Disc Brakes Vs Rim Brakes: Which One Is Better On Your Hybrid Bike

Good brakes are important especially on bicycles and often are the last defense to avoid an accident. First, the two main types of brakes are discs and rims. Choosing the best one for bicycles depends on the type of bike, type of riding, and experience level.

Each type has advantages and therefore affects the ride differently. Regular maintenance resolves issues bike brakes commonly experience. The proper quality brakes for riding styles are also important.

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Cyclists rely on their brakes and brake failure is always a possibility; however, there are safe ways to slow or stop a bike if the brakes fail. First, the safest way is to coast uphill allowing gravity to slow the bike.

Consequently, alternative methods are used if no hill is nearby, for example, turn sharply while leaning the bike and of course, the rear tire skids sideway slowing down the bike. Besides those, a foot on the rear tire by the brake bridge works. However, it is dangerous compared to other methods.

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Disc Brakes Vs Rim Brakes

Rim Brakes:

Rim brakes are the most common on bicycles. First, the rider squeezes the lever on the handlebars and next cable transmits to the pads. The pads squeeze on the rim to stop the bike. However, the two main problems are brakes making contact with rims and the rims get slippery in the mud. The two types of rim brakes are cantilever and V-brakes. The unattached cable on the V-brake is the main difference between them. V-brakes designed for certain types of mountain bikes with the suspension to ensure a smoother ride. Hence the design, rim brakes are lighter, easier to maintain, and cheaper.

Disc Brakes:

The advanced option in bicycle brakes is disc brakes. A hub holds a metal disc spinning freely with the wheel; after the hand grip is squeezed a caliper on the fork squeezes the disc to stop the bike. Mechanical brakes squeeze the calipers with the same force as brake lever; also hydraulics amplifies the force for greater stopping power as they are evenly applied. Consequently, more advanced brakes require more parts and more maintenance. However, disc brakes have reasons they are better, for instance, they are not affected in wet or dirty conditions compared to rim brakes. In addition, brakes are affected if rim bends obviously because of their location.

Rim Brakes Vs. Disc Brakes On Hybrid Bike:

Obviously, both types of brakes have advantages which affect the ride. Rims are lighter compared to discs, and in contrast, rim brakes are easier to repair. Disc brakes have more advantages; greater stopping power, rims stay cool, braking is more precise and more effective in wet weather to demonstrate a few. In relation to the comparison, weight, maintenance, and power are the main differences. Rim brakes are lighter and easier to maintain; however, disc brakes have more power especially in poor weather. On the other hand, discs brakes squeals from mud when it gets on them.

Advantages Of Rim Brakes:

  • Lighter than disc brakes
  • More aerodynamic than disc brakes
  • Easier to repair
  • Cost less

Advantages Of Disc Brakes:

  • Greater stopping power, helpful on long descents
  • Do not heat the rim, known to cause tire blowouts on long descents
  • More precise braking, wheel lockup less likely
  • In wet weather work better than rim brakes
  • Changing rotor sizes adjust braking power
  • Easier to use with wider tires

Hybrid Bicycles:

Hybrid bicycles combine characteristics of specialized bikes; for example, road, touring, and mountain bikes. The result is surprisingly comfortable general-purpose bike popular with many types of riders. Hybrid bikes tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and lighter weight result in faster speed. They are classified in subcategories in regard to design priorities, especially the type of riding.

Different Types:

  • Trekking bikes
  • Cross bikes
  • Commuter Bikes
  • City Bikes 
  • Comfort bikes 

Which Brakes Are Better For Hybrid Bikes?

Clearly, most cyclists prefer rim breaks especially V-brakes even on hybrids. Nevertheless, disc brakes are still better for wet riding conditions. Similarly to other bikes, riders decide which brakes they prefer for their experience, riding style, and type of hybrid. Apparently, a city hybrid bike rides in different conditions than a cross hybrid bike. Clearly riding in a city or commutating increases the risk of vehicle-related bicycle accidents which are the most common type of bicycle accidents. For this purpose, disc brakes are safer for any weather condition and have more stopping power. Comfort hybrid bikes are even lighter with rim brakes.

Final Word:

In conclusion, both rim and disc brakes have advantages and disadvantages regardless of the type of bike. Cyclists determine what brakes are best for them according to their riding styles, road conditions, experience level, and type of bike. Disc brakes function better in wet or muddy conditions compared to rim brakes. However, rim brakes are cheaper and easier to fix especially on off-road or touring rides. In any case, the brakes stop the bike and for the safety of the cyclist, proper working brakes are important. Hybrid bikes are combinations of features from other bikes, for example, a comfortable seat and handlebars from a road bike combined with the lighter frame of a mountain bike. Hybrids are growing in popularity specifically with beginner cyclists.

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