Tommaso Sorrento Hybrid Shimano Fitness Bike Review

Tommaso Bikes strive to give customers ready-made, inexpensive, quality bicycles. They do not only aim to make the best mountain and fitness bikes but the best road bikes too. With the Sorrento Hybrid, Tommaso has lowered the price of the La Forma Bike, another Tommaso hybrid, and changed a few features to give customers the best value for their money.


Around 36 pounds




3x7 speed


700x32c tires

Other Features:

Adjustable handlebar, 0/39/50T Claris crankset , 12x28T tourney cassette, Shimano shifters.

2018 Tommaso Sorrento Hybrid Shimano Fitness Bike Features:

The Tommaso Sorrento bike comes with an array of features that potential customers will want to know about. These features ensure that this bike is fast, easy to use, effective, and safe.

Performance Features:

We all want our bikes to perform well on the road: to go fast, but to also be safe. The Shinano Groupset, which comes with Clari's crankset and Tourney cassette, assures the riders comfort and speed.

These features are beneficial in that they offer the rider assistance in changing terrains, as well as providing a number of different gears. This is good for both experienced and new riders.

Comfortable Seat:

Though to some people it may seem unimportant, being comfortable on your bicycle is actually vital to your performance.

I would hate to have a brilliant bicycle but to not be able to ride it because it was a pain to sit down! 

Tommaso Sorrento Saddle

Luckily, the Tommaso Sorrento comes with not only a comfortable seat but an engineered frame to ensure your comfort. This is a huge benefit, as the flat handlebars make it so much easier to ride around.

Tommaso Sorrento Handle

Lightweight Frame:

When riding a city bike, which is what the Tommaso Sorrento strives to be, it is important to feel that the bike is light for you.

This assists in maneuvering it around vehicles or people, and can be of the utmost importance in busy city environments. The aluminum frame, which was also used in the La Forma model this bike was based off, is lightweight and comfortable. 

Tommaso Sorrento Saddle Rear Paddle

Maneuvering your way around the city will be easy with the comfortable, compact feeling of the 6061 frame beneath you.

Furthermore, the reliable 28 spoke wheels, also used in the La Forma model, add the extra lightweight ease of this city bike.

This will improve the flexibility of your commute and your ability to ride the bike in crowded or hurried places. 

Tommaso Sorrento Deraileur

I would recommend retaining the same frame and wheels with the Sorrento Bike, as changing it would lead to heavier weights and an uncomfortable ride.

Ready To Ride Build:

All Tommaso bikes come with a ready-to-ride build. This means that they require minimal assembly, and arrive at your doorstep already essentially assembled. This is a huge benefit. Trying to make a new bike yourself can lead to lots of unnecessary stress, and could even damage your new purchase. Furthermore, getting a professional to assemble your bike can be costly. The ready-to-ride box eliminates these worries and puts you in the perfect position to roll right out the door.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for city use
  • Also useable on other terrains
  • Easy/no assembly required
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple gears
  • Trusted brand


  • Not good for competition
  • Not good for mountain biking
  • Can not be used by children

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can this bike be used to commute to work?

A: Yes, the Tommaso Sorrento Hybrid Shimano Road Bike is ideal for commuting to work and back home again. The integrated features mean it is ideal for use on the roads and maneuvering around any cars. Furthermore, the lightweight frame means you can carry it up to those pesky office stairs and into your workspace with ease.

Q: How big are the wheels?

A: The wheels on the Sorrento Hybrid Bike come in at 700x 32cm. This means they are lightweight and easy to push, adding to their benefits for quick use on roads. Both these wheels and the frame are taken from the previous La Forma model, which is just as efficient but more expensive.

Q: Can I ride local trails on this bike?

A: Yes, the Sorrento Hybrid Shimano is perfect for riding forest trails, provided they are safe and do not include any extremely steep inclines.

Final Verdict:

The Tommaso Sorrento Road Hybrid Bike is an efficient lightweight bike for use on roads and for commuting. While not as strong or adjustable as a mountain bike, it is perfect for those who want a cheap and quick option of getting around.

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