Northwoods Ladies Crosstown 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle Review

If you have been commuting using bicycles, you would know that 'hybrid' bikes are all in style right now. A cross between mountain bike and urban bike, this hybrid bike has a comfortable but sturdy frame, lightweight and yet equipped with wide gears and powerful brakes. And if you are looking to buy a hybrid bike that is perfect for your daily ride, it doesn't get any better than the Northwoods Ladies Crosstown 21 speed hybrid Cycle.

Why Use This Hybrid Bike?

Anyone who prefers a more eco-friendly way of commuting needs a hybrid bike. If you are an urban biker, the Northwoods Crosstown 21 Speed comes with easy adjustability, comfortable and upright seating with an aluminum frame that is easy to maneuver. While its special features are top-notch, the bike itself comes at a very affordable price.


44.1 pounds




Linear pull brake


21 speed


700c tire


72 x 36 x 25 inches

Available in:

white (Women’s) and black (Men’s)

Update: Northwoods Ladies Crosstown is not currently available online. You can chose alternative product: AVASTA Hybrid Bike For Women.

Northwoods Ladies Hybrid Bicycle Features And Benefits:

Easy Gear Adjustability:

If you want to commute in a hilly part of your town, the Northwoods Crosstown bike is perfect to use because of its Shimano Tourney rear derailleurs which allow for easy and quick gear adjusting.

The lightweight aluminum frame of speed 21 makes for a comfortable smooth ride no matter where you go. The bike also comes with linear pull brakes which is quite powerful and brings the bike to a quick halt without any risk or delay.

A Comfortable Design:

This bike does not just have a responsible design meant for a risk- free ride, but it is also very comfortable to use as well. There is no quick-release wheels, but the bike features an advanced braking system. And the 700c tires are also easy to ride which are absolutely bump-free and have a powerful grip that ensures that there is no risk of sliding.

Adjustable Seating:

The seat of the bike can be adjusted to any height you need it to be. It also has an alloy fast release seat clamp, which will stop the seat from rotating or sinking into the seat tube.

Quick, Hassle-free Assembling:

Quite a lot of bikes come with complicated parts and tools which are very difficult to put together. But not the Northwoods Ladies 21 Speed hybrid. This bike comes with a very user-friendly manual which explains how to put the bike together in a few simple steps. The bike assembly will take you very little time and there will be no possibilities of making any errors.

Comfortable Handlebars For Easy Maneuver:

The frame of the bike comes with quick release seat post clamp, front and rear fenders and comfortable handlebars that make for upright seating position to ensure that the body doesn't hurt after you have been on the bike for a long time. This position also enables the rider to have complete control over the bike and its speed, and maneuver it with complete confidence.

Low Weight:

The total weight of the bike is about 25 pounds, which means that it is a very light and sporty vehicle that will be very easy to control. This also means less shipping weight that speaks for its affordable pricing factor.


  • Strong linear pull brakes which can bring the bike to a full stop anytime
  • Light, aluminum frame which is easy to maneuver and control.
  • Shimano Tourney rear derailleurs which allows quick gear adjustability up and down mountainous trails
  • Affordable pricing and less shipment cost
  • The 700c tires come with powerful grip


  • There are no quick release wheels
  • Very sporty and fun, but not as sturdy as mountain bike rides. This model is mostly meant for the urban commute

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the bike too heavy?

A: The bike is about 25 pounds in weight, which costs less to ship for delivery. The handmade frame of the bike is made from aluminum, which is very light and not too heavy to ride. This also means that the bike is easy to control on rough terrains and the handlebars are very easy to move.

Q: How tall is the bike?

A: The bike's frame is about 16 inches from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat. It is the perfect size for a woman and is neither too tall nor too short that could cause discomfort while riding.

Q: Can the seat for this bike be adjusted?

A: Yes, it definitely can be! You can change the height of the seat depending on the rider. This benefit of adjusting the seat height is another feature that speaks volumes about the bike's versatility!

Final Word:

The design of this model is based on safety, low-risk use and is extremely versatile. The Shimano Tourney rear derailleurs provide very quick gear adjusting capability, and the powerful braking system allows you to have complete control over your bike. This model comes in a white color for women, and is very attractive to look at as well! This bike has a lot of special features and very reasonably priced, which means it is a very good bargain that you should not let go of!

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