Mountain Biking With Dog – Ultimate Guide

Mountain biking is a fun activity, but lone rides can be boring. You can make the activity enjoyable by tagging your dog along. However, before you do, it is important to know all that you need to do for both you and the dog to be safe. You should also determine the right dog to take out, its size, the temperament, breed, and age. This detailed guide provides more tips on mountain biking with a dog that you should know.

Do's And Don'ts For Mountain Biking


Train Your Dog:

Train your dog so that it can obey all your instructions while out there. Keep in mind that there will be other animals as well as other trail users. These can easily be a distraction for the dog if not trained well.

Train your dog to have excellent recall skills. This way, your dog will quickly come back to you when you recall it. Apart from recall skills, also train your dog on the meaning of phrases such as "stop", "hurry", "drop it" or "slow". Check on your tone of voice for commands, too, as dogs also learn this.

Check For Rules In The Area You Wish To Ride:

Not all places accept dogs or dogs without a leash. If the area does not accept dogs, there surely is a reason. Be familiar with the rules and regulations of the intended trail and the terrain and routes.

Keep The Dog Hydrated:

Just like you, the dog will also need drinking water. The energy used to climb up the mountain is not little. As you fill your water bottle, remember to pack some for the dog too. She or he will constantly sip while you bike.

Avoid Crowded Trails:

"Don't be afraid, he is friendly" you will hear this statement from most dog owners. Your dog might be the sweetest and friendliest pet, but other dogs on the same trail may not be. Some people on the trail may also be fearful of dogs. Think about mountain biking with dog on a less crowded trail.

Tag Your Dog:

Dogs are very playful, and chances are yours is likely to run around the woods. If it is possible, put a tag on it for identification purposes. The tag can be a microchip or simply a collar with contact information.


Leash The Dog On Your Bike:

Leashing the dog is DANGEROUS for both you and the dog. The leash could also choke the dog in case unexpected objects catch it up.

Leave A Mess Behind:

Nobody likes to clean dog poop, especially after you. Take dog poop bags with you to your ride. You can wrap the poop in double bags for safety.

Go In Extreme Weather:

Too hot or too cold weather is uncomfortable for the dog. Because fur covers the dog's body, running in hot weather may be a challenge. Similarly, carry a dog jacket in extremely cold weather.

Dog Gears You Should Know

  • Dog bike seat
  • Bike leash (preferably elastic)
  • Bike antenna
  • Dog booties

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Best Trail Dog Breeds For Mountain Biking

Australian Cattle Dog:

Also known as a heeler, an Australian Cattle Dog is a tough, muscular little dog. It is incredibly tolerant of heat and has high levels of endurance. This dog specifically bred to work. It is intelligent and focused; this makes it easy to train.


On days, you feel like you will not go biking, a Brittany will psyche you up. Brittany breed of dogs have an infectious energy. You do not have to worry about a wandering dog, and a Brittany will not. This dog is easy to train as it learns very fast. There will be no issues with a Brittany breed, with a dog lagging behind, and they do not get tired.


Pointers, especially German Short Haired and Hungarian Pointer are athletic and very energetic. They are intelligent and fast too. They need lots of exercises and are known for being boisterous. Pointers need more training in listening skills rather than a sense of smell.


Going back to history, Weimaraner was used for hunting in Europe. Because of that, this breed is inclined to nature and outdoor settings. This is a great choice for mountain biking since this dog can easily find its way on the trail. Weimaraner is a good athletic breed and can run long distances. Their short hair makes them perfect in warm weather.


Dobermans have respectfully earned a reputation of being the best guard dogs. Their athletic lean bodies make them superb runners. Additionally, their energy level is also admirable. These breeds are also fearless, not making them easily startled. Dobermans are very obedient, making them well behaved on the trail.

Other Breeds Worth Considering:

Apart from the above breeds, also other dog breeds make great companions on the trail. These include Border collie, Coonhound, Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, Labrador, and Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Q: How do you mountain bike with a dog?

A: This means bringing your dog along to your mountain biking adventure. You need to train the dog prior and make sure it gets used to bicycle sounds.

Q: Can you ride a bike with a dog?

A: Yes, you can if you buy a good bike leash. Investing in a bike basket is also a good idea. Attach the basket to the bike and have the dog sit in it.

Q: What is a trail dog?

A: A trail dog is simply an athletic, energetic, and highly intelligent dog that you can take to a bike ride.

Q: How far can you bike with your dog?

A: It is not possible to start riding miles right away. You should increase your dog's stamina slowly. For every four to six sessions of riding, you can increase the distance by five or ten percent.

Q: What is the best trail dog?

A: The best trail dogs you can take for mountain biking should have long legs, short hair, and long snout. They should have focus, be intelligent, easy to train, and have high levels of endurance. The dog should also be fearless and not easy to distract.

Q: Why do dogs run after bikes?

A: Dogs have an instinct of running after everything that moves. Besides, dogs like to defend their territory, and they will sense when an intruder is in.

Q: Can I put my dog in my bike basket?

A: Yes, you can. However, you will need to train it to sit in the basket and stay calm. If you are taking the dog biking for the first time, it is essential to secure it.

Q: How do I pick the right dog?

A: For you to pick the right dog for mountain biking, search online for the best dogs for outdoor activities. Also, go to the vet to have the dog vaccinated before taking it out. You could also ask around from friends and family who have gone mountain biking with dogs for their suggestions.


Mountain biking with dog is a fun activity for both the rider and the dog. Make the ride safe by following the tips above while taking the said precautions. If you do so, riding on the mountain will be enjoyable for you, your dog, and other trail users.

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