Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Sport Complete Women’s Road Bike Review

Lately, you may have realized that more-and-more women are taking up biking. Some do it for fun, others for recreational purposes, while there are those who want to be part of a growing trend. Like the women, you would also like to own a good road bike. But, which is the best? Well, after a deep research and comparison of the available products, the Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Sport Complete women's road bike ranks among the popular item. You will see many riders, both young and old, using it. But, is this bike worth buying? Well, how about we read diamondback airen review to get an answer.


Around 30.8 pounds


7005 aluminum alloy


Tektro dual pivot caliper brakes


16 speed


Dbr Podium performance alloy fork

Available in:

5 sizes

Other Features:

DB Equation SE wheels, Kenda K196 700x26c tires

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Sport Women’s Road Bike Features:

The Diamondback 2016 Airen Sport is among the versatile road bikes on the market. It has been engineered to meet different needs and also to be ridden on varied terrains and environments. 

Lightweight Frame For Easy Handling:

The Airen Sport road bike has a light 7005 aluminum frame for improved handling and performance. It weighs less than 32 pounds and is amongst the lightest in its class.

Due to its good weight and distribution, you don't have to worry about being bogged down by extra weight or being dragged sideways especially while cornering.

Diamondback Airen Sport Frame

The geometrically optimized frame will support women of different weights, heights, and sizes well. It also features a good fork to put-up with an everyday operation, vibrations, and impact. Although it's lightweight, the frame feels solid and can safely support heavy users.

Shimano 16-speed (2 x 8) For Maximum Efficiency And Performance:

Diamondback Airen Sport Rear Wheel

To provide a smooth and comfortable ride, the  Airen Sport features a 16-speed Shimano gear system. Together with the smooth shifting mechanism, it allows you to ride through different terrains without experiencing any jerks.

The shifters kick in instantly for a smooth transition whereas the minimal friction ensures you use little effort.

This road bike will handle the hills, slopes, plains and other terrains fairly well. This makes it a good choice even for beginners. Similar to the bike's frame, the gear system and shifters are designed for high performance and to handle even the rough terrains.

Diamondback Airen Sport Handlebar

Enhanced Performance Geometry For Improved Comfort:

The Airen Sport 2016 boasts of enhanced performance geometry to offer the best support to the rider. It allows the rider to sit upright and maintain the best posture while riding in different situations. This minimizes fatigue, discomfort, and pains that are usually experienced because of poor sitting or extended riding.

It takes EPG a notch higher by focusing on a woman's proportions and touch points and blends the best Shimano parts and topnotch FSA. As a rider, you will feel relaxed when seating on it for a long time or after riding long distances.

Quality Alloy Fork For High Performance:

As any experienced cyclist or expert will tell you, the bike's fork is among the critical parts of many bikes. Choose the wrong type and you will be costly be dealing with a rough bouncy ride, discomfort, or fatigue especially after going through a rugged section or extended riding.

The Airen Sport 2016 women's bike features a quality fork for maximum support and top performance. The DBR Podium Performance fork provides a solid base for the bicycle and also helps to minimize the shocks, road vibrations, and impact. This ensures the road is smooth, comfortable, and you will also experience minimal fatigue.

Women Specific Saddle For The Best Support:

The Airen Sport comes with a women-specific saddle designed to match the rider's contours. This provides the right support and minimizes unnecessary movement especially when riding hard. The saddle is crafted from a hardwearing material for longevity and has a smooth finish for better comfort.

It can handle extended use fairly well thanks to the DB Devine Performance styling. The simple design and smooth finish make cleaning it easy whereas the flexible nature will conveniently handle cyclists of varied weights and heights.

Who Can Use This Bike?

The Diamondback 2016 Airen Sport Complete road bike is among the popular bikes on the market. It has been around for some time at still appeals to many people, both newbies, and seasoned riders. It targets the following people:

Assembly Information:

The Diamondback Airen Sport 2016 comes partially assembled. However, fully assembling the bike should take a short depending on your experienced. For an experienced person, you should be riding the cycle in as a little as 30 minutes. However, for a complete newbie, you may need as many as 120 minutes to have the bike up and running. The included assembly instructions will help in the assembly process.

Important Features:

  • Strong lightweight aluminum frame
  • DBR Podium Performance fork
  • Women-specific saddle
  • 16-speed (8 x2) Shimano derailleur
  • Enhanced performance geometry


  • Assembling the bike is fairly easy(if you are expert!)
  • The saddle is comfortable, supportive and smooth
  • It handles different weights quite well
  • The gears shift easily and smoothly
  • Absorbs impact, shocks, and vibrations well
  • Adjusting the saddle is easy and simple


  • The seat may feel little uncomfortable at the beginning
  • Designed for women riders only
  • It feels a little heavy

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How heavy is the bike?

A: The bike comes with a maximum shipping weight of around 30.8 pounds. This makes carrying it fairly easy.

Q: What kind of pedals does the bike come with?

A: The bike features flat pedals for easy riding and improved safety.

Q: Does the Airen Sport require assembly?

A: The bike comes partially assembled and will require being assembled. The process is nevertheless is easy thanks to the simple design and easy-to-follow instructions.

Final Verdict:

The Diamondback Bicycles Airen Sport is undoubtedly among the popular road bikes for women. It scores highly for its strong and lightweight aluminum frame, well-designed and supportive saddle, smooth shifting Shimano gears, easy to adjust saddle and good shock and impact absorption.

The only downsides are that its little heavy, requires assembly, and the saddle many feel a little stiff at first. All-in-all, any woman looking for a reliable, durable, budget-friendly and attractive road bike will find the Diamondback Bicycles Airen Sport worth buying.

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