Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men’s Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn is a giant bike manufacturer that has dominated the market for over a century. The brand has a collection of hybrid bikes designed for riders who want a versatile hybrid bike at an affordable price for fitness riding on and off the road.

Of the many available models, Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is noticeably more stylish with a performance that every rider will love. This hybrid bike is not only top of the line, but also packs a number of features that separate it from other competition.


46 pounds




Linear pull brakes


21 speed


Schwinn suspension fork

Other Features:

Schwinn alloy crank, Shimano rear derailleur, rear gear carrier, Adjsutable stem, Comfortable padded saddle

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Features

Schwinn Discover is not your regular hybrid bike that offers just the basic attributes. It goes an extra mile to provide high-end features that keep you comfortable and safe every time you hit the road. Here’s a look at the most notable features of this hybrid bike.

Front Suspension Aluminum City Frame:

The aluminum frame used on this bike adds more comfort to city travel. Apart from catering for the needs of the urban rider, the frame comes tough enough to withstand off-road abuse.

Compared to hybrid bikes with a steel frame, you get the convenience of a lightweight, rust-resistant bike. At 40.5 pounds, I’d say that the frame does a great job in keeping the weight of the bike to a minimum, especially when you consider that this is a large bike.

Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men’s Hybrid Bike Fork

Well, away from the rugged lightweight built, this frame comes with a front fork suspension to give you a smooth ride. Discover Men's Hybrid Bike has sufficient fork travel to even quench your thirst for park riding and cross-country racing. In short, this hybrid bike gives you the chance to explore more.

Smooth-Shifting 21-Speed Gear:

Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men’s Hybrid Bike Back Tire With Paddle

Let’s face it, getting a 21-speed hybrid bike at a price range of Discover Hybrid Bike is not that easy. I must say that it is a special offer for those that want to venture beyond the flat city trails.

With this set of gears, you can climb hills and conquer inclines using less effort than you would on a hybrid bike that has fewer gears. 

The high number of speeds also means that the bike can be used by riders at all fitness levels. This hybrid bike uses grip shifters, a feature that makes gear changes fast and easy.

Adjustable Swept-Back Upright Handlebar:

This bike is fitted with a rise bar designed to extend slightly upward and toward the rider. It allows you to sit in a more upright position, which is a healthy posture that keeps your spine aligned.

The upright posture offers an excellent view of the trail ahead for good control while steering the bike.

Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men’s Hybrid Bike Handlebar

 The stem of the handlebar is adjustable to let you customize it to your own height. This makes the bike a versatile choice for riders of different sizes.

Comfortable Padded Saddle With Suspension Seat Post:

Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men’s Hybrid Bike Comfortable Saddle

A plush seating platform is quite crucial, especially when doing long distance rides. This hybrid takes care of that by including a large ergonomic saddle.

The large size accommodates both small and large users. Sufficient padding is used to offer a cozy feel. The seat post has its own suspension mechanism that takes the impact away from the body.

Strong, Sturdy Rear Cargo Carrier:

Well, a cargo carrier is a common thing in most hybrid bikes. But wait, the cargo carrier that comes with this hybrid bike is quite special in its own way. It has a strong, sturdy built for multi-purpose use. You can use it for transporting groceries or carry other personal items. This is a feature that can actually take the boredom out of your ride. For instance, your child can sit on it to give each other company during those long rides.

Adjustment-Free Assembly:

Much of the bike comes pre-assembled and no adjustments are needed. Though a little bit tricky to figure out, the sub-assembly part can be easily done by studying the manual that comes with the bike. For the experienced rider, the assembly process might take about an hour or two. Novice riders have the option of taking the bike to a local mechanic for assembly and adjustments.


  • Durable double frame construction
  • Comfortable upright seating style
  • Solid brake levers and gear shifters
  • Great gear ration for tackling various trails and road conditions
  • Quality components for the price


  • Assembling the bike can take a lot of time
  • Fenders used on the bike are made of plastic

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How tall do you need to be to ride this bike?

A: This bike fits riders who are at least 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Q: In what positions can the handlebar be adjusted to?

A: The handlebar can be raised higher or brought closer to the seat.

Q: Is the bike difficult to assemble?

A: Much of the bike comes pre-assembled. However, it’s quite difficult studying the setup manual for remaining attachments.

Final Word:

Apart from the few minor drawbacks, this is a high-quality bike from a brand you can trust. I recommend it to riders who want a mountain bike adventure in a stylish and comfortable hybrid bike.

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