels:

Whether you are looking for speed or stance, the Kenda 700c wheels of the Diamondback Insight 2 will surpass your expectations. Its tires are distinctively designed to grip any terrain, offering low rolling resistance for a swift ride. The bikes DoublewallesEquition 23 are robust and offers regular stability for effortless riding.

Integrated Aero Straight alloy blade suspensions allow for easy controlling and vertical stance. The blade forks work in concert with this superior performance wheelset to produce unwavering performance, precision, and stance on the road. Thanks to such a practical combination you are able to enjoy a unique riding experience.

Alloy Calipers Linear Brakes:

With the Insight 2 Hybrid Bike, you can confidently ride in a high speed knowing you are backed by a superior performance braking system. The bike features steadfast EF-51 Shimano brake levers that are always up to the task whenever you need to stop. Its Alloy calipers linear pull brakes ensure that you have a reliable braking system that brings you to a smooth halt.

Pretty Easy Assembly:

The bike arrives mostly assembled, so what is left to put together is pretty easy to complete. The assembly process is a breeze. It does not require any sophisticated tools you might not have in your toolbox. It only takes a couple of minutes to have your Insight 2 up and running.

It comes with a manual guide for the assembly process in case you are stuck somewhere. Even so, I would recommend that you seek the assistance of a professional – just to be safe. In which case, you will incur some costs.


  • Light butted aluminum hybrid performance frame
  • Excellent stance alloy aero forks
  • Comfortable DB Hybrid seat
  • 27.2 micro adjustable alloy seat
  • All-shimano drivetrain for unwavering agility
  • Kenda 700c kwicktrax wheels
  • Superior performance braking system


  • The bike does not come with shocks on the straight suspensions
  • An 8speed drive train limits gear range
  • Linear pull brake system is technical

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the recommended weigh limit?

A: I am 220 pounds and rode the 2014 model with full rear panniers without any troubles.

Q: Does the front wheel come off easily?

A: The bike has a quick-release for both front and rear wheels. You don’t need any tools to remove the wheels.

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: I suppose the delivery package is about 25lbs.

Final Verdict:

Riding on the Diamondback bicycles insight 2 complete hybrid bike feels like riding a mountain bike and a road bike all at the same time. Whether you are looking for comfort, style, or performance, this 2014 hybrid bike will certainly keep things exciting and serious at the same time. It comes equipped with high-quality practical features –obviously built with genius engineering and innovative technology- that guarantee comfort, speed, and stance. It’s amazing that even with all its remarkable high-quality features, this bike is able to maintain a low price tag.

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