What You Should Wear In Mountain Biking – (9 Gear To Consider)

Are you new to mountain biking and are looking for tips on the right kind of gear to take with you?

You are definitely in the right place. Mountain biking is a pretty active game done off-road. During mountain biking, it is extremely important to have the right gear. This is because of the many risks you can experience on the road. 

The right gear will ensure your safety and also comfort. Additionally, with the right gear, you will get improved performance. You need to choose biking gear based on your personal style and preference. Let's dive into the various gear that you need when mountain biking.

9 Gear You Should Wear In Mountain Biking Trips

1. Helmet:

The head is a very important organ in the human body. This fact makes the helmet the most important gear a rider or a mountain biker has or needs. Mountain biking can be far riskier than normal cycling. The helmet will work to protect your head from any form of injury that may occur during riding. 

Mountain bike helmets are designed in a unique way as compared to normal helmets. They tend to cover a larger part of the head. This ensures protection from branches and rocks and other biking hazards. Mountain biking helmets also come with visors to protect the eyes from direct sunlight.

2. Eye Protection:

Though not compulsory, it is highly recommended that you wear something over your eyes. For mountain bikers, this will have to be goggles. They cover a wide surface area of the face making them the safest form of eye protection for mountain bikers. They protect the eyes from dust, stones, mud and the wind. Some helmets come along with their own goggles. If your helmet doesn't have one, make sure you get yourself a pair from the stores.

3. Elbow/Knee Pads:

As a rider, you probably know that your knees and elbows are more likely to get hurt than any other body part in case of a crash. So, it would be a very good idea to find some pads for your knees and elbows. Pads come in two forms. Hard plastic cap pads that provide more protection but are not very comfortable as such. On the other hand, soft plastic cap pads have the opposite characteristics. They provide more comfort when riding but are not so protective.

4. Shoes:

Mountain biking shoes are a lot different from normal shoes. They are more durable hence can be used over a larger time frame. They are also strong for better performance. There are two types of mountain biking shoes; those with clips at the bottom and the flat type. The first type has clips to attach to the pedal for better performance. If you have a flat shoe type then you might need modified pedals with pins to hold the shoes and hence the rider in place.

5. Gloves:

Your hands might get really sweaty when riding a bicycle. Sweaty hands reduce the grip of the hands on the handlebars. This poses a threat to the safety of the rider. It is for this reason that you really need hand gloves during riding. Even though most if not all handlebars are made rough to increase the grip it's better to use gloves. Riding the bicycle can also make your hands really tired. Gloves will cushion your hands and reduce the weariness.
Gloves protect our hands from rocks and hanging tree twigs and branches. They also keep us warm during cold weather and protect the hands from windy conditions.

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6. Mountain Bike Specific Jersey, Shorts/Trousers:

Mountain biking has its own specific type of wear. This specific wear is made of tough material that will protect you as a rider from getting bruised or getting injured in the event of a crash.

Apart from safety, the right attire keeps you cool and dry by absorbing all the sweat produced by the body due to vigorous body activity. The specified attire is stretchy and more flexible which provides comfort to the rider.

7. Jacket:

The weather in the mountainous regions where you are most likely going to bike get cold and wet pretty much frequently. It would be a good idea to a jacket along with you in case of any changes in the weather. Mountain biking jackets are usually lightweight for flexibility during riding. The jacket will also act as a windbreaker for you as a rider.

8. Hydration Pack:

A hydration pack is a special type of backpack that contains a water storage reserve inside. It has a drinking straw or tube that is located on the rider's chest thus making it easy for a rider to drink even when riding.

Besides the water reserve, the pack can be used to carry other things that the rider might need. These could include snacks, a jacket, and tools for repairing the bicycle if need be. One can also carry along a first aid kit in case of an emergency.

9. Socks Or Arm/Leg Warmers:

Though not so important, one might carry them to keep warm especially during cold conditions like those in winter. The socks can also keep the feet clean from the dust and mud found on the trails. They also protect the feet inside the shoes. It would be advisable to carry along a pair or two.


Before going on an epic mountain biking trip, get yourself the right gear. The appropriate gear will ensure that you have maximum safety. Besides safety, your comfort will depend on the kind of gear you choose.

If you choose the right kind of gear, you will not only be safe but also comfortable. Comfortable and safe biking is equivalent to a well spent time. 

As you keep on biking you might find it easier to choose your right kind of biking gear. Once you are done choosing your gear, hop on your bicycle and head for the trails. Maximize your time at the trails and enjoy your rides.

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