Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike Review

There is no indoor exercise bike that can match a perfect mountain bike ride. Cycling is healthy for your body, mind, and soul. However, not all bikes can help you acquire this level of physicality. That is why you need Mongoose Switchback to make your rides comfortable and fun. 

This entry-level mountain bike features a durable bike with a lightweight aluminum frame to help you handle the most challenging trails. It is one of the post-modern bikes with vast and fat tires to create a desirable momentum from each pedal's turn. The bike is thin and agile for swift rides across rough terrain. This is an incredible mountain bike for young adults daring to go and see the world.

Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike Features

Different Versions:

You can get the bike in different variations like Mongoose Switchback Expert, Mongoose Switchback Comp, and Mongoose Switchback Sport. All the variations come in a small and large frames. You will also get them in different colors like black, navy, blue, grey, and orange.

Super Aluminum Frame:

This adult mountain bike features tectonic T1 aluminum that offers lightweight and durable use. Well, only a few bikes come with the feature. Most bike models come with carbon or steel frames, which make the heavier hence less reliable. The fact the bike is lighter does not mean that the bike is less durable. This frame doesn't rust and can serve you for a more extended time. Also, it can withstand the rough mountainous terrain without bending.

Amazing Internal Cable Routing:

The internal routing of this bike plays a critical part in its final design. This is why the cable routing looks neat and sophisticated for the younger generation.

The secondary purpose of the cable routing is to keep the wires and the bike's internal components free from rust. Rust is the primary reason why most bikes fail after only a few days of purchase. This bike will, therefore, maintain clean lines and provide enhanced protection.

State Of The Art Mechanical Disc Brakes:

If you are a fan of Mongoose bikes, you know pretty well that they mean business when it comes to the brake system. A mechanical disc brake is the best braking system you can find out there, and it comes with several benefits.

When biking, you'll need to brake often, and sometimes you can be forced to make an emergence stopping. Because of that, you need proper braking, and that's why the bike comes with powerful brakes for all-condition reliability. These brakes give you maximum control of your bike, and you'll apply less effort for greater stopping power.

27.5" Tires For Maximum Comfort:

Imagine riding on hilly terrain with a typical ordinary bike that has 10" tires? It is challenging, and that why this bike comes with wider tires for ultra-smooth rides. Thanks to the strong and larger rims of the bike, you can now ride for a longer distance and perform challenging stunts as well.

Also, the bike includes an aluminum double-wall enclosure for the rims to add more stability when riding. That is the reason why this bike can endure any rough ride. The tires are also soft from the outside to exert less pressure on the surface for improved comfortability.


  • The aluminum frame is durable
  • You can ride comfortably for longer rides
  • The state of art mechanical disc brakes gives you more control when riding
  • It comes with a better speed option of up to 21
  • The internal cable routing makes the bike super elegant


  • Rides well but the seat is uncomfortable
  • Many users complain about damages on arrival

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: How much weight can this mountain bike hold?

A: According to the warranty, this bike can take a total weight of 250 pounds. More weight than that can cause damages, and the manufacturer will not be liable for the damages.

Q: How does this bike ride differently from ordinary bikes?

A: Mongoose Switchback comes with wider tires that provide ultra-comfort when riding on sandy or snowy terrain. Also, the bike is lightweight and comes with a powerful braking system for better stopping.

Q: Which height is suitable for riding this bike?

A: The bike is suitable for people with a height of 5'4" and 6'4". This height is ideal since the bike is lightweight thanks to the aluminum frame, and with some handle adjustment, it can fit people of up to 6'6".

Final Verdict:

This bike has all the requirements for primary and swift riding. You'll find it easy to ride in whatever type of terrain. Besides, it is a modern model with unique features such as the mechanical braking system, bringing future and safety in your hands. Mongoose Switchback deserves the buck due to its outstanding artistry and its reliability.

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