Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review

A mountain bike is ideal for riding through technical terrains. However, if you want to ride through mud or snow perfectly, a fat bike comes in handy. This bike resembles a mountain bike in performance but it is designed with fat tires. This provides you with better traction when riding in sand, snow, and rain. One of the best fat bikes that I would recommend is the mongoose dolomite.

This is a versatile and affordable mountain that has a lot of features to offer. You can ride through a wide range of terrains even in wet conditions. Also, this fat bike is lightweight and features a strong and durable construction. I will take you through a full review of this bike.


Around 48 pounds




Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes


7 Speed


Lightweight Front Suspension Fork

Available in:

Multiple colors

Other Features:

26-inch wheels with 4-inch wide tire, Beach cruiser pedals

Important Features Of Mongoose Dolomite

As compared to other fat bikes, this model is packed with excellent features that ensure you enjoy your rides. Let us have a look at some of the features that make this mountain bike amazing for avid mountain bike riders.

Quality Steel Frame:

This is an all-terrain mountain bike that is designed with a quality, durable steel frame. As compared to other frame materials, steel is a quality frame that will serve you for many years. The fat bike can handle even the toughest terrains without compromising the weight of the bike, therefore, if you want to get an affordable bike that will serve you well, this is the right bike to go for.

I also love the cruiser style design of the frame. This makes the bike's geometry the best to enhance your riding comfort. Also, you can achieve easy handling regardless of whether you are riding on rough or smooth surfaces. On top of that, this design gives the fat bike an appealing look so you will stand out when you are on the road.

Robust Fat Tires:

This is one of the strengths of this mountain bike. It has strong tires that offer great resistance when you are riding ion rocky terrains and sandy conditions. The tires have a thickness of 4 inches so you can be sure of great stability. You will also enjoy more balance and control when you are riding the bike. On top of that, the thick tires make you feel confident when you are riding on all kinds of surfaces because they ensure that the bike doesn't sink in snow or sand.


One of the main benefits of using a fat bike is all-purpose riding. It doesn't matter the type of terrain that you come across, the mongoose dolomite 26" men's fat tire bike allows you to ride on different terrains. You can achieve comfortable rides even when you are riding on rough surfaces without compromising your riding comfort.

Efficient Braking System:

The brakes are an important part of any bike. The Mongoose fat bike features quality and powerful dual disc brakes that ensure you get reliable stopping. You can ride at a high speed confidently knowing that you are safe. The brakes provide sure stops every time you want to stop.

Another great thing about this bike is that the brakes work well regardless of the weather condition. So, if you are worried that bad weather can prevent you from stopping, not with this bike. The front and rear disc brakes offer more stopping power when you need to halt.

Gear And Chain:

This fat bike provides you with even speed options that you can choose based on the riding surface. Therefore, it will be easy for you to ride up and downhill with ease. Shifting is also easy since it features twist-style shifters and smooth gears that are easy to use. This gives you more control when you are riding.

When it comes to the chain, it is designed to enhance the safety of the bike. The chain of the bike is well fitted to ensure that you pedal the bike with ease and comfort. This makes your rides enjoyable and fun.

Great Exercise Bike:

If you are into fitness, you can consider the Mongoose fat bike and it will help you take your exercises to a whole new level. The tires allow you to put more effort when you are riding. This means that you need to use more energy hence you will end up burning more calories.


In as much as the fat bike is large, assembly is not complicated and it doesn't take much of your time. Assembling this bike is easy and no expertise or professional help is needed. The bike comes ready to be assembled and you will also get instructions to guide you. In a few minutes, you can finish the assembly and start enjoying your rides.

Highlighted Features:

  • Equipped with dual disc brakes that work well
  • Has a durable steel frame
  • Quality Shimano drivetrain
  • Designed 26-inch wheels which are 4 inches thick
  • Comes with manual and kickstand 
  • 7 gears with twist grip shifter 


  • The bike comes at an affordable price
  • This fat bike makes a good exercise bike
  • Features powerful braking system
  • Good weight capacity to allow all types of riders
  • Comes with a kickstand so no need to buy separately
  • Designed with a strong steel frame for durability


  • The saddle would have been comfortable
  • Steel frame and fat tires make the bike heavy
  • Might not be ideal for taller guys

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this fat bike come with fenders and other accessories?

A: This bike doesn't have fenders or other additional accessories. However, it is easy to get your ideal accessories and attach them on the bike easily.

Q: What is the maximum weight capacity of this bike and how much does the bike weigh?

A: This is a great quality bike that can accommodate users with up to 350 lbs. This means that even heavy users can ride smoothly and comfortably. The bike has a total weight of 48 lbs.

Q: What is the total psi pressure that the tires of this bike can take?

A: This Mongoose fat bike has tires that can take a maximum of psi pressure of 30.

Q: Does this fat bike contain any parts made of aluminum?

A: Yes, some parts like the rims, stem and the crankarms are made of aluminum. Other parts of the bike feature steel or plastic construction which make it durable.

Who Is This Bike Made For?

This is an incredible fat bike that is specifically designed for men. The bike provides smooth riding in all conditions. This bike provides male riders with great off-road adventures even in the toughest trails. Therefore, you can ride through snow and dirt and achieve fun riding. Male adults with a height of 5ft 6 inches to 6 feet can enjoy riding this bike without issues.

Final Verdict

After going through the mongoose dolomite review, I believe you can consider trying this bike. This is an affordable bike that is designed with high-quality parts to offer a longer use. The bike offers smooth riding on all types of terrains which make it versatile. It doesn't matter if your terrain included mud or snow, this fat bike will provide you with an incredible and enjoyable ride. It is an all-terrain bike that doesn't sink so you don't have to worry about sticky situations.

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