Mongoose Hitch Mens All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review

Think about riding on snow, mud, or slush with an ordinary bike. It looks frightful, right? Mongoose Hitch is the solution you need for your typical riding routines. This bike comes with fat tires that give better traction when riding on all terrains. 

Furthermore, Mongoose is well known to produce comfortable bikes, and this model isn't an exception. The bike is the right choice for beginners who want to learn how to ride on sand and slick. Stick to the guide to get more info about this super all-terrain mountain bike.

Why You Should Buy Mongoose Hitch ?

Superb Frame:

The bike features a steel mountain frame, which gives you additional balance when conquering a challenging terrain. The steel design in the frame is classic, and the tubing isn't oversized, which makes the bike firmer. Its cruiser design red frame gives it an outstanding look. The frame is 26 inches, and this is considered perfect compared to other bikes of its kind.
Besides, the bike's riding position is neutral, giving you an added advantage when riding on rough valleys. This frame is always ready for the trail giving you adequate clearance, which is essential, especially when riding on sandy or snowy terrain.

Wide Tires:

It has vast and fat tires that are 4" complete to offer real comfortability. Also, the rear and front wheels' measurement is equal to avoiding too much balance on one side. The tires have a soft surface that inserts less pressure on the ground while giving your bike ultra-protection against sharp objects. You don't need to carry an additional tube while riding since these tires can serve you for an extended period.

Reliable Disc Braking system:

The last thing you can wish for as a rider is a bike that has a flawed braking system. However, the features rear and front disc brakes that give you ultimate comfort. The brakes fit well on the 4" alloy wheelset to aid emergency braking.

Disc brakes are not common in many budget bikes because they are expensive. You'll be surprised to find such a system on this affordable mountain bike. Disc brakes are great because of their ability to instantly tune mechanical energy into friction. This gives you a more powerful stopping power.

Terrific Speed:

If you expect this model to be more cumbersome, you might probably be wrong. The bike weighs around 40 pounds, which is relatively above average, and with that weight, you are sure that it is a jet when on track. It comes with a 7-speed drivetrain, and you can do magic riding on a catchy terrain with adequate friction. 

Additionally, you can also handle some hills comfortably. The bike is specifically designed for men because of its weight and balance. However, you can teach your kid about the tips of a rider using the bike. Only a few bikes can equal the versatility of this bike.


  • Massive tires that offer maximum comfortability
  • The Mongoose is affordable as compared to other bikes of its kind
  • It comes with complete thread on the tires for durability
  • Smooth gear changing, especially when on a rough terrain
  • It has a sound braking system


  • The handlebars can pose a challenge when adjusting

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Q: Can I purchase a Mongoose 4" replacement tube?
A: Yes, you can get a mongoose replacement tube that works well with your frame. You can get it on amazon with the exact measurements and features as the original. 

Q: Will the bike be suitable for a person above 6 feet 4 inches?
A: The bike can only work well with people, not more than 6 feet 4 inches. You need to find a larger bike for that case or modernize this one by adjusting the handlebars.

Q: Can I modernize the seat of the bike?
A: Sure, you can modernize the bike seat, but you need to make some adjustments on the rear side if you want a banana seat. Most banana seats work well with 20-inch bikes and can work well with this bike as well.

Final Verdict:

You deserve this mountain bike for comfortable rides in an all-terrain environment. The bike is less pricy than its competitors and works well with riders between 5'2" and 6'2". You have an assurance of protection from the disc brakes. Get this bike for a better healthy routine, and you will enjoy great outdoor adventures.

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