10 Best Mountain Biking Trails In The United States You Should Know

Mountain biking is an off-road sport where riders use special kinds of mountain bikes to navigate through rough terrain. It is a good way to maintain physical health and energy and learn how to push yourself. Most of the trail biking professionals advise that you go on your first trail with an experienced person.

An experienced partner will come in handy when you have any troubles with your bicycle. A cycling partner can also help you if you have problems navigating on a particular terrain or what gears you need to use no to mention the motivation.

The United States of America is known for its several mountain biking trails stretched across the country. Below is a list of ten best trails that you can consider for your adventures.

10 Best Mountain Biking Trails in the United States You Should Know

1. Mills Peak:

It is located in the large state of California. The trail was founded by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. The Mills Peak is a fabulous mix of all kinds of terrain both smooth and rough. The diverse terrain provides more fun challenges for the trailers.

It stretches 13.8 miles with an elevation of 2900feet above sea level It’s. The forested surrounding adds to the fun of trailing. The summit of Mills peak provides a wonderful view to the tourists and the riders.

The Mills Peak is divided into three sub-trails each with a different level of difficulty and experience need. As the bikers ride, they might spot a number of amazing features like the Gold Lakes Basin and a waterfall.

2. South Boundary:

This trail is located near Taos in the state of New Mexico. It covers a total distance of 13.8 miles with an elevation of 3274 meters able sea level. Some of the trails are located inside the Carson National Forest. This gives a chance for the riders to spot some wild animals as they cross the trails.

The South Boundary allows bikers to bring their dogs along with them since the trail is wide enough to accommodate but the dogs should be on leashes. The best time to use the trail is between May and October.

3. Mc Kenzie River Trail:

It is located in Blue River in the state of Oregon. The McKenzie River trail stretches across 20 miles. It is a single track trail. It has both fairly smooth and rocky terrain which facilitates riders of all levels.

The balanced terrain provides a more hyped up trail experience. Riders also get an opportunity to see the McKenzie Lake and local waterfalls like Sahalie and Tamolitch.

4. Wasatch Crest Trail:

This trail is located in Salt Lake City in the state of Utah. The trail covers a total of 12.5 miles from the starting point to the finishing point. It is a single track trail. The Wasatch Crest trail has three different Starting points for bikers; Park City, Big Cottonwood Canyon and Mill Creek Canyon. The starting point a biker chooses depends on the level of difficulty and adventure one would like to have.

5. Broken Arrow Trail:

It is located in Sedona in the state of Arizona. The trail often receives a large number of bikers. This shows how good it is but on the bad side, there will be a lot of traffic along the trails. The trail itself covers a length of 3.5miles. As you trail through Broken Arrow, you will get a chance to see the Devils Dining Room, a very large sinkhole. Apart from that, there are many different scenic views that a trailer can definitely enjoy.

6. 401 Trail:

This trail is located in Central Butte in the state of Colorado. It covers a total distance of 14 miles and 60% of it is single track trail. The trail has a wonderful view of the Elk Range Mountains and some Alpine lakes. It goes as high as 11000 feet above sea level. There is usually little traffic along the trails making your biking very comfortable.

7. The Kingdom Trails:

It is located in East Burke in the state of Vermont. The trail is available for biking between May and October since this is the time of favorable biking weather. The Kingdom Trail has one of the longest single track trails stretching a clean 60 miles.

It features jump lines and wooden bridges found along the way provide more challenges and thus fun for the riders. For a more challenging trail, a ride can go up Burke Mountain or around Darling hill. Something to note is that Kingdom Trails accommodates all levels of riders from learners to professionals.

Fun fact; the trail crosses 79 pieces of land belonging to 79 different owners. Isn't it amazing to see people come together to enable you and I have some fun?

8. Torry Ridge:

It is located in Sherando Valet in the state of Virginia. The trail stretches across a 9.1 mile range. The elevation of the trail is 1700 feet above sea level. It is located near Sherando Lake. Torry Ridge provides camping as an extra service. Sherando Lake has a manmade beach that the riders and campers can visit. The Torry Ridge is a challenging trail with steep and rocky terrain sections.

9. Ridgeline Trail:

The Trail is located in DuPont State Forest in the state of North Carolina. It is a downhill and pretty smooth terrain. The forest gives the trail a beautiful natural look. Ridgeline covers a total of 7 miles. Along the trail, you will find large beams that add up to the beauty of the trail.

10.  Bangtail Divide Trail:

Bangtail is found in Bozeman in the state of Montana. The trail covers a total distance of 24 miles. The elevation of Bangtail is 3045 feet above sea level. The trail crosses beautiful mountainous regions that are a fun factor for the trail. The trail covers the area between Stone through Olson to Brackett Creek. The trail has both smooth and rough terrain and uphill and downhill options.


When going on a mountain biking trail ride, ensure you choose the trail according to what you want to experience and achieve. It could be a trail to enjoy nature and beautiful scenic views, a fun ride or a challenging ride.

Ensure you carry the appropriate gear as you head for the trail. These include the right bicycle, a helmet, a bag, a pump, gloves, a backpack and any other things you might need. Once settled buckle up, and go and enjoy your trail.

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