Ridley Fenix Alloy 105 FE701BM Road Bike Review

Ridley is a brand that lives and breathes the sport of cycling. It has a long line of road bikes that best serve the purpose they’re designed for. One such model is Ridley Fenix 105.

While most road bikes are tailor-made for a specific ride - racing, Ridley Fenix 105 adds a new meaning to what we know about road bikes. It’s a race-worthy all-around ride that offers something extra - endurance comfort.

Care to find out more about this multifunction road bike? Well, this articles presents an in-depth review of Fenix 105 road bike. It includes essential features and benefits that make it stay ahead of the competition. Why wait? Let’s dive in and find out if it’s the dream road bike you’ve been looking for.


21 pounds




Caliper Brakes


22 speed


Carbon fork

Available in:

48cm, 50cm

Other Features:

Belgium tough 4Za wheels, 4Za anatomical Cockpit

Ridley Fenix Alloy 105 FE701BM Road Bike - Review Points

Fenix 105 has lots of features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition. This section of the review looks at some of the features that allow you to enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Super Tough Aluminum Construction:

Carbon bikes and frames are all the craze, especially in elite road bikes. But you have to give it to Fenix 105 when it comes to the use of aluminum. The frame is of lightweight, but sturdy aluminum reinforced with steel and titanium. What you get is a plush ride that comes in a lighter and stiffer package.

The top tube and down tube have a unique diamond shape profile that adds reinforcement from the inside. Curved design for the top tube makes the bike more responsive. The head tube has a tapered design and is a bit shorter for additional stiffness. A bottom bracket keeps the frame structure stable and rigid. It is oversized for efficient power transmission. The overall look is a significant makeover with a touch of aerodynamics and endurance comfort.

Ridley Fenix Alloy 105 Front Tube

Smooth Riding Carbon Fork:

Increased strength without weight penalty is a real catch in a road bike. The carbon fork offers that with a bit more extra. It filters vibrations and absorbs shock when riding on uneven ground.

The carbon fork keeps the tires in contact with the ground at all times. The result is jerk-free rides and improved handling. The carbon fork combines with the aluminum frame to offer long-mile comfort and road-worthy stiffness.

Ergonomic Shimano 105 Gearing Function:

You’ll agree with me that Shimano 105 offers affordable workhorse components. It forms a supportive drivetrain for training, long rides, and more serious races. You get greater accessibility that adds pleasure to every ride.

Advanced ergonomics, smoothness, and functionality offer snappy response and comfort. The drivetrain has 22 gear options to overcome climbs and long flatter terrains. It’s activated with precision 105 STI shifters that make riding more enjoyable.

Enhanced Tire Clearance:

It’s good to have a road bike that lets you experiment with different tire sizes. I mean, you don’t want to get stuck with one tire size for years, do you? Fenix 105 offers more tire clearance to fit 28mm or 30mm tubular tires for high-end performance. It does so without affecting drivetrain alignment. You get customized comfort in a wide range of terrains and riding conditions.

Fenix 105 comes with default 28mm tires. These tires provide a better compromise between weight, comfort, and performance. 28mm is a right size for the rough beaten trail and offer great support for heavier riders.

Ridley Fenix Alloy 105 Chain

Comfort Giving Flex with Anatomical Cockpit:

105 Fenix bike has lowered flat-section seat stays with a narrower profile than previous models to increase compliance on bumpy roads. It’s a good design update that adds flex, maintains lateral stiffness, and absorbs road noise. The seatpost sits low at a vertically compliant 27.2mm for additional comfort.

4ZA handlebars make a perfect addition to the bike’s cockpit. These bars have been lab tested and approved. You get an ideal combination of strength and lightness in a stable alloy structure. The result is long hours of comfort and healthy riding posture.

Clean Internal Cable routing:

Internal cable routing is mostly cosmetic, right? Well, that’s true. However, there are a few extra benefits that can improve riding performance. First, internal cabling offers some weight saving, even though not very significant. Secondly, the cables are shielded from the elements, dirt, and moisture. That means shifting and braking performance stay better for longer.

Internal cable routing means nothing gets in your way when carrying the bike upstairs. Chances of the cables getting stuck and snapping are also kept to a minimum. It’s a type of cable routing that creates an aerodynamic configuration for smooth airflow over the entire bike.


Fenix 105 requires out of the box assembly. Front wheel, handlebars, seat, and pedals are parts that need putting together. NB: Pedals don’t come with the package.

Important Features:

  • Lightweight race-oriented aluminum frame
  • Vibration-dampening carbon fiber fork
  • Do-it-all Shimano 105 22-speed drivetrain
  • Anatomical cockpit
  • Internal cable routing
  • Front and rear rim brakes
  • Three size options: XX-Small (48cm), X-Small (50cm), and Small (55cm)


  • Road bike and endurance bike in one ride
  • Lightweight construction
  • Quality vibration-reducing fork
  • Compact geometry with excellent power transfer and agility
  • Great gearing
  • Enhanced wheel clearance


  • Brakes might need upgrading
  • Pedals not included

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does this bike weigh?

A: The bike weighs 21 pounds out of the box.

Q: What kind of tires does this bike have?

A: The bike has Continental Ultra Sports tires.

Q: Are pedals included in the package?

A: No, pedals are not included.

Who Is It Made For?

Ridley Fenix 105 is a men’s ride. It’s a suitable option for short riders up to 5 feet 10 inches tall. The bike is built for riders of all abilities.

Final Verdict:

Fenix 105 is an all-around bike that offers high-powered performance, whether on pavement or unforgiving cobblestone surfaces. It provides an aero advantage and makes a real catch for the part-time racer. The brakes are not a high-end option, but you can always upgrade. Overall, it’s an affordable, high-performance road bike you don’t want to miss out.

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