Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

Buying a good mountain bike is indeed a tough decision owing to the sky-high prices. Gladly, there is a bike, which I can freely recommend to you as your next purchase. It is the Diamondback Bicycle Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike. Wondering why do I recommend it.

Well, I have two main reasons for this. First, it bears a cheaper price tag. Second, it has attractive design and features. Ultimately, what you get is a wonderful bike ready to accompany you on your next mountain ride!

Stunning Features Of The Diamondback Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike

Several critics have successfully listed the Diamondback Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike among the top-rated mountain bikes. Being curious about the bike, we researched its usefulness, benefits, and key features in detail to present a neutral review to our readers. Scroll down to read about diamondback overdrive st review.

Robust Aluminum Frame:

Aluminum is one of the most used metals for creating strong products. If we think of a highly resilient and robust mountain bike, then we certainly wish it to be made from aluminum. The Diamondback Overdrive Bike is an accurate depiction of our dream bike.

Having a robust aluminum frame, this bike exhibits every feature that any mountain bike should possess. 

It can withstand even the harshest rides, and remain resistant to mishandling. Its durability is what makes it ideal even for amateur riders.

Best Speed Shifters:

The other thing I like the most about this bike is its kind of speed shifters. This resilient mountain bike comes with Shimano Altus EF-51 speed shifters that provide 24 various speed settings. It means you can select any desired speed according to your track. Whether you go up the hills or descend, you can quickly pick an appropriate speed setting for a customized ride.

Diamondback Overdrive ST Hand Brake

Confused about how will it work? Well, it is simple. As you climb up, you can select the appropriate gear set after which you will not feel much strain on your legs. Similarly, if you are afraid to lose control over your bike when you are moving downwards, you can swiftly change the settings to slide down smoothly. Shimano speed shifters ensure high endurance, so you do not face any abrupt worn-outs.

Hardtail Suntour Fork Suspension:

No matter how exciting mountain rides are, most of you would be reluctant considering the painful after-effects of such rides. Well, let me tell you that mountain riding is as safe as any other ride could be. It is only because of a bike with cheap components that the riders feel stressed out after mountain rides.

Taking care of its customers' comfort, the Diamondback ST Bike comes with Suntour XCT fork which delivers 100mm of suspension. These Suntour 80mm forks seamlessly bear all the jerks due to riding over rough surfaces, rocky areas, roots, or other bumps. In return, what you experience is a smooth ride with no jerky feelings, no back pains and other ailments due to jerks.

Diamondback Overdrive ST Paddle
Diamondback Overdrive ST Saddle

Balanced Mid-level Size Wheels:

Some bikes come with 26-inch tires that best support the trail riding. 26-inch tires are the smallest of all types. But, they are suitable for one kind of riding only. The other bikes feature large tires of 29 inches. Such bikes are also ideal for a typical mountain riding style only. 

The thing which makes Diamondback Overdrive Bike distinct from others is about its mid-sized tires. It comes with 27.5 inches tires that allow you to enjoy most of your rides comfortably. The 27.5-inch tires depict a perfect hybrid of the features of the large and small-sized tires. Hence, you can swiftly enjoy smooth rides on all medium rough terrains.

Strong Brake System:

As a rule of thumb, hardtail bikes should necessarily possess robust brake systems. Gladly, the Diamondback Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike takes care of that.

It comes with durable disc brakes that ensure immediate halt from high speeds. These robust brakes empower you to have complete control of the bike.

Diamondback Overdrive ST Disc Brake

Hence, regardless of whichever speed you ride it, you can immediately stop by applying brakes. This bike is packed with Tektro Aires mechanical discs which endow the bike's control to you. These are reliable disc brakes that can efficiently work in all conditions.

Who Can Benefit From This Bike?

The stunning Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike, Green is a hardtail mountain bike. Its robustness hints that it best serves the amateur mountain riders and the hardtail bike lovers. Yet, it generally suits every mountain rider at its best!

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive ST Specifications - At A Glance

  • Bike type: Mountain bike
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Frame size:16" -S,18"-M,20"-L, 22"-XL
  • Suspension:Front suspension
  • Speed:Shimano 24 speed
  • Brake: Mechanical disc brakes
  • Wheel size:27.5"
  • Rims and spokes:Doublewall alloy rims
  • Color:One color
  • ForkSuntour XCT
  • Size:Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Handlebar design:Risen bar
  • Product weight:32 pounds
  • My rating:8 out of 10
  • Brand:Diamondback


  • Aluminum frame for endurance
  • Shimano speed shifters with 24 settings
  • Drivetrain allows swift uphill rides
  • 27.5-inch tires for smooth riding on medium terrains
  • Suntour fork jerk absorbent suspension
  • Robust Tektro Aires disc brakes for immediate stoppage


  • The saddle is at times uncomfortable
  • Handle grip might need replacement

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does this bike weigh?

A: The Diamondback ST Hardtail Mountain Bike is a wonderful lightweight bike, weighing around 31.4 pounds only.

Q: Can we adjust the front fork suspension?

A: Of course, you can adjust the front fork suspension according to your preferences.

Q: Can I assemble the bike easily?

A: Indeed, you can. It is easy to assemble the bike.

Q: Does it feature suspension lockout?

A: No, it certainly doesn't. Being a starter bike, it bears an entry-level fork.

Final Verdict:

It was all about the Diamondback Overdrive ST Hardtail Mountain Bike. You can see yourself how vast is the array of benefits this bike offers to its users. Particularly, for the apprentices who are diehard fans of mountain riding, this bike comes in as the best choice. Though it has an entry-level suspension with some other drawbacks, its pros are certainly enough to blur its cons.

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