Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Skateboard As A Bike Rider

There were times when skateboards used to be so difficult to manage. In old school boards, the desk was heavy and it took force to move. Later, it changed and the different shapes of the boards made it smoother and easier to move. The new desk was lighter in weight and a bike rider can easily manage it

In this new age, the concept of the skateboard is changed. It is no more manual. You don’t have to give it a force to start. You can now simply press a button and it will start the skateboard for you. The first wireless electric skateboard was invented in 1997. It was not until 2006 that they were able to provide a board with high equilibrium and torque.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Skateboard As A Bike Rider

History Of Skateboard:

A manufacturer Louie Finkle is supposed to be the creator of many devices. It was not long that he had an idea of a skateboard where there was less power required. It did not take him long to achieve the goal.

But there were many obstacles. The device needed a lot of improvements to work properly. In 2006 he made a highly equipped skateboard. There was no flaw in the board. In 2012 the product gained popularity. It is still there are many versions of the electric skateboards are present.

As a bike rider, you may know how to ride a bike or any vehicle on the road. But skateboard is a different thing and so before buying a skateboard you need to know some important thing about it. If you're on the find for an scooter, I recommend checking out this comparison by my friends over at ScooterInside.

Structure Of An Electric Skateboard:

Structurally it is a very simple device. Few components altogether make an amazing electric skateboard. These components are:

  • Electric motor
  • Power from batteries
  • Speed controlling device
  • Wireless throttle

Assembling all these parts in the right manner on a simple skateboard can turn your skateboard into an electric skateboard.

What To Check To Buy An Electric Skateboard

1. Check The Motor:

The motor of the skateboard is of great use. It gives the torque required to move. These motors are divided into two groups.

  • Hub motors: Motors are in the wheel hub. They are mostly used in the smaller electric boards. When it is attached inside the wheel, it gives more range but the torque is minimized. The Hub motors do not require as much maintenance. 
  • Belt-Driven system: in this motor a belt is attached to get the motor going. This is noisier than the Hub motor and also it costs much. It is like the chain in a bicycle. It gives more torque but the range is less than the hub motor. 

2. Speed And Range:

As a bike rider you should have ideas over speed, range and battery. Though it is not same as bike but it will surely help you. So, speed, range and battery time are the first thing you should notice in the skateboard. Observe these specifications. If a company is offering a 7-10 mph then it is probable that it will range in 7 mph. The maximum number provided is actually in an ideal situation. The consumer should be a lightweight person. This ideal weight and feet size will make it possible to get maximum mph. In skateboarding, speed is very important. Because you need to travel long distances and also show some of your capabilities. It is also notable that if you want to ride for long distance, then instead of skateboard, a long board can be a great option. And as an environment friendly option, we would suggest you to use magneto bamboo longboard.  Moreover, it is easier to ride and get up to speed when you need. The following are some skateboards with maximum range.

  • Lift board: it provides a range of 16 miles per hour. The deck is soft and flexible. It has a 900w motor. The wheels are 90 mm. 
  • Yuneec E-G02: it is comfortable for long-distance travel. It has a speed of 12.5 mph. it has a belt motor. It provides more torque. 
  • Dakott Electric Skateboard: it is a compact board. It has a speed of 20 mph. it has a range of 20 miles. It has the power of 1200w.

3. Deck Of The Board:

It is important to see the deck. It is the wooden plank. Mostly it is a maple wood. It gives the deck more flexibility and spin. It is easy to handle. Many manufacturers make a deck of other materials. But it is not a good option. The fiberglass is a stiff material. For skating it is important to opt the wooden deck. It will give more spin. It will allow you to have a good ride. 

The weight of the board is also an important thing. It should weight up to a significant number. Exceeding that number is going to cause a serious problem. It will be convenient to carry around. The lightweight board is very easy. You can read some cheap electric skateboard reviews and then buy one.

4. Warranty:

Look for the warranty card. Choose the one with good warranty options. The company mostly skips major warranty issues. Read the card carefully and then decide. Find the loopholes in the given warranty. Actually, it is not a tough task for you as you have experience and quite familiar with bike warranty policy. Take your time and make all the pros and cons of the purchase. In the case of any damage, the warranty is going to help you with repair or refund. Many times companies allow exchanging the product. Sometimes the customer is not clear about the terms and conditions. Ask for help with the salesman. He can help you understand everything better.

5. Weight Limit:

The fiberglass deck is very rigid. It can cause difficulty in operating it. It can be suitable for a person with less weight. The less weight will make it easy to skate properly. For the average person’s weight, the maple wood board is the best choice. Look for the specifications in the given chart. When you go to purchase something, make sure to read everything carefully. It will not take much of your time. But this decision is going to affect your game. An electric skateboard has a motor and battery attached to it. If the weight is greater than the allowed limit, it will create a problem.


Everyone wants to follow the trend so why a biker will miss the trend. When any product is launched there is a hype about it. It mesmerizes the users. They attract their customers with offers and show the possible benefits of using it. Now electric skateboards are very popular. But before buying anything biker should find out everything about it. List out all the pros and cons of the product you like. Then decide according to the result. There is a large variety of products on the market. The features may be a little different but they range from cheap to pricey.

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