Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle With Sealed Bearing Hubs Review

You might be a rider, or you have seen a person riding on a bicycle. I am pretty sure you can attest the much joy and fulfillment that comes from a comfortable ride. Still, you can speak of a disgusting stressful moment that comes from a bicycle that has poor construction and design. I have been a rider and has great exposure in this field.

I know of the best bikes that serve the riders, but the only that stands out to be the best of all is retrospect mantra fixie bicycle by the retrospect bike company. This bike has amazing features that equip it well for a memorable riding. Do you want to know why I suggest this bicycle? If yes, then read on the retrospec mantra review!


Around 32 pounds(shipping weight)




Dual clipper Promax front brake


Single speed


Lightweight steel fork

Available in:

Multiple size and colors

Other Features:

Kenda Kwest tires, comfortable seat post, bike tools included, double-wall rims

Why Should You Have Retrospect Mantra Bicycle?

Every time I think of purchasing, I tirelessly look for the best affordable item available. I am sure you are not different from me. You will ensure that your precious money gets the best item that meets all your expectations.

Among the items that I have bought that I appreciate the decision I made is retrospect mantra fixie bicycle. I will precisely give you the main reasons among the countless reasons why you should take it as your choice.

Simple And Professional Design:

Design is what defines every product. The design of an item determines if it will conveniently meet its purpose without any constrains. Are you asking if the design of this bike will conveniently give you a fantastic feeling while riding it? If yes then let me give you a confirmation.

The design of this bike is a professional one and the feeling you will get at times seems a dream. Its design gives highly improves the smoothness of two wheeled-excursion. It is one of the simple bikes that can also be ridden by beginners and professionals. Make your choice now.

A Unique Steel Frame And A Fixed Gear:

The making material of a bike determines if the bike will be on the road for an extended period. Other times strong metals will be in use while constructing a bicycle and compromise its weight.

The retrospect bike is made of durable materials and still keeps it super light. This bike has steel frames prolonging its time in the road. The steel frames also help to keep it very stable to ensure you are safe.

Also, this high-quality bike has a fixed gear system which makes it a single speed. The fixed gear system makes its maintenance easier. The frame and fork of this bike feature a bearskin clearance with no toe overlap. This means that you can achieve the right barspins all the time.

Urban Commuter Comfort:

Good bikes must meet a lot of needs. A good bike should be comfortable to ride on, bear the weight of bags when commuting, stylish, and maintain a high speed when you want. Unfortunately, a few of the bikes that can meet all those expectations. Among them is retrospect mantra fixie bike.

While I'm riding this bike, I mostly conclude that its constructer main focus was an urban commuter. It easily bears the weight of the bags and still maintains a high speed. It also has skinny tries to keep a fast ride while commuting or exercising.

Flip-flop Hub:

This is another amazing feature that gives you the chance to ride it as a single-speed or fixed gear. You can enjoy nice adventures around the town as you wish.


This bike has Kenda Kwest commuter tires and platform pedals that have removable FGFS straps. Other notable aspects of the bike include the integrated seat post and double wall deep v-star rims.

Unique Features Of Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle

  • Changing of fixed gear to single speed is possible due to the flip-flop hub
  • It has pedal straps and a free headlamp
  • This bike is lightweight and very strong
  • This bike has an intelligent design that keeps moisture in its place far away from the bike
  • The tires of this bike have a wide base of enhanced stability
  • Alloy crankset of the retrospect mantra fixie bike withstands a high pedaling force
  • It has sealed cartridge bearing hub hence improving the smoothness


  • The constructing material of the frames is high strength steel that makes it durable
  • Due to a fixed gear system, this bike is simple to maintain
  • It has convenient weather-resistant hubs that can handle any harsh weather conditions
  • Flip flop hub that makes transitioning faster
  • The tires of this bike are the Kenda kwest tires with a wide base for stability
  • This bike gives a silent riding when in fixie mode hence appropriate for leisure or mind cooling session 


  • It is difficult to climb hills due to the fixed gear system
  • This bike does not have a saddle bag carrying cages
  • 30% assembly is to be done by the customer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How comfortable is this bike?

A: I fully conquer with you that comfortability is the main key. I got this bike in my home, and it is fully comfortable. Its design, the constructing materials, and all its components are simple with a high level of enhancement to keep you comfy.

Q: Can this bike be the best choice for exercising?

A: This question reminds me of my weight before I choose it to be my riding bike. I was about 245lbs and guess what I am currently 220 lbs.' which I take as my perfect weight. Your case is not different; this is the best exercising tool.

Q: Is the design of this bike simple or complex?

A: I understand problems that accompany complex design, so I fully understand your point of view. The professionalism in the design is only meant to keep you in the road and not to make the bike complicated. The design of this bike is relatable, and it is very simple to handle and drive.

Final Verdict:

As a professional bicycle rider, I know how bad it feels to use your hard-earned money to purchase a bicycle, but it fails to meet your expectations. At times, without the knowledge on the best bike you might be fend with lies by the buyer and end up with a disappointing bicycle.

This Retronspec mantra fixie bicycle review comes out of an experience with this bicycle and not mere theoretical view. Among my collection of bikes, this bike stands out to be the best performing bike and fit for exercise.

What I love about this bike most is its steel frame that serves two functions. The steel frames keep the bike durable and yet ensure it is lightweight. With this review, I can't guess any reason that keeps this bike away from you. Regardless of the reason, I urge you to give a trial and trust me, and it will prove you wrong.

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